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Composition I

by: Jameson Kreiger

Composition I ENGL 1101

Jameson Kreiger
GPA 3.68

Robert Funk

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About this Document

Robert Funk
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jameson Kreiger on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 1101 at Middle Georgia State College taught by Robert Funk in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/233383/engl-1101-middle-georgia-state-college in Foreign Language at Middle Georgia State College.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
l Equot W 5 U 9 gt1 00 LOGICAL FALLACIES Ad hominemiattacking an individual rather than his or her position This person is un t to be president because he used marijuana and cocaine while in college Appeal to traditionistating that something should be done in a certain way because it has always been done that way Gay marriage should not be allowed because it has never been recognized by any civilization Argument from ignoranceireasoning that something is true or false from lack of evidence to the contrary No evidence shows that alien abductions do not eXist Therefore people have been abducted by aliens With all the attendant unpleasantness Bandwagoniusing popularity as the only support Ford s F150 is the most popular model of pickup truck therefore you should buy one Begging the questioniassuming what needs to be proven 18yearolds vote Republican This statement assumes that 18yearolds as a group do indeed voteia dubious assertion Note the term begging the question also refers to circular reasoning for instance Women are not t to be priests because a priest s job is appropriate only for men Equivocationimaking an assertion that falsely relies on using a term in two separate ways Anyone with grass in his possession violates US drug laws because Bill Clinton s White House was surrounded by grass he was even then violating our country s drug laws False analogyithe assumption that because two things are alike in some ways they must be alike in others The government is enacting laws that will severely restrict commercial shermen The government should just let the shermen do their jobiafter all shermen are the farmers of the oceans False authorityiciting a source that has no real validity in the area one is discussing Tom Cruise is just the latest person to point out the problems with modern psychotherapy s use of drugs 9 False causeithe post hoc ergo propier 1100 error arguing that because one thing preceded an event it caused the event I take vitamin C everyday and I never catch a colditherefore this cheap preventive measure is all you need to keep yourself healthy 10 False dilemma eitheroristating that only two options eXist when more in fact do We have two choices in Iraqieither cut and run or stay the course 11 Guilt by associationi unfairly making someone responsible for the beliefs of others Don t reelect Representative Jim Smith because he is a Democratieven though he is from this areaihe will be working with those liberals from New York and San Francisco to threaten our values Notice also the fallacy of begging the question 12 Hasty generalizationithe stereotype Old people are bad drivers W Non Sequituri it does not follow making two statements that have in implied connection but no logical one Mike is very honest therefore he will get a good job 4 Oversimpli cationileaving out of consideration anything that implies there is other than a single cause or solution for a compleX problem All we have to do is bomb Iran s nuclear reactor sites and that will eliminate their capability to attack US interests 15 Red herringidodging an arguable point by bringing up an irrelevant issue Why should we worry about stopping terrorists overseas when we haven t even managed to secure our own ports from attack 6 Slippery slopeiassuming that one thing will inevitably cause another Handgun control is the rst step down a road that will lead to the US becoming a dictatorship l7 Straw manithe mischaracterization of something in order to make it easy to refute The Democrats cannot wait to raise your taxesiwhy would any working person vote for a Democrat Adapted from Hodges Harbrace College Handbook 10 and 14m Editions John C Hodges et al and Logic aner Limbaugh Ray Perkins Jr Open Court 1995


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