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Inst Tech & Computing

by: Berta Hammes

Inst Tech & Computing CI 350

Berta Hammes
GPA 3.63


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Berta Hammes on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CI 350 at Marshall University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/233273/ci-350-marshall-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Marshall University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
VII I R v tfi obby Evans CI 350 1007 First president after the revolution Three important documents anritnnl Expansions 1 u IuiI39J hVV39 I alviV39 39V39 V39 Nn former knowledge rwwired 39 3 3 il v 1 VV J v l j v w 1 mmairiize the events th at In to the United States becoming a world power oouuuuuur Explain the issues faced by Washington when he became the first United States President evnansinn and expi m m government policies affecte the inhabitants of the American West e Native Americans their nations and their landholdings 830050203 21 CO5839 LS I iec ves Cont d Examine anal ze and com are these three founding documents of the United States Articles of Confederation B a nd First three articles of the Constitution Student when presented with a problem identifies the Information needed uses text people online 39atabases and search engines to filter relevant information efficiently analyzes information for biases thesizes information gathered and creates an effective and efficient response to the problem IIIVMIVI VII IM I39lylgvl IVII Materials Needed QVhQHlQQR him Thisusite has a lesson plan on the Revolutionary War that is geared for the fifth grade It has an activity that gets the students thinking abOut the battles in the war and helps them to c0mpare the quot Miss and the British in the war Events Contributing to the Revolutionary War httplcschoolsnetwritepptrevwar filestramehtm This really isn t like a website It is basically a PowerPoint presentation that describes the events leading up to and contributing to the revolutionary war II th I39IV Miltvj VIII 1 I ugly na u Brief overview of upcoming unit Lecture and notes Worksheet Assign My Brother Sam is Dead y 2 Lecture and notes Reading Assignment Hm Lecture and Notes Watch video Worksheet on video Trade and grade worksheet VVO rKsneet Inclass reading time Day 6 Lecture and notes Timeline worksheet no Lecture Grouo work Online research Vin Diagram worksheet I I quot I I v I I I VII LI VI 5 va I I quot er t39 quotFee and PowerPoint Presentations Worksheets Read assigned book Complete book review Rhnr r Exam I h39UIIVIUI V VII IVI I V39Ivv D 0880050511 The students will be given a timeline worksheet so that the can rove that they are able to summarize the events that led to the United States becoming a world power D 0880050507 The students will have to complete a compare and contrast worksheet that shows that they understand the issues faced by Washington when became the first United States President and nvnlain D 0880050508 The students will be quizzed on the territory expansion and government quot that were gone over in the lecture on day five d VII 395 I g fl quotI Vi vtl 399 u i D The students will have to individuallv complete a worksheet on the videos that we viewed in class 021CO561L51 Ihroughout the unit plan the stuaents were given different assignments With these assignments the students were Brittani Stevenson Cl 350 MWF ll00am Unit Plan Introduction This unit plan is about how to recognize odd and even numbers sequences and how to add and subtract small digit numbers I Analyze Learners The students will range from the ages of 6 to 7 and should be in the first grade By this age they should be able to recognize their numbers l to lOO They should also be able to recognize the numbers in word form and be able to identify different shapes II State Objectives West Virginia Content and Standard Objectives CSOs MAll 7 Counting out loud forward to a lOO and backward from 20 with and without objects MAll3 7 Model and identify odd and even numbers to 20 with and without objects MAl3l 7 Draw and describe sguares triangles circles and rectangles according to number of sides MAl22 7 Analyze and create a repeating pattern using common objects and numbers MAlllO 7 Model addition and subtraction of whole numbers using l8 or less items and write the corresponding number sentence MAlll4 7 Add three numbers with the sum of l8 or less Teclll 7 Use a keyboard to input information using letters numbers arrow key and the delete key III Select Media and Material Materials I will use l Crayons or Markers 2 Blocks 3 Cut out shapes of triangles circles squares and rectangles 4 Math video 5 Flashcards 6 Treat bags Websites I used httpwwwatozteacherstuffcom I used this website to get the idea of how to make counting more fun This website has many different ways to count that would keep the children interested httpwwwmathstoriescom For this website I had to scroll down to where it gave me two choices on a practice worksheet I then clicked on the math problems based on the three little pigs It then gave me a worksheet that is made up of different word problems based on the story of the 3 Little Pigs I like this website because of the different stories they used to make up the word problems for the worksheets httpwwwmidwayisdorgThis website gave me a broad range of ideas on how to teach the children how to add subtract and divide small numbers httpwwwedhelpercommath gradel review l htm This website allows for the teacher to print out and create their own worksheet with math problems The website the Children and I can use httpmathaboutcomlibraryblonehtm This website gave me some different materials to look through and allowed for different examples of worksheets to be printed off It also gave the goals and objectives for each lesson area and an idea on how to keep the children more interested In order to get the different worksheets I had to click on First Grade Math Worksheets Pdf IV Utilize Media and Materials This unit will be taught in a very student oriented activity I will not be doing any lecturing because I want the children to be able to express their ideas and know that they can have fun when learning Each math lesson will last about 45 minutes Day One I will bring in flashcards to have a review of numbers l to lOO I will hold up the flashcards and call on each child to tell me what number I m holding and then have a review of them as a class Once I know that they all can identify their numbers I will introduce odds and evens I will start with the odd numbers We will review odd numbers from l to 20 I will break them up into groups so I can observe their work as they identify the odd numbers in the stack of flashcards I give to them httpwwwatozteacherstuffcom Day Two I will go over the odd numbers again Once we have reviewed them out loud I will pass out a worksheet Once I have given them the instructions they will begin the worksheet Before our math time is up I will introduce them to the even numbers Day Three They will start learning about the even numbers I will follow the same method I used for the odd numbers Once I feel they know what the numbers are I will pass out a worksheet for enhancement With time remaining we will review the odd and even numbers out loud as a class Day Four We will review shapes today I will hold up different cut outs of triangles circles squares and rectangles Once we have reviewed them out loud we will play a Bingo game where the spaces are shapes instead of numbers The group that wins will get 2 extra points on their math test Day Five I will introduce seguences I will give them different examples of how a sequence goes and what it looks like Once they get the idea I will then pass out a worksheet with examples of a sequence They not only learn how to do sequences but they will review their numbers of odds and evens and the shapes Day Six I will introduce them to adding and subtracting small digit numbers They will split up into to groups and use animal crackers to add and subtract with The groups will then present to the rest of the class how they added and subtracted the problems I gave them httpwwwedhelpercom Day Seven Today we will use the computers I will teach them how to sign on introduce them the different keys and show them how to open Microsoft Word Once they all have opened Word then I will let them freely use the keyboard to type This will help them with their letters and numbers as well V Require Learner Participation In order to keep the children interested in the lessons I plan on allowing them to stay involved Some days they will split into different groups while other days we will do different participations as a class On the days that they are doing their worksheets I will either have music playing in the background or we will make the worksheet into a game The children will stay active at all times VI Evaluate and Revise MAll Counting out loud from l to lOO and backwards out loud from 20 MAll3 Worksheet on odd and even numbers MAl3l Activity with identifying shapes MAl22 Seguence activity MAlllO Addition and Subtraction Days MAlll4 Review of Adding and Subtracting numbers under l8 Tec lll Computer Day Unit Plan by Assure Method Introduction This lesson plan will be about the human anatomyspecif1cally bones The functions of bones the structure of bones and many other aspects of bones will be covered 1 Analyze Learners The learners are third graders between the ages of eight and ten years old The class is a regular education classroom Other systems of the body have been previously learned 11 State Objectives 0 SC32l demonstrate curiosity initiative and creativity by planning and conducting simple investigations 0 SC34l identify the structures of living things including their systems and explain their functions e g roots absorb water circulatory system to move materials 0 SC3l3 explore science careers in the community 0 SC332 use models as representations of real things 0 SC33l identify that systems are made of parts that interact with one another 111 Select Methods Media and Material The Search for the Missing Bones by Eva Moore Inside the Human Body by Eva Moore Corrugated paper 0 Tape Rubber shelf liner Red pompons Yellow pompons List of major bones handout Xrays of bones if available Body diagram handout Processed chicken bones Fat plastic straws two per student Scissors Popsicle sticks Yarn Cloth Glue Acetate sheets Hole punch Brass paper fasteners Washable markers Paper towels httpteacherscholasticcomused for activities that will increase knowledge of what bones look like and how they move httpwwwcrayolacomprovides more activity ideas on looking inside of the body The chosen resources from this site re ect all of the body systems The activities chosen are Inside of Me and SeeThrough Body In order to access these particular pages you must be a registered member httpwwwthesolutionsitecomlesson plan ideas on the skeletal system This will be used to gain ideas of procedures and evaluation methods httpwwwteachervisionfencomprovides a list of the bones a description of each bone and how many of each kind of bone there is in the body to be used as a study guide for the students Students will access httpkidshealthorgkid to gain more knowledge on why the body has certain functions Students will put Mr Bones back together on httpsvberkeleyedushowcasepagesboneshtml They will not be quizzed from this it will be used only in the case of free time as reinforcement Students will get an overview of all of the body systems from httpwwwinnerbodycom This will be used as reinforcement only if the students have time 0 At httpwwweducationworldcom Body Parts Word Search can be found This could be printed and used as a timefiller is necessary Utilize Media and Material The unit will be preceded by each student in the class reading The Search for the Missing Bones A Magic Schoolbus science chapter book published by Scholastic They would read this during class reading sessions Transition from other body systems into the skeletal system by reading aloud Scholastic s The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body In order to gain immediate interest in bones the class will build bones following the instructions on httpteacherscholasticcomproductsinstructoOct04 iboneshtm From this they learn the terms compact bone spongy bone red marrow and yellow marrow After completing their bones the students will begin to compile a list of vocabulary words They will also write a brief j oumal entry on what they already know about bones Hand out a list of the major bones of the human body from httpwwwteachervisionfencomtvprintablesO13793381971 10pdf Encourage them to study and be prepared for a quiz on the nal day of lessons Begin a KWL what I know what I want to know what I learned chart as a class On the second day I would like to have a local physician safety professional or school nurse come and talk to the students about the importance of protecting their bones Have the doctor show Xrays of bones healthy and fractured Have the safety professional or school nurse stress the importance of wearing bicycle helmets Allow the students to ask questions If there is enough time after the speaker have them journal their thoughts about the presentation ie what they learned what they liked and disliked what fascinated them Have them explain why it is important to wear helmets httpwwwthesolutionsitecomlessonl956lesson2htm Have the kids study the body diagram from httpwwwenchantedleamingcom subjects anatomybody label As well as the Human Skeleton diagram found on httpwwwcrayolacom Take a closer look at the inside of bones and the backbone on day three As a teacher cut up a processed chicken and the bones allowing the students to get a closer view of the inside Have the students compare the chicken bone to what they have learned about human bones Have them compare the chicken bones to the Xrays they saw the previous day httpwwwclassroomconnectionorgCatalogCategoryASPNUMBER3 After analyzing the chicken bones give each child two fat plastic straws On one straw have them cut into half of one of the straws going lengthwise This is to simulate the spine Have them leave the other straw uncut Once they are finished cutting the first straw VI have them bend the straws and see which one bends more easily Once completing the task have the students create a journal entry as to why they feel that one straw was more exible httpteacherscholasticcomproductsinstructorOct047boneshtm As a wrapup for the body systems guide the students through making a Popsicle stick man The Popsicle sticks are the bones Cover the bones with yarn to make muscles After the muscles have been made attach cloth to the yarn to make the skin httpteachernetlessonsposts 1185html For the nal activity have the students make acetate diagrams of what is inside of their bodies so that all of the systems are covered that they learned about On an acetate sheet have them draw an outline of their body Then putting another sheet of acetate on top have them draw their skeleton so that it ts inside They may also make other system diagrams on clean sheets of acetate ie nervous digestive muscular etc Once they are nished making their systems have the students color in their outline as though it is the outside of them Hole punch the top and put a brass paper fastener through it Have the students create a short journal entry on all of the body systems and why they are important On day ve complete the KWL chart as a class Quiz the students on their knowledge of the skeletal system Include other body systems to cover complete knowledge Require Learner Participation In order to keep the students interested and on task I would have as many of the materials prepared ahead of time so that they would not have to spend time doing it I would encourage them by saying how great they are doing and making certain every question they ask is effectively answered I would keep the kids active by having them make different activities pertaining to the body systems Also I would continually ask them various questions that have previously been talked about in class to see how much they have been paying attention Evaluate and Revise To see how well the students performed I would look at their journals listen to how well they responded to the making of the KWL chart and evaluate the activities they completed I would create an assessment checklist of how well each student participated and how much effort they put into assigned tasks The checklist would be similar to that on http wwwthesolutionsite comlpnewlesson l 956assessmentsheethtml The Rainforest Unit I Analyze Learners This unit is designed for second and third grade students They are between ages seven and eight I do not have any special needs students in the classroom All of these students have previously learned how to use the computer keyboard and mouse They are able to manipulate Microsoft Word and are able to access and surf the intemet 11 State Objectives RLA3110 explain a purpose for reading RLA3111 recognize author s purpose RLA3112 compare connections between characters or simple events in a literary work in own life and other cultures TEC351 locate information in a variety of developmentally appropriate technology resources TEC341 understand the use of email as a communication tool Students will be able to o Predict what the author s purpose for writing the story is o Retain story information for assessment 0 Inform others about saving the rainforest and why we should preserve nature 0 Compare their culture to the culture of others 0 Make a creative poster with group members 0 Research a topic on the intemet 0 Turn in a paper by email 111 Select Methods Media and Materials Book The Great Kapok Tree A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest Computer 7 End of unit quiz will be online Poster Board Markers Construction Paper Glue sticks 7 Crayons 8 Any other materials in the classroom that can be used for the Save the Rainforest posters ONUIAUJNl i Websites to go along with unit 1 wwwharcourtbookscom 2 www carolhurst comtitlesgre atkap oktree html 3 wwwblueplanetbiomesorgrainforesthtm 4 wwwcrayolacom Website for students to use wwwblueplanetbiomesorgrainforesthtm IV Utilize Media and Materials Day 1 I will introduce the book for the rainforest unit The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry We will have a discussion about What we already know about the rain forest I will ask the students to predict What is going to happen based on the information we just gathered about the rainforest I will encourage class participation Day 2 I will read the book aloud to the students I will go over any troublesome words This will ensure that the students will understand the story After I have read the story we will talk about the author s purpose for writing the story Day 3 We will discuss brie y the importance of preserving nature especially the rain forest They will be given an essay prompt to write about why they think it is important to save the rainforest The students will go to the computer lab and research ways they can help save the rainforest everyday They will be researching this topic using a few websites I will be giving them and any other websites they might find on their own They will begin working on their short essay about how they can help save the rainforest in everyday activities Day 4 We will return to the computer lab to work on the short essays the students are required to do involving how they can help save the rainforests in everyday activities They will be using Microsoft Word to create their written document and they will learn to attach this to the email that will be sent to me The computer teacher will spend about a half hour with the students making sure they know how to email their completed document Most of the students have already had experience with email at home Sending an attachment will be a new task they will be learning Every student has an email address set up through the school Day 5 This is the last day The students will be given poster board and other materials I have gathered that they will nd useful for their Help Save the Rainforest posters They will be working in groups on this assignment The posters will be posted up in the hallways for other students to see their work This is a fun art activity which allows the students to be creative As the students are working on their posters they will be asked one at a time to take a short quiz on the computers in the classroom which will assess what they learned about the book and what they learned from researching the intemet They will also be given one question about their opinion of the unit This will help me to adjust the lesson plan in the future V Require Learner Participation To keep the students interested and on task I will be keeping a record of students who worked quietly throughout each day of the Rainforest Unit and will be rewarding them at the end of the unit for doing so I will do this because the students will have to be walking through the hallways to the computer lab and they must behave while they are in the hallways and not abuse the equipment in the computer lab Each activity will last no longer than one hour This will keep the students from becoming bored with an activity or nishing early and getting into trouble I will allow the students to work on any un nished work at the end of the day when they are nished with all other tasks The student will not forget what they were working on when they complete it in the same day they began their assignment I will try to make sure that every student is on task by observing them as they work on their assignments VI Evaluate and Revise The students will be working in groups of three or four to make posters about saving the rainforest They will be required to create a unique theme for the poster and include several ways that we can help to save the rainforest every day The posters will show me that they paid attention to the save the rainforest section of the rainforest unit The posters will be a group activity so the students can help their partners if they did not understand a concept The students will also be taking a short quiz on the computers in the classroom that I will have available for them online The quiz will go over the book that was used in the beginning of the unit They will be asked questions about the class discussions about the rainforest They will also be asked questions about the save the rainforest unit The quiz will be no more than ten questions The students will be required in a class discussion at the end of the rainforest unit to tell me their favorite part They will also be required to tell me their least favorite part of the unit I will evaluate their understanding also through this class discussion They will not be graded on this class discussion but will be required to participate I will be able to see what parts are enjoyable and least enjoyable of the unit so I will be able to make changes in the unit for future classes Beth McCutcheon CI 350 September 19 2006 Unit Plan Introduction This is a unit plan on teaching students how to write a story I Analyze Learners The students for this unit plan are about eight years old This unit plan is designed for children in third grade The students39 abilities range from average to above average All of them have already been taught the basics in writing They have learned everything they need to know about writing in previous grades ll State Objectives RLA 321 Demonstrate proper manuscript and full transition to cursive writing techniques eg posture paper placement pencil grip letter formation slant letter size spacing rhythm alignment RLA 322 Use the five step writing process eg graphic organizers for prewriting descriptive words and details for drafting and revising use of simple dictionaries for editing and publishing conferencing to edit punctuation capitalization and spelling at a developmentally appropriate level RLA 323 Use paragraph format to write compositions eg beginningmiddleend main ideas with relevant details sentence variety declarative interrogative descriptive and transitional words indentations RLA 324 Use a variety of strategies to plan simple research eg identify possible topic by brainstorming list questions use idea webs organize prior knowledge about a topic develop a course of action for writing determine how to locate necessary information RLA 3211 Use specific mechanics of grammar in written composition eg substitute pronouns for nouns use pronoun agreements adjectives adverbs Select Media and Material The materials needed for this unit include Pencil or pen At least ten sheets of paper for each student Two books age appropriate to read aloud to students ChalkboardMarkerboard Computer for every student Access to Internet Kidspiration Software Inspiration 80 Software 0 Students will use a worksheet titled Fiction Writingquot found on the software program The websites that will be used for this unit include o ReadWriteThink httpzllwwwreadwritethinkorglessonsindexasp o This website gives several lessons a teacher can use to teach the students about language There are lessons for text structure spelling punctuation vocabulary and several others This is a website for teachers only 0 Sequenced Lesson Plans httpwwwglck12gauslseglpslsudspresaspSUD135ampSSUD 129ampSSTiteThirdGradeLanquaqeArtsl o This website gives daybyday lesson plans for teachers There is a detailed description for every day of the lesson plan This is a website for teachers only 0 ReadWriteNow httpwwweddovFamilvRWNActiv97indexhtml o This website includes a worksheet for students It is aimed at encouraging and helping students to read and write The activity includes reading a book and answering questions about it This is a website for teachers only 0 Third Grade Activities httpwwwedqovbubsCompactforReadinqtabe3html o This website provides several activities for students to do to help them improve on their language skills A few of the activities include learning about parts of speech and parts of a sentence The activities include worksheets for students to complete This is a website for teachers and students IV Utilize Media and Material Day One I will introduce the lesson the students will be learning writing a story I will read aloud to them two ageappropriate books we will then have a discussion about the books This is to give them an example of what kind of story they will be writing We will then review basic grammar and anything else needed to write a story The students will practice writing in cursive Then they will complete a worksheet from ReadWriteNow Day Two I will lecture on the fivestep writing process As a class we will write a short story using this process Every student must participate During this activity we will also focus on writing paragraphs correctly The students will then write a few paragraphs of their own Day Three I will lecture about using simple research to write a story I will give examples such as brainstorming and idea webs I will pick a certain topic for the class and the students in groups of two or three will brainstorm on the topic for several minutes We will go over possible ideas that the groups came up with I will then lecture about the specific mechanics of grammar Then the students still in their groups will write a few paragraphs using the information they learned from the day39s lectures Day Four The students will start out by completing a worksheet from the following website to help them review the information they learned from the previous lectures httpwwweddovDubsCompactforReadindtable3html Then the students will get on the computer and use the Kidspiration Software They will use a diagram that I have picked out to start brainstorming a few ideas for the topic of their story After they have picked a topic they will complete a worksheet titled Fiction Writingquot from the Inspiration Software to start getting ideas for their story Day Five The students will begin to write their story They will use the worksheet titled Fiction Writingquot to write their story V Require Learner Participation There are several ways that I can keep the students interested and on task First I can ask for their help in picking out a book to read to them That will ensure that the students pay attention while I am reading Second I will encourage their participation by calling on students to answer questions Third I will ask for their help in picking topics to use as class examples Fourth I will ask students for some of the ideas that they came up with while brainstorming Fifth I will put the students into groups so that they can help each other instead of always working independently Sixth I will have the students do computer activities such as using the Kidspiration Software to keep them interested in the lesson it will also give them a break from lectures VI Evaluate and Revise The students will complete several worksheets dealing with the lesson These worksheets will be collected when they are completed I will correct and grade the worksheets and go over them individually with the students While the students are doing individual work I will walk around to see how the students are doing and if they need any help While the students are doing group work I will also check these things as well as if all of the students are participating in the assignment I will also give the students participation points each day These points will be given on things like answering questions providing ideas or topics and completing the worksheets and computer activity I have provided Also the main evaluation of the lesson will come from the students writing their stories I will collect the stories and evaluate them


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