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General Physics

by: Chaim Borer

General Physics PHYS 111

Chaim Borer

GPA 3.72

David Collins

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About this Document

David Collins
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chaim Borer on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 111 at Colorado Mesa University taught by David Collins in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/233296/phys-111-colorado-mesa-university in Physics 2 at Colorado Mesa University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
21 November 2008 Phys 111 Fall 2008 Question 1 A plot of the position of an oscillating block Which of the following best represents the and spring system is as illustrated period of the block it 2 1 T Z 1 S 1 2 T 2s l l l l t V 4 V 8 3 T 4s 1 2 4 T 65 5 T 8s Typeset by FoilTEX 1 21 November 2008 A person of mass 80 kg swings on one swing Another person of mass 20 kg swings on an identical adjacent swing The amount of time to swing back and forth through ten cycles is observed Typeset by FoilTEX Phys 111 Fall 2008 Question 2 Which of the following is true regarding the time to swing back and forth through ten cycles for the two people Ignore air resistance 1 These are identical 2 The time taken for the 80 kg person is larger 3 The time taken for the 80 kg person is smaller 21 November 2008 Phys 111 Fall 2008 Question 3 A triangular shaped pulse propagates along y a string at a constant speed A snapshot at one instant is illustrated 139 t y P 2 Which of the following best represents the 15 vertical position of the point on the string y labeled P as time passes 3 t Typeset by FoilTEX 3 Wigs m 1008 Law Came Mamba lnwoduo m le E rsf m3 WW I lnwockxd m wme 2 Came roger Came websdk emit message Course shudmue NW3 um TVL fmb m 9 Sirtdx assW Pm oSCh web cud Asgignmen n 39 HM duo m Home 3 Sea a swag 5w west We UH Com116 6 CW 9ZZISS44z Qu raw Tkux39sdcu 045 asz dJWamB Tm cuss ems Fm exam GFQM SMM Fkog xLCQrASE CmozPTasfs m ca Haws 3 WWW W Nam eff musk OWNw 0 P ms 4 an inlrrodudn Laud In Mo 91404334031143 cave Moe rdk 2 mfoJ fU PM dgj ijm cs We came mlm o Wm be M6 COWCQVYWLQ dem Glam Mow Agr Lac 0 bida W aw 65M lalt31 F mail Playpensquot m imp WW C 102wa I FemLg beam 7 193 We ALLA dad Cxcmad The WMHLS M Is rtqwbwl 5m W5 CW 1 awn Naomm m Luz mt MM A we ew dg atmme m MAM be 45sz 5M are pro51 oim r Lu akaae ora and schAg a talk eq kams u c M Wham Tue wwwwpss W111 Mb g wk 098a krs Ma S W113 K ow are EarniUQr WC arm amenf zgy M513 talcum Wow Ph gml 7 SW4 Whig us is bcsf Marmad 03 1 The TS a Mosf n0 Mummy 2M mama3005 OM jam cm do 1408 05 69 ija cs tu feds Lame 5mm ma fewer M 20 bank aquaims Fdnciplzs You MN mm haw Io awful f mg 0 4 MW 93WCMSTW W was shawl ujm cs fmbmef mama gums W M3 Musf he Am xing ripenMB Mk MM 61 wasg tdqied39 W90 Pkgssx cs amps b Wk 1amp4 baa m b emu m MM wartd warts 1 Makes bow Ts 3 am a 4 4amp0 FmLH also desox bes mare 680101 M4649 Camw frawH x raw Messrs cows quaWm N30 qua3m mama amm39fzc m G TW S Wcmdudiwm lmo 46w pb ags Wm M caves 4 01439ch Cm 1400 wast WM Madwants fewMOdg ochs waves 4 SW 3m Wa ibbcks a3 MWMJ mick 932 Sina m MU masks desm39be 1 mmLm39a UM1 is MM 7 W wwit Cmslihmnts are We 05 aU 3ng makn a 013mg mde as mailww wood Ugw dg 241 LOW 40 My W Lu COMMM wha r we A whonz cm away amtst 8 M Kw 55201 canine 0Qth Ob39cdr D MdecuLes Igt am D submava Pmm 63 mm A anagram is Pmaed A w my The 4mm Mm W s howwe W iSW pW ca cuWLOlxjFiwmmhuo m 10 W has W marbe my 7 2 s cmeous Gum Wm madam vie 0 is M e PROM ES Ms TS 0408B KWw Mc WORM eag new Brownan M09504 mos 5TH M05525 i gmquotme Ma a bac4aww W 39i AAA1W4 in4 Mmm Mfg CM we aw 0k wadeB a gem r mags m WakeKg Phjm caQ 4mHH yFor emu we can waswe Mass 24 gramsMCQSPmds or Mograms Mo wHwL m mm mm andij Mmdamgkm waghbm v W quotFCSuth I Exampu Tu cosng 3mm is 400 Wk 1 ma Arm Hr mars vaap W Uh1 09 CS aha We Aged RWO MAer 5412 mm 12 1L 09a 849 Ykm C4o Per Her 839 No40 040 H R 3441 413 n 1 0294841 8 R3442 39iw z m Quizz 17 October 2008 Phys 111 Fall 2008 Question 1 A hoop and a disk have the same mass and Suppose that both start at rest at the same radius Identical forces are applied at the time At any later time which is true of the edges of each angular velocities 1 Whoop Wdisk 2 Whoop lt Wdisk 3 Whoop gt Wdisk Typeset by FoilTEX 1 17 October 2008 Phys 111 Fall 2008 Question 2 Two circular objects of the same mass and radius are released from the same point on a ramp In one of the objects A the mass is evenly distributed In the other B it is concentrated at the rim Typeset by FoilTEX Which object reaches the bottom first 1A 28 3 Both reach at the same time 17 October 2008 Phys 111 Fall 2008 Question 3 The Hoberman sphere is initially in its Which of the following is true regarding the expanded mode and set into rotation angular velocity of the sphere as it contracts The string is pulled thereby contracting the sphere 1 The angular velocity stays constant 2 The angular velocity increases 3 The angular velocity decreases Typeset by FoilTEX 3


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