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X 201

by: Edward Wuckert I

X 201 BUS

Edward Wuckert I
GPA 3.89

Karen Banks

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About this Document

Karen Banks
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edward Wuckert I on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS at Indiana University taught by Karen Banks in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/233443/bus-indiana-university in Business at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
MEdlan m Quiimle N 3rd Quar le Mld Oudrer Extreme Oblle r El I Luwer Whrsker UDDEr Whisker l Interquar le Range UQR Whrskers extend to the furthest nbservauans that are no mere than 15 IRQ lr lhe e ges o the box Mild nudrers are observauuns between L S IRQ and 3 IRQ from he edges of the bax Extreme outlrers are greater than 3 IRQ from lhe edges ur the hex Vou could use the SKEW function to nd the exact skewness Less than 71 Is highly skewed Greater than 15 highly skewe Totals SlabTolEls dollars dollars Average AVERAGEDullars SUBTOTAL1Dolars Min MlNDDlars UBTOTAL5DaIIars lMax MAXDullers SUBTOTAL4Dullars Stdev STDEWDnIlars UBTOTAL7Dcllars Sum SUMDuIIars UBTOTAL9 Dollars Count COUNTDnllars SUBTOTAL2Dallars Hum Sawngs SClnde SW95 Em 1 D Camel new 553 r 1100 r ngem surfed hrsmgram 659 1200 p gamma PerCENEEe 253 648 1300 7 gnanuum 221 5 1400 1500 x 3 3 5 7 7 2 675 7 a 2 5 3 n 1 3 4 1 Types of Data Nominal data has no natural ordering Examples include malefemale or a list of cities or a list of departments These data can only be summarized with the mode You cannot arrange the departments in numerical order or perform calculations such as sales marketing 2 You can only use mode or count for nominal data Ordinal or ranked data can be sorted into a meaningful order but differences between ranks are not necessarily equal You can find the most frequent result mode and rank them in order to find the median but arithmetic calculations are impossible Examples include poorfalrgood or high school undergraduate master doctorate Poor Fair Good is meaningless You can only use mode or count or median for ordinal data Interval data the zero point is arbitrary Is 20 degrees Celsius twice as hot as 10 degrees Celsius Converted to Fahrenheit to see that it is not 68 degrees F and 50 degrees F Temperature is measured on an interval scale with arbitrary zero points 0 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Fahrenheit Interval data has equal units or equal intervals hence the name The difference between 4 and 5 is the same as the difference between 8 and 9 You can use mean median or mode for Interval data Ratio data has a true zero and measurements can be compared as ratios If a baby frog weighs 250gm and Mrs Frog weights SOOgm and Mr Frog weighs 1000gm then Mr Frog is twice as heavy as Mrs Frog and four times the weight of Baby Frog You can use mean median or mode for Ratio data Discrete cannot take on any value The number of students in a classroom The number of green MampM s in a bag The number of suitcases lost by an airline Continuous can take on any value The height of basketball players The salaries of U graduates The time it takes for your car battery to die Categorical Nominal classifies without ordering the categories Ordinal classifies and orders the categories Numerical Interval classifies orders and establishes an equal unit in the scale Ratio classifies orders establishes an equal unit and contains a true zero point 7 Discrete Numerical data that cannot take on any value 7 Continuous Numerical data that can take on any value Text Functions Space1 Spacez Name Address Ame Mmea 1200 LawyerDrwe s 13 Ame Mcbea 1200 Lawyer Dnve Drew Carey mun Htuwnud Lane 5 11 Drew Carey mun Htuwuud Lane Space 1 AWE Mabew 1200 Lawyer Drwe FWD Drew Carey mun Htuwuud Lane me Space 2 Ma ddress 39 m qu quota7cw LEFHE39LDH RxewauEmanun E81 F NDC XEBCBH LEFHBBDM R GHVBBLEMBMDB ID and Price ID Price ID Price x31 304 LEWB4FIND UERIGHT1EI4 LENB4HNDquot quot341m x31 304 la VALUERIGH HBSLEMstF ND quot quotE151 2323 23 X313 4123 LEFFBG FINDquot quot BE 1 VALUERIGHTBG LENEIGHNDquot quot BE 1 X513 4123 mwmr 39mm 114mm asmmf 39Bsm u armrmn 51 n rnr r Manrr39Eummr s rEw WNW nu Names Email Addresses Calrsra Fluckhan 0WERLEFFEM WIGWBALEMBHHNDV quot BA1ampquotmlcmsu cumquot Peytun Manning OWENLEFHES 1ampRlGHTEELENESFINDquot quot 8518nquotmlcmsuk cumquot Jassma Simpsun Jslmpsanmmmso com Brnney Spears aspearsm rcruscn cam Awlea H151 word mum GUMMMMII Rxsanuy sEAqu Manure Ru we in Hrgrnmnnu an gh lnm SnmquAl vrrrnnmnrrvrnr 39rRRoR39r TMrARquot VFW I n AFCHquotnH APquot sancw m m CrrhTrmhaHpv Tm 39wm m m Income Frequency Frequency Graph HHIHHHIIHHHHHquot 5757585 k 50 IHllIHWHHHMHHHI SESVSBSk 50 llInmIIHHHIIHHHHHWI 45 EPTL c7 ncnun Husmvee mgumem rm A12 Jm vefevenceA 2 mum mm quot3 qu nnmne comma and add 2 Tmsmk Exce mm m Juhn Wequ mun uunem Jenn unemn enamcoennoneoexmnng numjnm FINDKquot AIZFIND quotAIZII IPFINDF39XAIZIquot Ing Me pc hon Dune second Space and Men subhuch g Me mspace nonn vmulu we ave immmaHhe Desmon Th chwsMe v mea and one second space FWD A 2FIND AIZU IVFND AQVH John A W ggms c Uxe msnumem n cne uwiwen bemw How mu y enamcoen min mew rumez r LENmmNm AZF ABl an WHEN We hm numeZ VWEgms rmcmmkwmyiwm me mznvn LeMEnu emAZ buQmukeM unpeuvuWuumsJDhnA WmmnslzhnA R CAHAZIMMFF ND AZF ND mva ngginsvluhn A c usemsnume o n Me uwiwen bemw Haw mu l chmm e39s ave m mew fame wnanunemnnamee ngU 12 WW wnm Mhe namez NZ H mhz um 12mm szvmmNBl


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