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A 200

by: Edward Wuckert I

A 200 BUS

Edward Wuckert I
GPA 3.89

Richard Schrimper

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About this Document

Richard Schrimper
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edward Wuckert I on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS at Indiana University taught by Richard Schrimper in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/233459/bus-indiana-university in Business at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
A200 Foundations of Accounting Spring 2011 Instructor Richard J Schrimper E mail HYPERLINK mailtoschrimpeindianaedu Of ce BU428B fouIth oor Mailbox BU 540 fth oor Of ce Phone 855 8966 secretary 855 6356 direct line Of ce Hours lVIW 1215 100 pm TR appointment Required Materials 0 Survey of Accounting Edmonds et al 0 Basic pocket calculator o Duplicated materials will be distributed and supplementary readings will be assigned as the course progresses Classroom Decorum 1 Turn off and put away ALL electronic devices No Texting during class You will be asked to leave class if I see you with cell phones out 2 N 0 computers are allowed open during class unless you have permission directly from me Also you must send me your notes via e mail at the end of class 3 Dispose or take with you any newspaper you bring to the classroom Course Description This course will introduce you to the ways in which accounting is used as a common language for all types of commerce A basic understanding of accounting concepts will allow you to understand nancial issues that will affect you personally professionally and nance in both the business world and in your own lives We will focus on understanding the following o The financial information is essential to decision makers How financial information is derived How estimates and assumptions are used in developing financial statements Using and interpreting financial information The financial information is important to you personally regardless of what career you choose Exams and Assignments There will be three exams during the semester Exams will be given during class in our regular classroom The nal exams will be given in class on Wednesday April 20 and Thursday April 21 Known con icts with scheduled exam dates MUST be communicated to me VIA E MAIL at least 1 week prior to the exam date Grading disputes must be communicated in writing within one week of the exam date Exam Absences You are responsible for notifying me beforehand if you must miss an exam during the semester Only valid written excuses will justify an excused absence You are responsible for contacting me within a reasonable period prior to the exam this means calling me or my secretary at work 7 leaving a message with a telephone number where you can be reached I will need a written third party excuse for a missed exam Ifyou are ill on the day of an exam a doctor s note explaining that you are unable to take the exam will be required Doctor s notes from Student Health Services saying that you simply had an appointment are not acceptable If you fail to attend an exam andor do not discuss your absence with me before that day your failure to appear at the scheduled exam time and place will be considered an unexcused absence Unexcused absences will result in a grade of zero for the exam There will be m makeup exams Collected Assignments There will be several assignments required during the semester The assignments will correspond to the material being studied and will be assigned in class Presentation of the homework assignments should be neat legible and professional All required homework must be turned in on time No deadline extensions will be given Non graded Homework I recommend that you complete all discussion questions exercises and selftest questions at the end of each chapter You will not be required to turn in these questions or exercises They are offered as an aid in your understanding of the course material You should read each chapter and attempt to complete the questionsexercises PRIOR to attending the lecture of each chapter Teaching Philosophy It is my philosophy that we can all learn from each other and that we will all bene t more if we work together I encourage questions during lectures exercises and group work I encourage participation and commentary relevant to the topic being discussed I strive to maintain a light and friendly environment in which ALL students will feel comfortable and important to the learning process Your feedback is essential to helping shape the atmosphere and topics covered in class I have designed the syllabus to be exible enough to incorporate special interest topics I realize that very few of you will go on to study more accounting however I DO know that ALL of you will use financial information at some point in your life and will benefit from most of the information presented in class If you feel that this class is not meeting your needs I would be very interested in hearing your comments so that I can try to incorporate some of your interests Communication I hold regular office hours each week as listed at the top of this syllabus In addition I check my email daily and attempt to respond to all messages as soon as they are received I will do my best to respond to your communication as quickly as possible Please note that although mv office is on the 4m oor mv secretarv in on the 5m oor Any attempt to communicate with the clerical help on the 43911 oor will most likely be met with confusion in other words they won t be able to help you just go to the5th oor Course Grade Points for the semester will be allocated as follows Grade Material Maximum Points Exam 1 100 Exam 2 100 Final Comprehensive Exam 120 Quizzes Homework 80 Total Possible Points 400 At any given time your points can be categorized into letter grades by computing 90 of the possible points as an A 80 as a B 70 as a C and 60 as a D Plus and minus grades will be given Absences from class are sometimes unavoidable I do not keep track of excused and unexcused absences It is your responsibility to obtain notes handouts assignments etc from another student in the same class if you must miss a class session Meaningful participation is always appreciated and may be used as a subjective evaluation to possibly increase your course grade In Class Exercises Quizzes Papers During the semester there will be a variety of inclass exercises quizzes and papers Some of these will be collected some will not For some assignments you will be required to work in groups Working with other students not only on assignments but also in study groups is very bene cial in this course I encourage you to develop relationships with other students in this course to help with your learning as well as support for information class notes etc Academic Misconduct I expect and anticipate that the School of Business Honor Code and the University s Code of Ethics will be followed attached Any reports of academic misconduct will be treated with absolute con dentiality Dishonesty and cheating will be prosecuted vigorously in accordance with University policy and the School of Business Honor Code All acts of academic misconduct will result in a failing course grade Just in case you aren t sure what is considered academic dishonesty let me give you a few examples Cheating on exams by using a cheat sheet communicating with someone who has taken an exam previous to the scheduled time copying answers from another student s paper glancing over at another student s exams just to check your answer Plagiarism submitting another student s work as your own or allowing another student to copy your work Failure to report knowledge of another student s dishonesty or violation of the student honor code I would like 0 add a thought on dishonesty and cheating Integrity is one of the most valuable and important attributes of a person Integrity is especially valuable for accountants and financial professionals because of the nature of the profession No exam or quiz or homework in college is important enough to jeopardize one s integrity Helpful Hints Keep up with the assigned readings and homework assignments The single most important thing you can do to help your grade in this class is to be prepared for each class Being prepared means to read the chapter PRIOR to the lecture and attempting the exercises at the back of each chapter PRIOR to the lecture on that material I have found that this preparation will enable you to 0 Enjoy class more fully 0 Identify areas that you do not understand so that you may ask questions in class andor pay closer attention and o Inevitably earn a higher grade in the class Be on time for class Quizzes may be given during the rst few minutes of class Homework or projects due will be collected at the beginning of class Late assignments will not be accepted for grading This class syllabus is tentative It is up to you to be responsible for knowing dates of exams speakers etc Ask questions in class If you don t understand something chances are neither do many others in class Form a study group to help review class notes and concepts Have a good attitude This class could be one of your most enjoyable and meaningful classes this semester Do not wait if you are in trouble in this course As the semester comes to a close there is very little I can suggest to improve your course grade Early intervention is important if you are having difficulties I am pleased to help you during my office hours or by appointment as well as directing you to the appropriate resources within this school Week 2 3 4 89 A200 Daily Schedule Spring 2011 Top39c 0 Introduction to Accounting History Stock Market Crash and rise of SEC and CPA Role of Financial Accounting in economy Overview of Financial Statements Basics of investing Risk vs Return Stocks and Bonds Current events Text reading Ch 8 pages 206 211 0 Accounting Information Systems Basic conceptsterms Dual Aspect of Accounting equation Transaction analysis Accrual vs Cash Basis Financial Statement Analysis Current Events No class on Monday January 17 7 Martin Luther King Day Text reading Ch 1 and 2 all 0 Review for Exam Current Events Exam 1 Wed February 16 TR Class Thursday February 17 0 Accounting for Merchandising Operations Perpetual Inventory Systems Payment terms LIFOFIFO Cost Flow Assumption Internal Controls Text reading Ch 3 7 All and Ch 4 pgs 132 7 142 No Class 7 Spring Break Week 11 12 13 14 15 16 A200 Daily Schedule Spring 2011 Topic Product Costing and Managerial Accounting Cost vs Expense Concepts of MaterialLaborOverhead Accounting issues related to beginning a business venture Components of a business plan Sources of Capital Cost Behavior Cost 7 Volume 7 Pro t Analysis Exam MW Classes Exam TR Classes Exam Wed Apr 6 Thur Apr 7 Taxation History of taxation Current tax system pros and cons Alternatives to current tax system ifair tax at tax etc Review for Final Exam Final Exam MW Classes TR Classes Final Exam Wed Apr 20 Final Exam Thur Apr 21 Course wrapup and discussion 20 points attendance each day


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