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Inst Tech & Computing

by: Berta Hammes

Inst Tech & Computing CI 350

Berta Hammes
GPA 3.63


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Berta Hammes on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CI 350 at Marshall University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/233273/ci-350-marshall-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Marshall University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Prissy Carter CI 350 Unit Plan Sept 20 2006 Introduction This unit plan explains different ways to learn about money either by video craft or a fun activity I Analyze Learners This is a second grade classroom The range of age is from seven to eight years This classroom is normal and the children understand how to work in groups or pairs The children also understand some mathematics prior to this class They are familiar with computer usage as well 11 State Objectives 0 Mathematics MA 2137Count and group concrete items by l s 10 s and 100 s to 1000 0 Mathematics MA 2410Read write and count amounts of money to a dollar 0 Mathematics MA 241 lRoleplay making change to a dollar 0 Social Studies SS 223 Recognize the need for authority gures and identify the characteristics of responsible leaders 0 Social Studies SS 235Explain the role ofbanks in saving for the future purchase of goods and services 111 Select Media and Material One balloon for each piggy bank A lot of old newspaper andor brownbag paper Masking tape Flourwater glue A paper egg carton plastic ones won t work Pink paint tempera works well and a brush or pink tissue paper One pink pipe cleaner A craft knife Plastic googly eyes Markers The websites used Subtraction Shopping 1 httpwww 39 com 39 quot quot quot 39 7 htm Students will be able to apply subtraction through everyday usage By determining how much an item is will help the student understand not only money use but also subtraction of 2digit numbers Shopping 2 httpofcn org cyberser J quot quot quot 0 htmln Students are able to use addition and subtraction through money They are allowed to purchase items in a store They are able to see how much money they are due and whether or not it was exact change Students will be able to play a game in the classroom for learning experience How Much Will It Cost 3 httpnb kid or antiu 39 quot vit39 39 much costhtml Students prepare for a party and are to think of things they need to buy for that party They are to price each thing they plan on buying and decide if they will have enough money This is an actiVity for the children This website can be used for both the teacher and the student Math in Everyday Life I 4 http chonl discovervconv39 rams evervdavmath Students are to gure out pricing and timing for certain events They are to gure out how much money they need to buy and save Money A 5httpwww ednref or c i39 i 39 ccri Virtual l essons quot quot Applied MathAP M0202htm1 Students are able to identify coins and bills Students use addition and subtraction referring to money Piggy Bank 6 httpwww 39 J39 in com craftPi vRank qhtmlu This website can be designed for both the teacher and the student It is a craft designed for saving money Kidspiration 7 httpwwwkidspirationorg This is a commonly used website for both the children and the student This provides games and activities for the children to use IV Utilize Media and Materials This unit topic contains different ways of learning about money There are activities that help the children use money in daily routines and ways of saving money This topic also shows that money is history based and that each piece of money is important This topic also is a fun way of getting the children interested in their mathematic and social study skills Day 1 We as a class will go over the different kinds of coins There will be different dollar amounts available as well The children will try to identify and name them Then there will be a video on the historical figures that were important in the making of money Day 2 We as a class will experience different counting methods The class will be divided into groups Each group will have gummy bears and relate counting gummy bears to money for practice Then as a class we will discuss how counting is important in dealing with money Day 3 There will be an activity today mainly in uenced by ofcnorg I as the teacher will pretend to be a banker There will be different objects in the classroom for sale The students will be given different amounts of play money and are to choose items that will fit their expenses I as the banker will give them correct change back This activity helps the children relate to daily life Day 4 Today the children will be able to use their computer skills The student will be able to go to websites containing activities and games available Pbskidsorg has an activity for the children and kidspiration will be provided on every computer for the children to use It has been downloaded in this classroom The children will do an activity on it for the day Day 5 The children will learn about different ways of saving money This plays an important role in young children because they feel important when they have money We will discuss the importance of banks and how they are used We will also do a craft This craft is making a piggy bank for the children to take home This activity is provided from the enchanted learning website The piggy bank takes a few days to dry so the students will be able to take it home the following Monday This is a unique and fun way of learning responsibility and saving money V Require Learner Participation I believe I can keep the students on task by the activities and crafts provided The video would be a relaxing day I would bring snacks and popcorn for the children to eat during the video I could also keep them on task because of my personality For one of our activities I could dress up as a store clerk or banker to make the scene more realistic VI Evaluate and Revise The students will be evaluated by correct amounts of money distributed during our activity They will have to know the different amounts of change due back to them by the in class activity The students will be evaluated also by the gummy bear activity during group time I will walk around the room checking on their progress The students will also be evaluated on the kidspiration activity There is a worksheet provided from kispiration that will be graded I also have provided two other handouts that will help evaluation There is also an award that will possibly provide a goal for them to achieve I will check the ways they used money in different situations The whole week will be a turning point for the children It will show them responsibility


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