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Principles of Ecology

by: Tod Paucek PhD

Principles of Ecology BSC 320

Tod Paucek PhD
GPA 3.72

Frank Gilliam

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About this Document

Frank Gilliam
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tod Paucek PhD on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BSC 320 at Marshall University taught by Frank Gilliam in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/233252/bsc-320-marshall-university in Biological Sciences at Marshall University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Principles of Ecology BSC 320 Dr Frank S Gilliam 380 Science Bldg 6963636 gilliammarshalledu Marshall UniversiTy Fall SemesTer 2008 Dr Jeffrey D May 378 Science Bldg 6963637 maymarshalledu COURSE GUIDE POLICIES AND LECTURE SCHEDULE OBJECTIVES OF THIS COURSE 1 To Increase your enjoymenr of andnreres39r In ecoogy Ecology is a fascinaTing inTegraTive science EcologisTs sTudy living organisms in The conTexT of all aspecTs of Their environmenT climaTic variaTion The sTrucTure and chemisTry of The soil The chemisTry and dynamics of The aTmosphere inTeracTions of differenT species of organisms eg cooperaTion compeTiTion predaTion and numerous oTher perspecTives 2 To Improve your abIIry To quotThink selence As a scienTisT you need To be able To inTerpreT and evaluaTe scienTific informaTion in The form of graphs and oTher figures Tables wriTTen evidence and demonsTraTions FurThermore you will need To be able To pose TesTable hypoTheses concerning observaTions of The world around you and To devise andor inTerpreT experimenTs for TesTing such hypoTheses These skills Take Time To develop you will geT some experience in Them during This semesTer 3 To Improve your abIIry To communIcaTe seleanfc Informaron WriTing in science as in oTher aspecTs of life is a primary means for communicaTing ideas The qualiTy of your wriTing deTermines how effecTively you will convey your ideas and convince oThers of Their value In addiTion wriTing is inTimaTely relaTed To learning Careful wriTing helps you develop ideas and Therefore is an imporTanT Tool for helping you To learn plan show relaTionships review organize communicaTe remember clarify and discover whaT you know whaT you don39T know and whaT you need To knowquot Randy Moore in WrITng To Learn Bioogy AlThough iT may seem like some people are born wriTers and oThers are noT wriTing skills develop wiTh repeaTed experience You will have a number of opporTuniTies To work on your wriTing This semesTer 4 To expand your un ders39randng of na Tura sysrems39 so Thar you can make Informed decIs39Ions39 abouT The wordyou Ive In Our ulTimaTe concern will be wiTh The role and imporTance of ecological knowledge To you To science To socieTy and To life on planeT EarTh LECTURES READINGS QUIZZES EXAMS One resulT of sTudying The world wiThin disTincT disciplines is ThaT sTudenTs graduaTe wiThouT knowing how To Think in whole sysTems how To find connecTions how To ask big quesTions and how To separaTe The Trivial from The imporTanT Now more Than ever however we need people who Think broadly and who undersTand sysTems connecTions paTTerns and rooT causesquot David W Orr Earrn In Mnd1994 p23 In The Real World all of The maTerial of This course forms a richly inTerdependenT whole and we will Try To promoTe your awareness of ThaT inTegraTion ThroughouT The semesTer BuT To allow you To deal wiTh The learning in manageable chunks The maTerial is organized inTo a hierarchy of subjecT domains environmenTal condiTions populaTion ecology eTc and subdivisions wiThin each of Those which we will consider in The order ouTlined in The LecTure Schedule ExaminaTions will be based on maTerial from boTh lecTures and readings buT will focus on lecTure maTerial and on your abiliTy To inTerpreT figures analyze informaTion inTegraTe concest eTc To Think logically and scienTifically abouT ecology In lecTure we will inTroduce basic concest ideas cenTral To The parTicular area of ecology under consideraTion We also will answer quesTions ThaT may have arisen during your reading reinforce some of The pivoTal ideas andor clarify concest ThaT we Think mighT be Troublesome We will Try To poke aT your knowledge a biT so we and you can see how Thoroughly you are grasping The maTerial and how well you are inTegraTing iT wiTh oTher maTerial ThaT has gone before The role of The readings Then is To forTify and exTend your undersTanding AlThough slighT changes To The grading scheme are possible The major parT of your lecTure grade will be based on Three hourly exams and a comprehensive final exam Each of These will be composed of a combinaTion of mulTiple choice quesTions and shorT answer quesTions requiring a response somewhere beTween a senTence and a brief essay LecTure Syllabus Page 1 of 6 Please nafe yaw cenfra responsibility in This learning process IT relies sTrongly on your abiliTies To derive informaTion from The lecTure and from The TexT and To ask focused quesTions abouT maTerial ThaT is noT enTirer clear To you Reading assignmenTs corresponding To each lecTure should be read carefully before class OFFICE HOURS Dr Gilliam MWF 10 1130 AM Tu 8 930 AM Th 1 4 PM Dr May Tu 12 1 PM Th 1 4 PM F 10 11 AM Dr Gilliam and Dr May will alTernaTe Teaching lab secTions for a given week ie one buT rarely boTh will Teach a labs for an enTire week When one of us is Teaching lab The oTher is ofTen free so you frequenle have access To one or The oTher of us Monday Through Wednesday 1 4 PM We are available aT oTher Times Too so if you would like To meeT and none of The isTed Times is convenienT for you leT us know In any case iT is safesT To make an appoinTmenT ahead so we can reserve The Time for you In addiTion To meeTing wiTh oTher sTudenTs commiTTee meeTings research and oTher obligaTions crop up from Time To Time and may make iT necessary To cancel office hours We encourage you To see us if you are having difficulTy wiTh any concepT or procedure inTroduced eiTher in lecTure or in lab See us Too if you merely wanT To clarify a minor poinT or even wish To express your exciTemenT abouT or dissaTisfacTion wiTh whaT we are working on If you are having difficulTy iT is imporTanT ThaT you noT waiT unTi you are desperaTe AT ThaT poinT iT will be much more difficulT To salvage your inTeresT andor your grade If you do poorly on an exam iT39s already aTe don39T waiT any longer MAKEUP EXAMS We realize ThaT dire circumsTances and emergencies occasionally arise Talk To us ahead of Time if possible and documenT The siTuaTion eg a noTe from docTor lawyer clergy as described below under UniversiTy Policy Regarding Excused Absencesquot If iT is necessary for you To miss a scheduled exam daTe iT may be possible To Take a make up exam However be advised ThaT make ups are generally given as a combinaTion of wriTTen essay and oral exam and are nearly always more difficulT Than The original exam noT because we Try To be cruel buT because iT is very difficulT To design a make up exam ThaT is enTirer fair To all involved TEXTBOOKS LecTure TexT SmiTh T M and R L SmiTh 2006 Eemem s39 of Eco09y 6 ed Benjamin Cummings San Francisco CA Lab Tesz Ecoagca I nves39TgaTbns39 LaboraTory Manua for PFhCpes of Eco09 And e of The following wriTing guides Pechenik Jan A 2004 E2007 A Show Guide To Wr I39Tng Abour Bbagy 5mg 6 ed PearsonLongman New York McMillan VicToria E 2001 Wr I39Tng Papers In The BbagCa Selences39 3 quot ed an Bedford Books BosTon GRADING Your final grade will be deTermined approximaTely as follows alThough changes To This scheme are possible Hourly Exams 3 40 Final Exam 20 LaboraTory TOTAL 100 ATTENDANCE LecTure Syllabus Page 2 of 6 You are expecTed To aTTend all lecTures and lab sessions We will noT formally Take aTTendance in lecTure buT you will be held responsible for all noTes handouTs assignmenTs quizzes and schedule revisions ThaT are issuedannounced during lecTure OfTen we announce revisions eTc aT The beginning of class so Tardiness may also creaTe problems for you Unexcused absence see UniversiTy Policyquot below from an exam will resulT in a grade of zero for ThaT exam Labs will noT meef during The firsf Two weeks of classes ATTendance is required in lab so role will be Taken each week and Tardiness noTed You are expecTed To arrive on Time for lab and To sTay unTil all assigned work is compleTed In compuTing your final grade your lab grade will be mulTiplied by The percenTage of lab periods you aTTended ThroughouT The semesTer see deTails in lab syllabus UNIVERSITY Poucv REGARDING Excusso ABSENCES quoTed from The 06 07Im er139m OnUne Undergraduafe Camcg IT is Marshall UniversiTy39s policy ThaT each insTrucTor evaluaTes The imporTance of sTudenT class aTTendance In The course syllabus The insTrucTor musT provide hisher policy on class aTTendance makeup work and relaTed maTTers If a sTudenT is absenT from class because of a circumsTance ThaT is included in The excused absence policy The absence can be handled by an arrangemenT beTween The sTudenT and The insTrucTor or if eiTher parTy requesTs The sTudenT can obTain an official excused absence following The procedure described below The insTrucTor musT honor a universiTy excused absence covered by This policy and allow The sTudenT an opporTuniTy To caTch upmake up work missed This policy excludes Those academic endeavors ThaT require The compleTion of a cerTain number of clock hours as in clinical experiences pracTica or inTernships For Those courses The maximum number of absences will be deTermined by The deparTmenT chair or program supervisor This policy does noT supersede program accrediTaTion requiremenTs Def39m39 ans of Excused Absences Excused absences full info five caTegories 1 UniversiTysponsored acTiviTies a Academic acTiviTies including buT noT limiTed To performing arTs debaTe and individual evenTs honors classes ROTC and deparTmenTal funcTions b AThleTics Official aThleTic evenTs sponsored by The AThleTic DeparTmenT c OTher UniversiTy acTiviTies including sTudenT governmenT and sTudenT organizaTions The acTiviTy musT have a clear educaTional mission and be closely linked To academic pursuiTs or To oTher official UniversiTy funcTions 2 STudenT Illness or CriTical IllnessDeaTh in The ImmediaTe Family quotImmediaTe Familyquot is defined as a spouselife parTner child parenT legal guardian sibling grandparenT or grandchild a STudenT Illness or injury Absences will be excused only for illnesses or injuries ThaT prohibiT sTudenTs from parTicipaTing in class b CriTical Illness of ImmediaTe Family Member Absences will be excused if The sTudenT documenTs ThaT he or she had To provide needed care andor supporT for a criTically ill immediaTe family member c DeaTh of an ImmediaTe Family Member 3 ShorTTerm MiliTary ObligaTion This is defined as absence as The resulT of miliTary orders for a shorTTerm period NoTe STudenTs subjecT To federal acTivaTion are covered by a separaTe policy Please see The caTalog for This policy 4 Jury DuTy or Subpoena for CourT Appearance This applies To absences ThaT are a resulT of official requesTs from a courT of law 5 Religious Holidays This applies To major religious holidays Please see The Dean of STudenT Affairs for a sf of such holidays Process fa Secure an Excused Absence The sTudenT who seeks an excused absence musT do so immediaTely offer The evenTacTiviTyincidenT by following These guidelines Whenever Time permiTs such as for UniversiTy acTiviTies scheduled well in advance The excuse musT be obTained and presenTed To The insTrucTor prior To The absence 1 UniversiTy Sponsored AcTiviTies a Academic AcTiviTies These absences are excused by The dean wiThin whose uniT The acTiviTy is sponsored The dean musT preapprove any noTice ThaT is given or senT To faculTy regarding absences of This Type b AThleTics These absences are excused by The Dean of EnrollmenT ManagemenT who musT preapprove any noTice givensenT To faculTy c OTher UniversiTy acTiviTies These absences are preapproved by The Dean of STudenT Affairs and excused by The Office of Academic Affairs prior To any noTice To faculTy The acTiviTy and The excused absence musT be endorsed in wriTing by The organizaTion advisor quot STudenT Illness or CriTical IllnessDeaTh in The ImmediaTe Famil a STudenT Illness or Injury The sTudenT musT submiT official documenTaTion of TreaTmenT by a medical pracTiTioner To The Dean of STudenT Affairs as soon as heshe reTurns To class DocumenTaTion musT specify The inclusive daTes To be excused The dean will noTify faculTy ThaT The absences meeTs The criTeria To be excused b CriTical Illness of ImmediaTe Family Member The sTudenT musT submiT official 39 from The family LecTure Syllabus Page 3 of 6 member39s healTh care provider ThaT subsTanTiaTes The criTical naTure of The illness and The sTudenT39s need To provide The caresupporT This documenTaTion is To be submiTTed To The Dean of STudenT Affairs upon The sTudenT39s reTurn To class The dean will noTify faculTy ThaT The absences meeTs The criTeria To be excuse c DeaTh of an ImmediaTe Family Member To obTain an excused absence The sTudenT musT submiT one of The following To The Dean of STudenT Affairs upon reTurn To classes an obiTuary or a funeral program wiTh The sTudenT named as a relaTive verificaTion on leTTerhead sTaTionery of The deaTh and The relaTionship by clergy or funeral home personnel The dean will noTify faculTy ThaT The absence meeTs The criTeria To be excused 3 ShorTTerm MiliTary ObligaTion The sTudenT who seeks an excused absence for miliTary obligaTion musT presenT official documenTaTion of hisher orders To duTy To The dean of hisher college prior To The absence The dean will noTify faculTy ThaT The absences are To be excused 4 Jury DuTy or Subpoena for CourT Appearance The sTudenT who seeks an excused absence for jury duTy or courT appearance musT submiT hisher subpoena or official noTificaTion of jury duTy To The dean of hisher college prior To The daTe of The obligaTion The dean will noTify faculTy ThaT The absence is To be excused 5 Religious Holidays Absences resulTing from major religious holidays will be excused when The sTudenT presenTs The requesT in advance of The absence To The Dean of STudenT Affairs The dean will indicaTe hisher approval on The requesT and forward iT To The Office of Academic Affairs for The official excused absence noTificaTion To faculTy No ce Any sTudenT who falsifies informaTion or documenTaTion in order To obTain an excused absence has commiTTed a violaTion of The Code of STudenT RighTs and ResponsibiliTies and will be referred To Judicial Affairs for appropriaTe sancTions Process fo CafcI UpMae Up Missed Work 1 IT is The responsibiliTy of The sTudenT To requesT an opporTuniTy To compleTe missed work 2 Once The excused absence has been secured The requesT To make up work should be made To The insTrucTor aT The nexT available class meeTing 3 Missed acTiviTies will be rescheduled or in The evenT ThaT rescheduling of an acTiviTy is noT pracTical or possible a fair and equiTable alTernaTive way of arriving aT The grade for The missed componenT of The overall grade will be developed by The insTrucTor 4 PuniTive measures musT noT be Taken againsT sTudenTs who presenT an official UniversiTy excused absence 5 STudenTs should be aware ThaT excessive absences wheTher excused or unexcused may affecT Their abiliTy To earn a passing grade 6 If The faculTy member believes ThaT The number of absences accrued under The Terms of This policy is such ThaT The sTudenT cannoT fulfill The learning experiencemasTery ThaT a course requires heshe may recommend ThaT a sTudenT wiThdraw from The class Regardess of le nanre of le excused absence fIe stdenf 139s responsibe for compe ng a coursework prior fo fIe end of le semesfer SOCIAL JUSTICE STATEMENT We wholehearTedly supporT The policy of Marshall UniversiTy To provide equal opporTuniTies To all sTudenTs faculTy and sTaff on The basis of individual qualificaTions and meriT wiThouT regard To race color sex religion age disabiliTy naTional origin or sexual orienTaTion LecTure Syllabus Page 4 of 6 Principles of Ecology BSC 320 Marshall Universify Fall Semester 2008 Dr Frank S Gilliam 380 Science Bldg 6963636 gilliammarshalledu Dr Jeffrey D May 378 Science Bldg 6963637 maymarshalledu PRINCIPLES OF ECOLOGY TENTA IIVE SCHEDULE OF LECTURES AND EXAMS TEXT Smi rh T M and R L Smi rh 2006 Eemem S of Eco09 6 1 ed Benjamin Cummings San Francisco CA DA TE LECTURE TOPIC TEXTREADINE Augus r 26 Tue Orien ra rion Overview Unifying Themes in ecology Ch 1 28 Thu Na rural selec rion and evolu rion Ch 2 29 Fri Schedue adjLSrmenr perad ends Sep rem ber 1 Mon LABOR DAyHoLIDAy No CLASSES 2 Tue Clima re and The world39s biomes Ch 3 Ch 23 25 3 Wed quotWquot wl i drawa perad begHS 4 Thu Energy in biological sys rems Energy capTure C3 C4 and CAM pp 102 107 111 phoTosynThesis 9 Tue Physical condi rions The niche concepT Ligh r pp 71 102 107 111 127 Sec 717 718 11 Thu Physical condi rions Tempera rure Sec 66 68 611 75 712 16 Tue Physical condi rions Soils soi mois rure amp up rake of wa rer and Sec 53 59 nuTrienTs by planTs Exam amen Taran A re Vew 18 Thu EXAM 1 Ma rerial Through 16 SepTember 23 Tue DISCUSS exam r eSLITS Ch 8 9 Popula rion ecology Popula rion dispersion and sTruc rure Life hisTory cons rrain rs on popula rions 25 Thu Popula rion ecology Popula rion dynamics In rraspecific popula rion Ch 10 12 regula rion 30 Tue Human popula rion ecology p 227 Ch 27 OCTOber 2 Thu Popula rion inTerac rions Compe ri rion Ch 13 7 Tue Popula rion inTerac rions Compe ri rion Ch 13 9 Thu Popula rion inTerac rions PredaTion Ch 14 14 Tue Popula rion inTerac rions PredaTion Ch 14 M I39dsemeS Tera 16 Thu Popula rion inTerac rions ParasiTism amp mu rualism Ch 15 Lecture Syllabus Page 5 of 6 OcTo ber 21 Tue 23 Th u 28 Tue 30 Th u 31 Fri November 4 Tue 6 Th u 11 Tue 13 Th u 18 Tue 20 Th u 24 29 Nov December 2 Tue 4 Th u 9 Tue 16 Tue EXAM 2 Ma rerial from 23 Sep rember Through 16 Oc rober Dscuss exam resurs Communi ry ecology Concest and communiTy s rruc rure Communi ry ecology Species diversi ry island biogeography amp disTurbance Communi ry ecology Succession Lasr day To drop a fu semesfer mdvdLa course EcosysTem energe rics Trophic dynamics Ecosys rem energe rics Producers consumers amp decomposers Biogeochemical cycling WaTer carbon ni rrogen phosphorus sulfur Biogeochemical cycling WaTer carbon ni rrogen phosphorus sulfur EXAM 3 Ma rerial from 23 OcTober Through 13 November Dscuss exam resurs Global environmenTal problems I THANKSGIVING BREAK N0 CLA 5555 Global environmenTal problems II Global environmenTal problems III Course Evalua rion amp Final Exam Review Lasr day of casses Lasr day To campe Tey w I draw for SPFHg Semesrer COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM 800 1000 AM Lecture Syllabus Page 6 of 6 Ch Ch 16amp17 21 22 21 22 27 29 27 29 27 29


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