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H 213

by: Otha Senger

H 213 HIST

Otha Senger
GPA 3.73

Ann Carmichael

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About this Document

Ann Carmichael
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Otha Senger on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST at Indiana University taught by Ann Carmichael in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/233392/hist-indiana-university in History at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
H213 The Black Death Professor Carmichael Structure and Requirements 0 Cultural studies focus 0 Three sections three exaIns two papers 0 Quizzes and Writing assignmenm in discussion sections Discussion section leaders 39 Ms Otmway amp Mr Olsen 0 We emphasize in testing and grading 0 Skills maps reading original sources connecting evidence to larger historical generalizations 0 Attendance and contributions in discussion 0 Discussion and readings O Ifyou Wonder about something ask a question or express your thought or observation in Writing 0 Readings in the rst section ofthe course look at the great European epidemic of13477 135 3 an event with World historical signi cance 0 Lecture notes not the slides will be available on Oncourse w 0 General historical issues debated today 0 What can past plagues teach us about ourselves 0 What historical changes did recurrent plagues cause 0 How did plague shape Patterns amp ideas about governing 0 How do We humans behave in mortality crises 0 Plague resonates with our fears O Plague is linked to a sense of collective risk 39 In a ght against an unseen enemy 39 In confronting larger natural or ecological change 0 Plague creates occasions for government infringement of individual liberties O Plague fear often used to excuse behaviors that are illegal or immoral 0 Plague and cultural resonances O Plague calls attention to un nished business 77 a sense ofbeing in the middle ofa story not knowing how it will end or who will be left 0 Plague can become a time out a sense ofbeing in an interval Where normal social rules no longer apply Interlude 0 In small groups come up with a list of common human behaviors 7 collective and individual 7 that you find typical ofhuInan responses to a great mortality threat In the paper for this unit of the course you could take one of these behaviors and look for instances of that behavior in accounts of Black Death survivors Mg 0 Today s bubonic plague 0 Cause of bubonic plague today 39 Yem m a pesti Y Penis a bacteriuIn NOT a Virus 39 Transmitted to humans by eas often Xenopxy a cheopi X cheopis 39 Usual host Rattu rattu R rattus 7 the Proli c brown house rat Bubonic Plague as a human disease 0 Humans are not the host species 0 Disease is frightening and fast 0 Pattern of Epidemics 39 usually peak in suInmer about 476 weeks after infected rats die 39 Film clip 0 Disease itself Bubonic plague vs Pneumonic Plague 39 Bubonic 0 377 days ill 0 Fever 0 Bubo swelling in lymph node most buboes in groin thigh or armpit occasionally neck 0 General acute illness with headache prostration nausea vomiting etc 39 PneuInonic 0 Less than 2 days ill 0 Lungs infected 0 Spitting blood 0 Fever shortness ofbreath coughing Wednesday the spread ofplague to Europe in the fourteenth century Please read the assignments in advance of class meeting 3 volunteers to read roles in a short play We will start with plagueiinfected ships and sailors heading to Italy H213 notes 1 November 2010 Plague ofMarseilles 1720 Overview of the Marseilles plague o Showed all of the characteristics of a great plague o Displayed some novel features of plague control 0 Widespread stories 18th century had early newspapers 0 Cordon sanitaire 0 Doctors antiplague dress now the standard 0 Scientific Revolution in uenced debate 0 Conventions of great plague art elaborated Common plague features in Marseilles 0 Beginning point identified by blaming particular individuals amp events 0 Death rates rose before announcementadmission that plague was present 0 Fear of economic isolation leads to denial o Peaked in August and September though still murderous in October over 50 died 0 Created massive management problems Novel aspects of this plague 0 Active and published scientific debate on the quotcausesquot ofplague was plague contagious or was it due to environmental factors 0 Included experimentation 0 Full use ofplague barrier clothing 0 Nationallevel control over trade and travel from an infected region cordons sanitaires 0 Citizens elsewhere following stories of the epidemic in quotreal time because now newspapers Plague created governing problems at every stage 0 Delays in announcing plague 0 Regional government sealed off city while locals were bickering the famous plague wall 0 Nation needed the port so royal troops arrived 3 October when epidemic still raging A huge problem burving the dead 0 Debates about where to put all the dead 0 Plague stories were dramatized in newspapers around a dark figure the Chevalier Rose 0 Nobleman who volunteered after martial law imposed 0 Used convicts and soldiers to clear cadavers from the streets 95 died 0 Plague stories also emphasized in plague art from this epidemic Medical problems connected to plague nntnoinni t Disagreements within medical communities 0 Contagion vs corruption of air as cause ofplague Management of isolation facilities Experts from Montpellier came in to resolve the cause issue but furthered divisions No systematic provisions for the living 0 Upperechelon Church authorities ed 0 Lower level Catholic priests and monks stayed o Prominent university doctors were not active though still wanted to dictate what others would do of plague overall Public health controls were contagionist o Maritime quarantine o Maritime pesthouse at Toulon French treatises on the design ofplague doctor s attire earliest published description 1630 National level military barrier to prevent spread of plague to the rest of France the cordon sanital39re 0 French had success by using quarantine at regional level evidence over the 17th century shows the impact of that policy Elite doctors instead emphasized corruption of the air at least initially Physicians from Montpellier sent to evaluate causes 0 The scientifically correct view in 1720 was not contagion 0 But these physicians became very afraid in October 0 Healed in tented pavilions at the city s periphery o No touching or bedside cures Experimentation o Took blood and matter from buboes and sores and did experiments on those substances 0 the investigation ofplague in these ways shows the impact of the Scientific Revolution Marseilles plague so murderous Over 50 of those who could not escape got plague 100000 before 10000 ed 6000090000 23 got plague Around 50000 died Habit Do l lchacuu if agu ru prayum qquot1151 cnt la P633971f21 eii7 at UC 39mm nmmn t clamHa rer1eaerl39ux


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