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H 205

by: Rowan Botsford

H 205 HON

Rowan Botsford
GPA 3.62

Peter Todd

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About this Document

Peter Todd
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rowan Botsford on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HON at Indiana University taught by Peter Todd in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/233489/hon-indiana-university in Honors at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
H205 Food for Thought Midterm study guide Papers read and things to think about 1 Intro to thinking about food 0 How much do people think about food each day and how can we tell including our class discussions on this 0 Are people aware of how many food decisions they make What implications does their awareness or lack of awareness have 2 Intro to cognitive scienceiThagard Thagard P 2007 Cognitive Science The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Summer 2007 Edition Edward N Zalta ed URL lthttpplatostanfordeduarchivessum2007entriescognitivesciencegt o What are the main elds of cognitive science and what methods do they use 0 What elds of cognitive science have we talked about in class so far 3 Evolutionary psychology and foodiBuss chapter Buss DM 2004 Evolutionary Psychology The New Science of the M ind Boston MA Allyn amp Bacon Chapter 3 Combating the hostile forces of nature Human survival problems 0 What are some of the important recurrent adaptive problems that our ancestors faced shaping the evolution of the human mind Describe the hunting hypothesis and the gathering hypothesis for the evolution of human behavior and what their implications are for malefemale differences in behavior today 4 Evolved sex differences in food memory farmer s market studyiNew et al New J Krasnow MM Truxaw D amp Gaulin SJC 2007 Spatial adaptations for plant foraging women excel and calories count Proceedings of the Royal SocietyB Biological Sciences274l626 26792684 Also Krasnow Gaulin et al on gathering navigation theory lab study 0 Compare New et al s method for testing sex differences in spatial abilities with those of Silverman amp Eals described in the Buss chapter and in class What do New et al s results tell us about malefemale differences and similarities in spatial foraging What did Gaulin s new lab studies on gathering navigation theory allow him to improve on from the farmer s market study 5 Patch leavingarearestricted searchforaging in animalsiWilke chapter Excerpts from Chapter 4 of Wilke A 2006 Evolved responses to an uncertain world Doctoral dissertation Free University of Berlin Retrieved on October 4 2006 from the Free University of Berlin Website httpwwwdissfuberlinde2006l4indexehtml o How can animals including humans nd a new food patch and then restrict their foraging search to a particular resource patch from class discussions 0 When should they switch to a new patch What kind of heuristics could they use to tell How do people search in external patches and in internal ones in memory 0 Compare ant and malehuman foraging strategies and indicate when they would do similar and different things from class discussions 6 Intro to memory and false food memoriesiBemstein et al Bernstein DM Laney C Morris EK amp Loftus EF 2005 False memories about food can lead to food avoidance Social Cognition 231 1134 0 How does memory work and when is it domainspecific o How is forgetting matched to the demands from the environment In what ways might this account for how we remember and forget what we ve eaten o What makes false memories likely to work be implantable vs not work How does this compare to conditioned taste aversion from class discussion 0 How can false memories be used for beneficial ends 0 Why do any memories fade away over timeithat is why do we forget Are different memories forgotten at different rates from class discussion 7 Language and food semantic structures Michela paper on children s semantic structures 0 What is linguistic relativity In what ways can it be applied to our understandings of food categories and perception o What is the role of labels and names in the categorization and perception of food 0 What are some of the challenges in crossculturally and crosslinguistically communicating about food 0 What kinds of semantic structures do people have intheir memory about food and how can we get at them experimentally 0 Why can it be useful to know what semantic structures people use 8 Memories for sequences in pain vs food from class 0 How did Kahneman say that memories for pain are constructed 0 How do memories for food get put together in contrast Why What evidence is there for this 9 Decision making about mealsiTodd paper on evolved decision heuristics Todd PM 2000 The ecological rationality of mechanisms evolved to make up minds American Behavioral Scientist 436 940956 0 What are some decision heuristics and why would people ever use them 0 What is the recognition heuristic How do rats and people use this heuristic from class discussion Describe the two decision mechanisms compared in the study on making meal choices discussed in class and how they represent different beliefs about how people canshould make decisions 10 Social group in uences on decision makingiAriely amp Levav Ariely D amp Levav J 2000 Sequential varietyseeking in group settings Taking the road less traveled and less enjoyed Journal of Consumer Research 273 279290 0 What in uences can being a group have on an individual s decisions 0 How do those in uences play out in terms of leading to grouplevel variety different decisions from people in the group or conformity group members making the same choice And how do they in uence individual satisfaction with choices made 1 1 Too much thinking and its affect on decisionsiWilson amp Schooler Wilson TD and Schooler JW 1991 Thinking too much Introspection can reduce the quality of preferences and decisions Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 602 181192 0 What is the difference between expert and novice decision making How does introspection analyzing one s decisions affect each How can thinking too much in uence the use of LEX or WADD decision strategies


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