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by: Ms. Victor Jerde

ThePhysicalWorld PHY181

Marketplace > Miami University > Physics 2 > PHY181 > ThePhysicalWorld
Ms. Victor Jerde
GPA 3.91


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Victor Jerde on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY181 at Miami University taught by ChristopherBeer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/233356/phy181-miami-university in Physics 2 at Miami University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
PHY 181A The Physical World 4 Credits Course Syllabus for Fall 201112 Instructor Dr Christopher Beer Class Times MWF 1115am 1220pm 046 Culler Office 41 Culler Phone 5291475 Email beercpmuohioedu Textbook Randall D Knight Physics for Scientists and Engineers Second Edition You are responsible for knowing both the assigned text and material covered during lecture these may not always be the same We are also using the associated interwebbased electronic resource llMastering Physics for which a disk and initial login are included with newly purchased copies of the text Students buying secondhand copies of the book must purchase a registration for llMastering Physics by going to the website wwwmastering physicscom and clicking on llBuy Now A physical disk is not necessary Follow the instructions for logging into llMastering Physics and then join our course section which has the following course number in their system MPBEER62058 Reading Assignments Reading assignments listed in the calendar section of the syllabus are to be completed before coming to lecture Niihka For your convenience many of the course documents will be posted on the Niihka course website throughout the semester Homework Most of the homework problems will make use of the llMastering Physics system These are electronic assignments that offer hints at some penalty and limited multiple tries The homework problems are due each week for completion on Monday at 3 am Reading Quizzes There will be reading quizzes before many of the lectures See the Course Calendar for days with reading quizzes You take a reading quiz by logging on to Mastering Physics and answering one or more short questions about the reading material It is not necessary to understand everything in the reading selection to do well on the reading quiz it is merely designed to determine if you have read the material prior to lecture Reading quizzes are due by 300 am on the day of the lecture After 300 am Mastering Physics will no longer allow you to complete the quiz I chose the 300 am time to ensure that students complete the reading quizzes on the night before the lecture Reading quizzes become available three days before the associated lecture Exams There are three exams during the semester not including the final exam There are no make up exams The exams are scheduled for Tuesday evenings at 800 pm in LWS 100 The exams have duration of two hours and are composed of roughly equal parts multiple choice and free response questions The exams are closedbook You may use one 3quot x 5quot note card of preprepared handwritten notes The notes must be handwritten and not use a photocopy machine or any electronic means You turn in your note card with your exam Exam 1 Tuesday September 20 800 1000 PM LWS 100 Exam 2 Tuesday October 18 800 1000 PM LWS 100 Exam 3 Tuesday November 15 800 1000 PM LWS 100 Final Exam The final examination is cumulative and cannot be exempted or dropped It is scheduled for Monday December 12 at 1230pm in the normal classroom The final exam differs from the other exams The final is openbook Computing the Final Grade 20 Cumulative Final Exam Monday December 12 1230pm 45 Tests 3 tests combined 5 Reading Quizzes 30 Graded Homework Problems Mastering Physics and from handouts MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY August 22 August 24 August 26 Introduction Units Estimation 11 18 RQ 1 Due August 29 August 31 September 2 21 22 RQ2 Due 23 25 27 RQ3 Due 31 32 September 5 September 7 September 9 Labor Day NO CLASS 33 34 RQ4 Due 51 55 RQ5 Due September 12 September 14 September 16 5 56 57 41 42 64 RQ6Due September 19 September 21 September 23 43 RQ 7 Due 45 46 82 RQ8 Due 83 84 RQ9 Due September 26 September 28 September 30 71 73 RQ 10 Due 91 92 RQ 11 Due 93 94 96 RQ 12 Due October 3 October 5 October 7 111 112 RQ 13 Due 113 115 October 10 October 12 October 14 101 104 105 107 RQ 14 Due Fall Holiday NO CLASS October 17 October 19 October 21 131 133 RQ 15 Due 134 136 121 123 RQ 16 Due October 24 October 26 October 28 124 125 126 128 RQ 17 Due 129 RQ 18 Due October 31 November 2 November 4 141 143 144 146 201 205 November 7 November 9 November 11 211 214 RQ 19 Due 215 217 221 222 RQ 20 Due November 14 223 224 RQ 21 Due November 16 391 392 RQ 22 Due November 18 393 394 RQ 23 Due November 21 395 39 7 Novem ber 23 Thanksgiving Break NO CLASS Novem ber 25 Thanksgiving Break NO CLASS November 28 November 30 December 2 Ch 39 Review RQ 24 Due 401 402 403 40 6 RQ 25 Due December 5 December 7 December 9 411 412 413 415 Final Exam Review


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