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The Brain HDFS 210

by: MaryCatherine Mayer

The Brain HDFS 210 HDFS 210

Marketplace > Purdue University > HDFS > HDFS 210 > The Brain HDFS 210
MaryCatherine Mayer
GPA 3.75
Introduction to Human Development
Dr. Zoe Taylor

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About this Document

Introduction to Human Development
Dr. Zoe Taylor
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by MaryCatherine Mayer on Friday January 23, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to HDFS 210 at Purdue University taught by Dr. Zoe Taylor in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 231 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Human Development in HDFS at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 01/23/15
The Brain A Guided Tour 0 Underlies all behavior thought and emotion 0 Model of biopsychosocial integration 0 Model of developmental processes 0 Including change over time and plasticity 0 New pushes for neuroscience research 0 It s phenomenally cool The Brain 0 Weighs around 3 lbs and makes up about 2 of our total body weight 0 Consumes 20 of the body s energy however it doesn t store its own energy 0 The brain does not feel What s in a Brain 0 Nerve cells neurons contains nearly 86 billion These cells are responsible for sending and receiving electrical signals 0 Glial cells contains nearly 15 trillion up to 60 times the number of neurons They offer structural and metabolic support for neurons There are many different types of glial cells 0 Ex Albert Einstein had lots of them 0 Blood vessels Hotseat Question Assume the cell body of each neuron is 10 microns wide smaller than the width of the typical period in a typical book If you placed all the neurons in your brain sidebyside what would be the approximate distance from one side to the other Answer 600 miles Components of the Nerve Cell 0 The Neuron O O O O O The cell body Contains a cell nucleus which houses organelles and DNA Dendrites Ears of the nerve cell Signals come in from other nerve cells Axon myelin sheath wraps around the axon which is composed of numerous glial cells Terminal Buttons release chemicals The junction or gap between two nerve cells can be defined as a synapses 0 Cerebral Cortex 0 Outer surface of the brain comes from the Latin word for bark O O The brain is divided into 4 lobes Each lobe serves a different function We have learned this from studying consequences of damage to specific areas of the brain Frontal forehead Parietal middle Occipital back Temporal beneath frontal and parietal 0 Frontal Lobe O O O 0 Located behind forehead Selfregulation problem solving goal setting social cognition judgment and voluntary movement Damage to the frontal lobe results in dramatic changes in personality and impaired judgment Ex Phineas Gage I No loss of intellectual abilities I Deficits in planning judgment and emotional control 0 Parietal Lobe O O O O Sensory perception Spatial Abilities Integrates information from other senses Damage to parietal lobe results in sensory neglect Individuals lose the ability to pay attention to nearly an entire part of their world I Ex Clock drawing 0 Occipital Lobe O 0 Primary visual area Damage to occipital lobe results in blind sight 0 Temporal Lobe 0000 0 Hearing Language generating speech Memory Emotion Damage to the temporal lobe results in inability to experience fear I SubCortical Structures 0 O Cortex and lobes of brain Subcortical structures I Hippocampus Memory I Amygdala Fear drives the emotional response for fear Hotseat Question Stress is a common experience Which areas of the brain contribute to you feeling overwhelmed in the face of challenges A Frontal Cortex B Amygdala C Hippocampus Brain Develonment Rapid growth in early life 250000500000 nerve cells are added PER minute during some stages of development Overproduction of neurons and connections among neurons early in life Selective reduction of neurons and connections among neurons pruning Waves of intense branching and connecting are followed by pruning 0 Before birth through 3 years 0 Again at 11 or 12 years old Brain development is activitydependent Use it or lose it refers to pruning away unnecessary cells This creates a leaner more efficient working brain Different parts of the brain mature at different rates 0 The occipital lobe is the first to mature 0 The frontal lobe remains in process for much longer than other parts of the brain The brain areas that have the longest periods of organization are related to self regulation problem solving languagecommunication and social bonding These time periods are critical Hotseat Question We only use about 10 of our brain FALSE


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