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by: Ms. Victor Jerde

ThePhysicalWorld PHY182

Marketplace > Miami University > Physics 2 > PHY182 > ThePhysicalWorld
Ms. Victor Jerde
GPA 3.91


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Victor Jerde on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY182 at Miami University taught by StephenAlexander in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/233354/phy182-miami-university in Physics 2 at Miami University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Physics 182 Equation Sheet for Exams Good Stuff from 181 Kinematics 17 E E const z zov0At aAt2 v v0aAt v2 vg2aAz Dynamics F m6 Conservation of Energy 2 Wm AK 2 AU K 721112 Ugrav mgy Uspring kz2 Gravity E G r m ttractive Ug GT TLWquot Chapter 16 I Moles n A Ideal Gas PV nRT NkBT k3 IT Temperatures TF ETC 32 TK To 273 Chapter 17 or 39 Vr Wg the system 7 P dV 7area under PV curve general VI 7PAV isobaric inRT ln isothermal 4 First Law SolidsLiquids AEth Q McAT First Law Gases AEth Q W Speci c Heats constant volume Q nOVAT adiabatic 177 Qf iMLf Qv iMLv constant pressure Q nOpAT any process AEth nOVAT Op OV R Adiabatic Process Q PVA constant TVA 1 constant Heat Transfer Conduction kAT Radiation Q27 eaAT4 Qgt eaAT47Te4 Chapter 18 Mean Free Path A 7 m 5 X 10 10 mmonatomic7 7 m 1 X 10 10 mdiatomic 3 3k T ngT vrmsa 5 1 4amp NVw Kinetic Theory P eavg Ideal Gases Em nOVT 2 7 l 6099 7 2mv7 ms Monatomic OV ER Op 3R 7 gig Diatomic OV gR Op gR 7 amp g Solids Eth nOT O 3R Chapter 19 Work done bl the system W5 7Won the system f PdV Heat Engine QH Qc Wm n 7 Q7 ncmm 17 73 Refrigerator Win QC QH K 5ch Kcamm Tch Chapter 26 Coulomb Law qulqzl Kilqlrllngl M160 lqlrllngl Charge in a Field E qE a Field of a Point Charge q E K55quot 160 5quot Chapter 27 d Dipole Moment 1539 43 from 7 q to 01 Eon axis 15 m 21 Eon axis L 15 m 7 Continuous Charge Distribution Q dE K E fQ dE Charge Densities 1D A QL 2D 77 QA 3D p QV In nite Wire E 2KW 7 Special Field Results away for A gt 07 toward for A lt 0 In nite Plane E away for 77 gt 07 toward for 77 lt 0 Parallel Plate Capacitor E 7 positive to negative Ring of Charge E 160 W Disk of Charge E i 17 0 Chapter 28 a a Flux through Surface S e f5 E dA Special Cases Planar surface amp uniform E e E A Planar surface l uniform E e f Egl Gauss7 Law For closed surface S e E A 6 Some Geometry Cylinder radius r7 length L A 27T7 L 27r39r2 V 7T7 2L Sphere radius r A 47r39r2 V l g 0 Chapter 29 Electric Potential Energy Uniform eld U qu point charges U My 7 Electric Potential V AV 7 E d Special Cases Uniform E AV 7E Point Charge V kg 7 7 1 7 47m 7 Continuous Distribution dV 0 Chapter 30 Field and Potential AV V37VA 7 ff Ed 39 Egg iaVBz Ey iaVBy E iaVBz Capacitors C Parallel Plate C Energy UC CAV2 Energy Density uE eOEQ Combinations Parallel C C1 C2 Series Oil 0 Dielectric C H00 0 Chapter 31 Electron Current 239 nAvd vd 77 Current f dQdt7 direction of I ei JA J nevd 77827 J 0E Ep a m Conservation of Current Current is the same at any point along the Wire Resistance R p Ohmls Law I 0 Chapter 32 Kirchoff7s Laws Junction Elm Elam Closed Loop EiAVi 0 Conventions EMF AV if 30m 7 A l Resistor AV IIR lt om 4 A 7 Power PW 15 PR 12R AV Combinations Series R R1 R2 Parallel Bil RC Circuit Discharging Qoe VT 1t 7 Charging QO Qmwu 7 ailT It 6 With l gt against 1 E Time Constant 739 RC 727 Chapter 33 d A Biot7Savart Law Charge B g l 39 E dg mm IdEX Current dB 7 T Ampere7s Law Field of an In nite Straight Wire B 1 Field of an ldeal Solenoid B OL Magnetic Forces on a Charge F L117 X E on a Wire dF Id gtlt E on a straight Wire in uniform eld F E X E Chapter 34 Magnetic Flux m d1 Faraday s Law 5 ll Lenzg Law The direction of the induced current is such that the induced magnetic eld opposes the change in ux Chapter 35 Transformation of Fields for frame 5quot moving relative to S at constant speed V along Xaxis E a x a E a X7gtltE c inverse interchange primes and unprimes7 replace V With 7V Maxwell7s Equations a a Q 3 E dAi who Ed 7f d 393d 01thmeotogf d Lorentz Force Law F qE L117 X E Chapter 37 Lorentz Transformations for frame 5quot moving relative to S at constant speed 1 along Xaxis 17zvt yy 22 t7tvz52 Velocity Components u U W ul u 39 u y 1 wagc2 1 wagc2 lvu02 um Where 1 v1 v202 For inverse transformations interchange unprimed quantities With primed and change v to v 7 Length Contraction and Time Dilation Lp 7L At yAtp Dynamics 5 Vum E Kmc2 Vumc2 E2 p252 m254


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