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S 110

by: Euna Ryan
Euna Ryan
GPA 3.92

Bonnie Lorenzen

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About this Document

Bonnie Lorenzen
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Euna Ryan on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPHS at Indiana University taught by Bonnie Lorenzen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/233436/sphs-indiana-university in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Indiana University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Danielle Graf Professor Lorenzen S1 10 12 November 2010 Clinical Observation Report 9 year old HD smiled as he walked across the room and pulled a piece of paper out of the folder on the wall of his speech therapy room As is common with Pervasive Developmental Disorder the client suffered from a short attention span when applying his efforts to subjects not of his picking In this case he was tired of repeating names of pictures and needed something to redirect his focus The piece of paper a makeshift award certi cate gave the inspiration needed to take on another activity People with Pervasive Developmental Disorder a condition directly associated with and or compared to Autistic Spectrum Disorder have severe impairment in social interaction and verbalnonverbal communication skills along with stereotypical behaviors interests and activities With HD treatment focused on increasing social skills and more accurately understanding when to talk and how to express his ideas appropriately In this particular session the clinician worked hard with HD to develop appropriate responses to basic everyday questions In one activity the clinician would hold up a small ash card type picture and say a sentence about the card Then she d ask which word was missing For example when holding up a picture of a car she would say something like What do you use to drive to the store You drive to the store in HD s response a car would mean the next card in line would then be shown and a similar process would take place In another exercise a small model of a house was placed on the table The clinician would move something in the house and HD would then describe the action taking place This helped with his understanding of prepositions and accurate information processing and sharing When the client can see a gure get moved into the house and correctly relay that information they will have a much better chance of telling a relative during another time that Aunt Susie did indeed leave the living room and go to the garage or that baby George just crawled past the bedroom door and never got out of the house Obviously these functions are very important to get accustomed to The client was very cooperative and wellnatured during the session HD never threw a tantrum or got angry at not 39 J39 39 y A J39 quot 39 Whenever he lost focus the clinician would seize all activity with the command Stop look at me and go on with her work The boy reacted very well to treatment and tried to actively engage in every activity The clinician maintained constantverbal interaction with HD and consistently kept his interest alive She seemed to know when things started to get boring for her client and how to make a transition on to something more engaging The activities were wellmatched for the age and disorder of the client and the clinician was professional yet fun Overall Ithought the session was a major success Both the client and the clinician left with hopeful smiles and I felt like the activities would result in some real improvements over time I also thought it was very interesting to see pictures used for responses just like was discussed in our lectures over childcentered speech development It was similar to Sofia Souto s recommendations that playbased therapy really works best and keeps the kids engaged This clinical observation confirmed my interest in one day becoming a licensed Speech Language Pathologist


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