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by: Geoffrey Roob

HumanResourceManagement MGT303

Marketplace > Miami University > Business, management > MGT303 > HumanResourceManagement
Geoffrey Roob
GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Geoffrey Roob on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT303 at Miami University taught by BrianneWaugh in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/233374/mgt303-miami-university in Business, management at Miami University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
um 39 39 Recently I r n I demanding higher pay even though we39re de nitely at the same level as factories around us How can we avoid this problem In Aeia 15 Ray Lin Long Beach Calif For starters you can ask yourself What cause this problem in e place Or better yet Who caused it cause in our experience whether it s a compulsory union striking a Chinese factory a Dutch works council threatening a out or a cardsigning campaign at a nonunion plant in Ohio when local labor issues erupt the double can usually be traced not to workplace conditions but to workplace leadership In fact it can often be traced to one or two people a horse s 5 neck of a plant boss or foreman who is being abusive insensitive hu ying secretive or all of the above in short bad management most likely caused your strike 39 is actually good news Because to answer your question it means you can minimize the chances of a future strike by employing plant Local plant leaders who are transparent t il candid fair and respec Of course in China as managers everywhere plantlendership 1 39 and factory workers won t W1 always agree There will be honest differences over work rules and the like But if you insist that your plant managers abide by two straightforward principles you may nd uran activity fading away in time The fact is with good management unions aren t really necessary at all The rst principle is really a mindset an understanding by management that your workers are your people They live in the same town work for the same com any Their lives and itures are entwined with yours You win or lose together When plant managers have that mindset it is much more natural for them to practice the second principle Give workers a voice and dignity Now that may all sound like motherhood and apple pie corporate piedes that are easy to scoff at but they are axims that matter All employees not just the ones carrying briefcases need to be heard Factory workers in particular need to know they are more to the company than just a pair of hands at a machine Their ideas count integrity and candor are the answer 92 l BuslnusWeek January 15 2007 ldeasTheWelchWay BY JACK AND SUZY WELCH Avoiding Strikes and Unions Howdoes a plant in manger prove that F irst by iisrening at forums where wor ts are encoura red to discuss ways to improve operations and informally by walking the floor Noihiug builds resentment like a Factory boss standing cmsscrmed in his glassedin of ce overseeing from on high Everyone below knows he ismissing hall39ofwhat he needs to know anti is still being paid handsomely Plant managers also give workers dignity by communicating wi mirelenring candor and transparency About what Well everything Costs the competitive situation growth plans economic bumps ahead Most important plant managers need to let workers know i1 quot9 wmh 1 11 That information cannot be revealed during formal negotiations such abomb invariably leads to macho chest Lhumping and war No wharyou need are local plan leaders who are comfortable with dialogue Tim builds trust and ultimately it is trust tquot 39 39 unions on u I transparently and fairly and workers know it there is no need for a third party to broker ihc conversation between them There is just one team working together to win There39s an old saying it39s not what you know it s whoquot How true is that in terms of career success 39 Ling Chen Jiengsu China It doesn t matter how true it is You just cannot let yourself believe it Oh sure sometimes 21 person gets ahead because his father used to work with sn andso or his college roommate was part of this or that mtily Connections happen and when Ihcy rlo mediocre people can leap forward faster they deserve That s discuuraging But the minute you start thinking connections are more important to advancement than brains positive energy and hard work you are signing up for a bad attitude or worse our favorite nemesis self in icted victimhood You start thinking It doesn t matter what I do Some dope out there with a better pedigree has the edge Not only is that selfdefeating its just not true The world is lled with people who started with nothing and used brains and passion to create their own connections Put your head in that place and keep it there The victimhood vortex takes you only one place down ll Jack and Suzy Welch laok mvwd to answering your questions about business company or career challenges Please email 39 them at thewelchwaybusinessweekcom For their weekly PM 1 L 1 y 59 A TOP HDTOGRAPH HY BRAD TRENT ties gm p use a Man lt


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