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L 311

by: Lynn Ondricka

L 311 BIOL

Lynn Ondricka
GPA 3.78

Scott Michaels

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About this Document

Scott Michaels
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lynn Ondricka on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL at Indiana University taught by Scott Michaels in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/233428/biol-indiana-university in Biology at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
0 A variable feature of some chromosomes in corn is the presence or absence of knobs at particular sites Suppose that one member of each of two pairs of chromosomes in a corn plant has a knob If this plant were crossed with a knobless plant What percentage of the offspring is expected to be knobless Calculate the probability of the production of a homozygous recessive genotype for the following cross AaBbccddEeFf 0 AaBchddEeFf 0 In corn three dominant genes are necessary for aleurone color The genotype BDR is colored Any homozygous recessive for one gene is colorless Predict the genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring of the cross BdeRR BdeRR 0 In the rat the gene for the pigment P is dominant to no pigment p The gene for black B is dominant to the gene for cream b If a pigment gene P is absent genes B and b are inoperative Predict the genotypes and phenotypes of the F2 of a cross between a homozygous black rat and an albino homozygous for cream 0 In humans XO individuals are females with Turner s syndrome and XXY individuals are males with Klinefelter s syndrome Which of the following events could not give rise to a Klinefelter s male 7 A Nondisjunction at meiosis I in the mother 7 B Nondisjunction at meiosis II in the mother 7 C Nondisjunction at meiosis I in the father 7 D Nondisjunction at meiosis II in the father 7 B All of the above could give rise to a Klinefelter39s male Nondisjunction can occur at either the rst or second division of meiosis XYY individuals would most likely arise from nondisjunction at the meiotic division in the 0 Hemophilia is caused by an Xlinked mutation in humans If a woman Whose paternal uncle father s brother was a hemophiliac marries a man Whose brother is also a hemophiliac What is the probability of their rst child having hemophilia note assume no other hemophilia in the pedigree and no hidden carriers 0 If you are a male your X chromosome contains genes derived from 7 A your paternal grandfather only 7 B your maternal grandfather only 7 C both your paternal and maternal grandfathers 7 D both your paternal grandfather and grandmother 7 E both your maternal grandfather and grandmother 0 In Drasaphila White eyes W and yellow body y are both recessive Xlinked mutations The Wild type alleles W and y control red eyes and dark body color respectively If a homozygous yellow body red eyed female is crossed with a dark body Whiteeyed male and F1 progeny are interbred What will the phenotypes and ratios of the F1 and F2 be 0 In Drasaphila the recessive allele for forked bristles is sexlinked and the recessive allele for purple eyes is autosomal The Wildtype alleles are for straight bristles and red eyes respectively A female heterozygous for both pairs of alleles is mated with a male with forked bristles and purple eyes What percentage of the daughters will have forked bristles and purple eyes 0 In fruit ies an Xlinked dominant mutation N causes Notch Wings in heterozygous females but is lethal in hemizygous or homozygous condition What ratio of offspring would be observed in a cross of a Notch female by a normal male The Rr and 83 genes are linked and 10 map units apart In the cross RsrS x rsrs what fraction of the progeny will be RSrs R35 rrf r5 Og r U o If the map distance between genes A and B is 10 map units and the map distance between genes B and C is 25 map units what is the map distance between genes A and C H 4 21W CM 1 3 In Drosophila singed bristles sn and cut wings ct are both caused by recessive X linked alleles The wild type alleles sn and ct are responsible for straight bristles and intact wings respectively A female homozygous for sn and ct is crossed to a snct male The F1 ies are interbred The F2 males are distributed as follows sn ct 13 4 sn CH 36 7 sn ct 39 sn ct 12 What is the map distance between sn and ct 15 00 M00 7 Zch Suppose a three point testcross was conducted involving the genes X Y and Z If the most abundant classes are XYz and xyZ and the rarest classes are xYZ and Xyz which gene is in the middle In Drosophila the genes y f and V are all X linked y f v females are crossed to wildtype males and the Fl females are testcrossed The F2 are distributed as follows y fv 3210 y f 72 y v 1024 y 678 fv 690 f 1044 V 601 3222 10000 Which gene is in the middle 3 139 7 1 a w 93919 7 f 7 Memo ISM 374M W L t Haiti 5N fig x460 f a I is 21cm In Drosophila the genes y f and V are all Xlinked y f V females are crossed to wildtype males and the F 1 females are testcrossed The F2 are distributed as follows y fV 3210 y f 72 y V 1024 y 678 fV 690 f 1044 V 60 3222 10000 Draw a map with the distances between these three genes indicated Assume a researcher is studying the rll locus otiphage T4 Four rIl stralns are obtained A B and D en com ectlons are performed in E coli straln K0 the followmg results are obtained 7 ABlysis A r AClysis w BCnolysis q m4 MClb We B Dno lysis 7 C Dno lysis In a second experiment coinfections are performed in E coli strainB When progen hage are exarnmed for thelr ability to form plaques m E coli strain 8 he following results are obtained A B plaques B C plaques C D plaques B Drno plaques 639 5 31 M M ll Mk 590 Sat The conclusion most consistent with these data is do p 6 k1 NL 4 e f 639 3 e CfmuWL J A A carries a mutation in one gene B C and D are on a different gene C and D both carry the same mutation B A and B carry mutations in the same gene C and D are on a different gene C A carries a mutation in one gene B C and D are on a different gene B and C both carry the same mutation 3 DDA carries a mutation in one gene B C and D are on a different gene B and Dboth carry the same mutation 397 E A B C and D carry mutations in the same gene Which mutation in the B globin gene could in theory be detected with a genomic clone but not with a cDNA c one A A point mutation that changes a single amino acid KB mutation that prevents removal of one intron i C Apromoter mutation that prevents transcription VD A 10 bp deletion in an exon E A frameshi mutation Shown below are the deletion maps of a series of rII mutations The deleted region is indicated as and the intact region as Note that strain 5 carries two different deletions i i X 1 quot 2 3 0 4 D 5 o A series of point mutations AE is used in a coinfection experiment Shown below are the results of those coinfections Ability to produce wildtype progeny phage is indicated by 0 indicates no wild type progeny indicate the order that is most consistent with these data Assume that a researcher is studying coat color in voles Three strains of white vole have been isolated milky blanc and weiss White is a recessive trait in each strain Homozygous white voles are obtained for each strain Consider the following crosses milky 00 blanc all white progeny milky 0 weiss all brown wild type vole color blanc w weiss all brown wildtype vole color The conclusion most consistent with these results is A all three strains have mutations in the same gene B all three strains have mutations in different genes MTy i milky and blanc have mutations on the same gene weiss has a mutation in a different gene D milky and weiss have mutations on the same gene blanc has a mutation in a different gene E weiss and blanc have mutations on the same gene milky has a mutation in a different gene Assume that a researcher set out to duplicate the Luria Delbruck uctuation experiment This researcher planted twenty small asks with bacteria from the same colony and let them grow overnight The next morning the researcher noticed that all but one of the asks had come open and were ruined Not wishing to redo the experiment the researcher took bacteria samples from the one remaining intact ask and placed them on twenty phage plates What results would you expect to see when the twenty phage plates are examined and how would these results compare with those of the original Luria Delbruck uctuation experiment blqeffv l Ax SAN mvmlotf oi Colo e 0A 94 Plate


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