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S 100

by: Beaulah Schamberger

S 100 SOC

Beaulah Schamberger
GPA 3.91

Christine Haar

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About this Document

Christine Haar
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Beaulah Schamberger on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC at Indiana University taught by Christine Haar in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/233400/soc-indiana-university in Sociology at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Exam 1 Quiz Questions 1 Which of the following best explains what the map represents i Darker colorations on the map indicate areas with more illiterate people 2 Based on the colorations of the maps which of the following states had the most dramatic change in literacy rates i New Mexico 3 Which of the following regions of the country had the most change in illiteracy rates i The South 4 What pattern do you see in illiteracy rates over time i Illiteracy rates decreased Pretest 1 The sociological perspective a helps one to look at his or her own world in a different light 2 The sociological perspective stresses that a person39s ideas and desires are a in uenced by social context 3 Sociology as a science emerged in the a middle of the 1800s 4 Sociology grew out of a social upheaval 5 Which of the following figures in the history sociology would be the least likely to consider himselfa sociologist a Karl Marx 6 When Durkheim compared the suicide rates of several European countries he found that a each country had a different suicide rate 7 Max Weber a saw religion as a central force in social change 8 As sociology became a respected academic subject academic sociologists began to emphasize research and theory designating nonacademic activists as not sociologists a Social workers 9 All of the following combined the role of sociologist with the role of social reformer EXCEPT a Talcott Parsons 10A general explanation ofhow two or more facts are related to one another is a a Theory 11To understand society functionalists say that we need to look at a Both structure and function 12Karl Marx felt that the key to human history is understanding a Class con ict 13The theoretical perspective that is usually associated with micro level analysis is a Symbolic Interactionism 14A sociologist who has which type of theoretical perspective would be most interested in studying the interaction patterns in a homeless shelter a Symbolic Interactionist 15The correct sequence of steps in the research model is a select a topic define the problem review the literature formulate a hypothesis 16The statement quotMen who are more socially isolated are more likely to abuse their wives than are men who are more socially integratedquot is a a Hypothesis 17The term that refers to a researcher using another researcher39s operational definitions to conduct research that produces consistent findings is a Reliability 18A research sample in which everyone in a population has the same chance of being included is called a a Random sample 19Sociological findings are often presented in tables The element ofa table that appears just below the title and gives more detailed information about how the data were collected is known as the a Headnote 20To create neutral sociological research your questions must a allow respondents to express their own opinions 21The measure of quotaveragequot that is a count of the cases that occur the most often is the a Mode 22The measure of quotaveragequot that designates the middle case the one that falls halfway between the top and the bottom is the a Median 23One disadvantage of asking openended questions in surveys is that a it can be difficult to compare answers 24To do a the researcher focuses on a single event situation or even individual a Case study 25Mario Brajuha who did participant observation of restaurant workers was applauded for his professional manner a when he refused to hand over confidential notes Posttest 1 C Wright Mills stated that the sociological perspective enables us to grasp a connection between history and a Biography The sociologist who is credited with first trying to apply the scientific method to the study of the social world is a Auguste Comte N V 3 Herbert Spencer used the phrase quotsurvival of the fittestquot to refer to his theory that a a society39s most capable and intelligent members survive over time while the less capable die out 4 Why did the Wall Street Journal call Karl Marx one of the world39s three greatest modern thinkers a His theories have had a major in uence on the course ofworld history From his rigorous research on suicide Emile Durkheim concluded that a social factors underlie suicide The sociologist associated with the concept of the quotspirit of capitalismquot in developing modern societies was a Max Weber 7 The modern sociologist who led the movement to urge sociologists to get back to the role of social reformer was a C Wright Mills U39l V Ch V 8 examines facetoface interactions to analyze how social relationships are determined a Symbolic Interactionism 9 Without the use of human social life would be no more sophisticated than that of animals a Symbols 10Robert Merton used the term quotfunctionquot to refer to a only the beneficial consequences ofpeople39s actions 11Con ict theorists a stress that society is composed of groups that are competing with one another for scarce resources 12Key terms that one would associate with symbolic interactionism include all of the following EXCEPT a Equilibrium 13In an ideal model scientific research follows eight basic steps though some steps may in the real world a Run together 14In the quotreviewing the literaturequot step of the research mode a a researcher may find that the problem has already been answered so there is no need to do research 15After reviewing the literature the next step in scientific research is to a Formulate a hypothesis 16A researcher must develop which are precise ways to measure the variables a Operational definitions 17A hypothesis in sociological research a is a statement ofwhat the researcher expects to find according to predictions that are based on a theory 18All of the following are examples of research methods that sociologists use to collect data EXCEPT a Classical conditioning 19All of the following are elements of a table one would find in sociological research EXCEPT a a statement verifying whether or not the hypothesis was proven 20In sociological research the is the target group that is being studied a Population 21Questions that are worded so that a respondent is able to answer in his or her own words are a Openended questions 22Why is it important for sociological researchers to establish rapport with their subjects before they interview them a Subjects may not be truthful about sensitive information about themselves with a stranger they don39t trust 23When researchers analyze data that others have collected it is called a Secondary analysis 24A researcher who counts the number of empty whiskey bottles in trashcans in a town that is officially quotdryquot to determine alcohol consumption illustrates the use of a Unobtrusive measures 25The research of Laud Humphreys a included both participant observation and survey methods


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