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A 202

by: Ms. Kylie Douglas
Ms. Kylie Douglas
GPA 3.87

Siobhan Carter-David

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About this Document

Siobhan Carter-David
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Kylie Douglas on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMST at Indiana University taught by Siobhan Carter-David in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/233424/amst-indiana-university in American Studies at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Exam 1 Review Sheet Fashion Theory Consider the meanings of the words and terms on the vocabulary list and be able to and be able to apply them to your knowledge of the four iconic fashions that we have studied so far Jeans Dashikis and Folkloric Fashions the Mini Midi and Maxi Skirts and the Leisure Suit Historical Themes Consider the ways in which The Counterculture Black Nationalism andor Evolving Notions of Gender and Sexuality let to the eventual proliferation of the four iconic fashions that we have studied so far Jeans Dashikis and Folkloric Fashions the Mini Midi and Maxi skirt and the Leisure Suit Think about class lectures on the Youth Movement The Counterculture Black Nationalism and the Changing Politics of Gender and Sexuality Primary Sources 7 Textual Consider what editorials written during the era tell us about how the public may have viewed the four iconic fashions that we have studies so far Jeans Dashikis and Folkloric Fashions the Mini Midi and Maxi skirts and the Leisure Suit Think about 7 Sepia and Ebony articles featuring African Fashions Life Time and New York Times articles on jeans the leisure suit and the hemline debate Primary Sources 7 Non textual Consider what the films and images that we have examined tell us about what ideas the public may have been receiving regarding the four iconic fashions that we have studies so far Jeans Dashikis and F olkloric Fashions the Mini Midi and Maxi skirt and the Leisure Suit Think about 7 Youtube clips displaying 1960s hippiestyle fashions amp the popularity of the miniskirt the film Hair and clips from the movies The Mack and Saturday Night Fever Eleganza Ads featuring the Dashiki GQ ads featuring jeans and leisure suits Secondary Sources Consider that fashion historians have had to say about the history and meanings of about the four iconic fashions that we have studies so far Jeans Dashikis and Folkloric Fashions the Mini Midi and Maxi skirt and the Leisure Suit Think about 7 The Film Jeans Steele The Youth Movement Hippie Fashions and Changing Hemlines Sullivan Jeans Class and the Comodifrcation of Denim Van DeBurg The Meanings of Soul Style Tanisha Ford Boutiques as Centers of Radical Thought in Politics and Fashion Hair Film Analysis Paper Making use of class notes lectures required readings magazine images and lmVideo clips reviewed and discussed in class and incorporating one outside source please write a paper on the following Using examples from the lm Hair explain how historical changes in the ways that many young Americans thought about race ethnicity gendersexuality and mainstream notions of respectability in uencediand were in uenced byithe popularization of blue jeans and dashikis as well as other folkloric fashions Please remember to cite quotations and paraphrases using page numbers gtlltgtllt Your paper should be insightful specific in its references easy to follow in structure and clear and consistent in style Additionally all papers should be four to ve pages in length typed 12point Times New Roman font doublespaced 1 1 14 inch margins stapled and proofread must also include the student s name the course number the instructor s name and the date the assignment is turned in


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