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by: Trent Greenholt

ArtAndTheArtTeacher ART201

Marketplace > Miami University > Art > ART201 > ArtAndTheArtTeacher
Trent Greenholt
GPA 3.8


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Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Trent Greenholt on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART201 at Miami University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/233316/art201-miami-university in Art at Miami University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
EATON TOWNSHIP LAND USE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES TOWNSHIP GOALS A Goal Goal Goal Goal To encourage the protection of existing development as well as the potential for suitable development of the area through good design and planning Objective 1 Develop a land use policy plan which is re ective of the Township needs and desires To encourage the maximum number of development opportunities which are consistent with sound planning good design and free enterprise Objective 1 Establish a zoning plan which relates to the future land use policy plan and provides adequate land areas capable of meeting the shortrange needs of the Township To emphasize the historical signi cance of the Township Objective 1 Preserve identified historic structures and land sites through the careful institution of land use plans and regulatory measures To encourage the wise and efficient utilization of available resources including the diminishing land supply Objectives 1 Develop those areas served by public facilities or in those areas which can be economically served by public facilities in the future 2 Maintain controlled growth in those areas identified as prime agricultural lands 3 Minimize the con ict ofland uses 4 Establish growth districts which correlate similar land uses in order to maintain economic integrity 5 Relate all growth districts to those land areas containing the soils having the necessary attributes to support the proposed land use types A HOUSING A Goal To attract and maintain a variety of housing arrangements and a high quality of the housing stock Objectives 1 Establish residential districts of varying densities and housing types N Relate the variety of residential growth districts to those areas either presently served or planned for future public facility services E Relate the different residential districts to those land areas containing the soil types necessary to support such uses 4 Protect and preserve existing property values V39 Discourage residential development in commercial and industrial growth areas COMMERCIAL A Goal To 39 39 I and quot 39 quotquot ofthe supply of goods and services in the most convenient locations to serve all the residents of the Township with a minimum of con ict between these and other land uses Objectives 1 Consolidate strip commercial areas N Limit the land area for commercial development to a ratio proportionate to that which the population and the existing market needs can economically support E Minimize the con ict of other land use types and other commercial types 4 Identify the commercial needs of the Township and develop specific growth areas to meet those needs V39 Locate commercial growth areas adjacent to major transportation routes and systems in a manner which permits ease of access for the people and goods INDUSTRIAL To encourage industrial expansion and development in the Township in order to broaden and strengthen the economic base and provide employment Provide suitable land in appropriate locations adjacent to major transportation systems roads rail and air Minimize the con ict with other land uses Encourage the establishment of industrial parks in order to maximize the potential of the land and minimize land requirements Develop adequate zoning legislation to encourage development and create an environment of harmony with residential uses A Goal Objectives 1 2 3 4 ENVIRONMENT A Goal To Objectives 1 2 3 the39 p andr quot environment and land values within the Township of the physical and aesthetic Encourage the proper care and maintenance of the Township s environment Preserve wetlands woodlands and scenic areas Establish ood plain zoning to protect those areas subject to frequent ooding from the encroachment of urban development 4 UI 0 Identify and zone accordingly growth areas based on soil suitability Minimized andor eliminate con ict of land uses Control the dumping burning and storage of industrial waste 101 102 ARTICLE 1 TITLE AND PURPOSE TITLE This Resolution shall be known and may be cited as the Zoning Resolution of Eaton Township PURPOSE For the purpose of promoting public health safety comfort and general welfare to conserve and protect property and property values to secure the most appropriate use of land and to facilitate adequate but economic provisions of public improvements all in accordance with a comprehensive plan the Township Trustees find it necessary and advisable to regulate the location bulk and size of buildings and other structures and the uses of land for trades industry residence recreation or other purposes and for such purposes divide the unincorporated area of the Township into districts or zones Article 1 Page 1 ofl


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