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by: Kenya Bernier I

MicrobesandDiseases MBIF107

Marketplace > Miami University > Microbiology > MBIF107 > MicrobesandDiseases
Kenya Bernier I
GPA 3.61


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Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenya Bernier I on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MBIF107 at Miami University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/233345/mbif107-miami-university in Microbiology at Miami University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
November 11th 2008 The November 11th 2008 Mifflin Township Trustees regular meeting was held at the Mifflin Fire Department 2326 Park Avenue East at 700 PM Chairman Russ Reed Trustee John Jaholnycky Trustee Cook Fiscal Officer Perry Captain Krichbaum Supt Gerhart Zoning Inspector Bob Jacobs were all present Chairman Reed called the meeting to order The Board of Trustees approved the regular minutes from October 28th 2008 meeting Upon roll call the vote went as followed Chairman Reed AYE Trustee Jaholnycky AYE Trustee Cook AYE Correspondence The correspondence for this meeting was a phone from Mrs Webb to Trustee Jaholnycky in regards to pamphlets that she provided to the board about gambling involving crime and suicide revolving around gambling The board asked Fiscal Officer Perry to place this information on the Township board for the public to review The second order of correspondence was an informational letter from the Richland County Township Association in regards to the upcoming annual potluck which will be held on December 11 2008 at the Richland County Fairgrounds Trustee Cook and Fiscal Officer Perry will both try to attend this event The township is responsible for three doors prizes to be given at this function Guest Mr Shaffner gave the board an update on the progress on the PUCO concerning the Ohio American Water rate increase He stated that there are still negations on the amount of increase Mr Shaffner believes it will possibly come in around 2 to3 increase Mr Smith and Mr Bogner were there to observe the meeting OLD BUSINESS Zoning Inspector Jacobs reported that he stopped at the property on Crider Road with the overgrown grass and could find no one at home or around the property He also said that the shed located on Trolley Drive has not been moved yet due to the wet ground He stated that this project will be completed in early spring of 2009 Mr Shaffner had a question for the inspector concerning if there was a written agreement between the township and the residents on London Drive He has a property for sale on this road and wanted to make sure he had the correct facts the board stated that there is no legal binding contract for any type of work or repairs on this road which is listed as a Non Maintained Road Fire Department Captain Krichbaum gave a report to the board about the information that was provided by Chief Clinage in reference to a gas generator versus an electric ran generator An estimate was given of 2290000 to install a gas ran generator Some of the concerns that Captain Krichbaum expressed where in Columbia Gas of Ohio would permit the township to run a new gas line to run this system The possible cost forthe installation for the new line would be 200000 Trustee Jaholnycky stated that he has some contacts with Columbia Gas of Ohio and would make some phones calls to see if could get some direct information on pricing and the gas line The board chose to table this until more information was brought forward for them to review The Captain also stated that the Rowe Electric will be working on the exhaust vent problem at Mifflin Township Fire Station 2 Road Department Supt Gerhart told the board that the Mifflin Township Road Department has received 5 orders of salt from Detroit Salt The cement project forthe Mifflin Township Road Departments new pole barn went very well they will be able to place equipment into the building on November 12th or 13 Supt Gerhart asked the board to approve the hiring of Paul Cairns to be employed as a seasonal leaf employee for the 2008 season Trustee Cook made the motion to hire Paul Cairns forthe 2009 seasonal leaf program at the rate of 950 per hour Trustee Jaholnycky seconded the stated motion Upon roll call the vote went as followed Chairman Reed AYE Trustee Jaholnycky AYE Trustee Cook AYE Mr Cairns will be responsible for passing the required drug test and Supt Gerhart will provided Fiscal Officer Perry with all the necessary paperwork for Mr Cairns employment Chairman Reed inquired about the outside security light on the new pole barn he stated that the light is on during the day and off at night Supt Gerhart said that they will be checking this problem out by starting by checking the eye of the light to see if there is something blocking the sensor Trustee Cook reviewed with the board about the continuing situation on Reed Road concerning the property with the pond They will work with the homeowner on the necessary correction that will need to be done to repair the problem Trustee Cook and Supt Gerhart will also discuss the financial aspect that will be involved on this project with the homeowner before any further action will be taken by the township The Mifflin Township Board of Trustees also made a motion to resend the previous motion made on October 28 2008 regarding the overage on the Mi Mifflin Township Road Department clothing allowance This was the previous verbiage on the motion that the clothing allowance for the road department is 50000 and if an employee over spends there budget then the Fiscal Officer is required to deduct the overage from that employee s paycheck The amendment will now state that for the year 2008 the overage will be taken out of the employees starting balance for 2009 Trustee Cook made a motion to correct the previous motion on the Mifflin Township Road Departments clothing allowance Trustee Jaholnycky seconded the motion to make the verbiage changes on the clothing allowance Upon roll call the vote went as followed Chairman Reed AYE Trustee Cook AYE Trustee Jaholnycky AYE Fiscal Officer Fiscal Officer Perry had no old information to discuss Other The board discussed the upcoming contract extension for the Mifflin Township Domain Web Page Trustee Jaholnycky will pay for the contract with his personal credit card and the township will reimburse him The web page service will only accept credit cards not a check this payment will extend the contract between Domain Services and Mifflin Township Trustees for 2 years After this discussion Trustee Cook made the motion to pay for 2 years of service for the Mifflin Township Web Site at the rate of 5000 per year Trustee Jaholnycky seconded the stated motion Upon roll call the vote went as followed Chairman Reed AYE Trustee Cook AYE Trustee Jaholnycky AYE NEW BUSINESS Zoning Fiscal Officer Perry made the correction from the previous meeting on this sentence it should have read Inspector Jacob told the board that Verizon would need to reconfigure the cell tower property Inspector Jacobs one new zoning permit for a resident that lives on South Ford Road FIRE Captain Krichbaum handed out payroll reports and the run stats He also read a complimentary memo written by FFMedic Jennifer Ransom to Fiscal Officer Perry and Chairman Russ Reed The contents of the complimentary memo stated a thank you to both of Fiscal Officer Perry and Chairman Russ Reed for taking the refreshments to the fire scene on October 29th 2008 on Sylvan Drive for all the fire departments He also asked the board if Jerica Barnett could be sponsored by the Mifflin Township Fire Department for he upcoming medics classes that she will be attending in January 2009 The board asked what was all involved as a sponsor and Captain Krichbaum explained that it is a formality to host or sponsor a new recruit so they will be permit to work up the townships liability permit H e also asked if the board would purchase her finger printing card and background check that is required before she can enter into paramedic school The board said yes on both accounts as to be her sponsor and finance FFEMT Barnett s fingerprinting and background check The total amount needed for FFEMT Barnett is 5000 Chairman Reed asked Captain Krichbaum some questions regarding is working relation and dealing with MBI Solutions ROAD Supt Gerhart handed out the payroll reports and the updates on completed work and jobs that need to be finished Supt Gerhart reported that the leaf program is going very well this year Chairman Reed asked if the new orange cones that had been purchased made be stenciled with Mifflin Township Road Department on them Supt Gerhart responded by stating that yes all the cones will be stenciled before being placed in the township Trustee Jaholnycky made mention of the fact when both of the Road Supt were off the remaining employees stayed busy and did a greatjob Supt Gerhart as gave the update on the status of Issue 1 funds for the township stating that we will not be getting monies from this issue due to the fact that most of the revenue went towards water amp bridge road projects Trustee Jaholnycky also ask if the road department was going to be able to get all there vacation time used up for the year 2008 Supt Gerhart reported that all vacation has been scheduled and will all be used by the conclusion of the year 2008 FISCAL OFFICER Fiscal Officer Perry asked the board to make the following resolution To move funds from Fire Dept Bond 10A05A Fire Dept Bond fund to 10A14 Fire Department Insurance OTHER Trustee Cook made a motion to pay the bills Trustee Jaholnycky seconded the motion Regular Session ended at 825 pm Trustee Jaholnycky made a motion to agenda the meeting Trustee Cook seconded the motion Chairman Reed adjourned the meeting Respectfully submitted Robyn K Perry Fiscal Officer Roger Cook Trustee John Jaholnycky Trustee Russell Reed Chairman


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