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F 101

by: Dr. Princess Stracke

F 101 FOLK

Dr. Princess Stracke
GPA 3.61

Michael Foster

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Michael Foster
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Princess Stracke on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FOLK at Indiana University taught by Michael Foster in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/233493/folk-indiana-university in Literature at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Inuit lhunting foodwaysl Traditional Arts Indiana Customary folklore o Refers to a repeated action or way of doing something 0 Patterned behavior associated with a particular folk group 0 Activity performed regularly so that it becomes part of expected behavior 0 Gestures folk beliefs games dances remedies ritual etc Custom Legendtripping Going to a place that is supposed to be the site of a legend and trying to make it happen Superstition Folk belief o Superstition folk medicine tattoos charms etc 0 Image on glass urbancontemporary legend 0 Historical and circumstantial origins 0 Combination of tradition and technology Sympathetic magic Mechanism of superstition Contagious magic 0 Magic of touch 0 Law of contact 0 Objects formerly in contact with each other still have some kind ofinvisiblemagical connection Homeopathic magic 0 Magic oflikeness 0 Law of similarity o Objects that are similar in shape or sound etc can affect each other Sign superstition If you find a horseshoe you will have good luck 0 Sign of future event or fortune Reading tea leaves Dog howling in the night Astrology Palm reading Finding a heads up penny Causal superstition If you hang a horseshoe over your door you will have good luck 0 Causes future event or fortune Spilling salt Breaking a mirror Walking under a ladder Putting money in wallet when giving as a present Comingof age ritual Ritual Outward expressions ofinwardly experienced values beliefs and attitudes Rite of passage Arnold Van Gennep 18731957 gt Les Rites de Passage 0 1St Separation preliminal o 2 101 Transitional liminal o 3ml Reincorporation post liminal Liminality Initiation ritual To become a member ofa particular group 0 Often rigidly structured o Often involves reciting promisespledges humiliating acts naming etc Internet folklore Local and large groups 0 Can trace transmission 0 Can archive Shibboleth Symbolism in ritual and festival Red Alexander Festival Calendrically regulated intervals 0 Public in nature 0 Participatory in ethos 0 Complex in structure 0 Multiple voice scene purpose Contraceptive jelly and toast Giglio Renaissance Faires Pledge of AllegianceI etc as ritual Intellectual property law len s lecture Dulcimer Public folklore Quincea era Spontaneous shrines Ex cross on side ofa road where someone died shrines around WTC 0 Created sense of communityidentity Bar MitzvahZBat Mitzvah Photoshop folklore Twin laws apply dynamis conservatism 0 Individual creativity 0 Same image appears multiple times 0 quotTourist Guy Humor as a response to tragedy Coping mechanism 0 Expression of angerfrustration 0 Way to evert control over situation 0 Way to express a sense of closure 0 1st Rejection of humor not considered appropriate first week or so o 2 101 Anger is expressed through humor revenge expression ofviolence o 3ml beginning of closure return to everyday concerns response to official response Emoticons Acronms LOLI etc Tourist Guy Hungarian guy that had his picture taken atop the WTC a plane was later photoshopped into the picture to look like he was on top as the plane was about to hit After that he was photoshopped into pictures of many disasters Food as identity Food as subsistence Technology supernatural 0 Beyond ordinary challenges worldview Spirit photographs 0 Brown Lady Priest BoothillCemetary Cottingley Fairies Historical origins Circumstantial origins Image on Glass Curatorshi en s lecture Representation len s lecture Unit 1 study gide Lecture 2 112 Folklore and Folkloristics What do folklorists study proverbs metaphors stories music dance festivals urban legends art tattoos ceremonies meaning of symbols and shapes acronyms sport gestures blessings curses tongue twisters superstition names nicknames rhymes prayers food recipes quilts etc o Acronym abbreviations that are formed using the initial components in a phrase or name I Examples LOL etc CEO 0 Proverb a short popular saying that expresses some commonplace truth or useful thought I Examples A closed mouth catches no ies A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush 0 Metaphor A gure of speech in which an implied comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something in common expresses the unfamiliar in terms of the familiar I Exam le love is a rosequot 0 Simile a figure of speech in which two unlike things are explicitly compared usually in a phrase introduced by like or as I Example that boy was as slow as molasses 0 Urban legend extraordinary tales believed to be true I Example the lady that put her poodle in the microwave to dry it off Major processes within folkloristics ow many major processes 3 I What collection organization and analysis interpretation I Collection observing gathering documenting and archivin 0 Ex the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson gathered old stories I Organization classifying labeling etc Ex organizing legends vs folk tails vs myths I Analyzing interpretation analysis comparison seeking meaning etc 0 Ex the meaning of bowing vs shaking hands vs hugging vs 2 cheeked kiss Major genres of folklore o How many 3 I What verbal material and customary I Verbal folklore folklore through words 0 These can be spoken written etc I What can be considered verbal lore Graffiti latrinalia music song lyrics sayings legends folktales myths proverbs jokes tongue twisters sneezing rmulas riddles mnemonic devices local dialects folk similes rebus word puzzles etc I Latrinalia writing on bathroom walls Saying example shitfaceddrunk Sneezing formulas God bless you Mnemonic devices ways to remember certain things by using letters 0 Eg ROYGBP rainbow PEMDAS order of operations I Folk similes o Eg Slow as molasses slow as molasses in Ianuary slow as molasses in Ianuary owing uphill in a blizzar I Rebus word puzzles a puzzle using words in a creative interesting way 0 Eg H00 H20 staynight stay over night na na sh tuna fish thodeepught deep in thought etc I Material folklore pot making quilt making painting etc 0 These are things that are touchable and seeable o It can sometimes be permanent I Ex architecture tools clothing instruments jewelry pottery etc o It can also be impermanent I Another word for impermanent ephemeral I Ex food paper ornaments origami sidewalk art body painting sand castles etc 0 There can also be things that are in between permanent and ephemeral Ex parade oats tattooing dies and decays parade oats Halloween costumes etc I Customary folklore has to do with people39s customs 0 Custom a repeated action or way of doing something I Ex my morning custom is to wake up make oatmeal and have a cup of coffee 0 Customs can be seen as a patterned behavior that is associated with a particular folk group I Ex our class custom signing in at the beginning of class pointing up and 0 Can help bring together can include verbal and material 0 What canbe seen as customary folklore I Examples gestures folk beliefs games hangman ticktacktoe quarters other drinking games etc dances they are both physical and tell a story remedies drink warm at coke what you do when you loose a tooth ut teeth under pillow throw it over the house japan etc In terms of symbols they tend to vary from country to country I Ex American peace sign means victory or success In Britain a backwards peace sign can mean the swear finger I Ex the American 0K symbol In Iapan it means money I Ex Waving In Greece a wave motion is similar to a hand motion that means ck you I The cool thing about folklore is that its genres can mix 0 Eg A wedding which is a part of customary folklore has a giant variety of folklore Within it I White dress for the bride combines material making it and customary wearing it exchange of rings customary throwing the bouquet customary breaking of the glass customary and verbal what you say when breaking it Bride and groom can39t see each other before the wedding customary something old something new something borrowed something bluequot verbal Reading quotThe Folklore Processquot Toelken pt 1 Currently this kind of children have more folklore city children Folklore structures our worldview Folk language can include spoken gesture facial expression body position tone of voice proximity to others dialect e c O Harmonies certain kinds are recognized in some cultures and different kinds in others In order for a joke to be funny people must understand the background and phrasing 0 That is why we don39t understand jokes from different cultures because they are a part of their particular lore I Ex The Dreamquot native American Das Bierquot German and The Traveling Salesman American E nglish Toelken sees folklore as a way of viewing the world and different cultures Reading quotThe Folklore Processquot Toelken pt 2 Sees folklore as a kind of human expression across cultures and time 3 aspects of Toelken39s Folklore process local communal and informal Worldviews learned patterns of perception and understanding that allow us to orient ourselves in the world around us in terms that we and other members of our folk group can understand 0 It can be how you act see the world in terms of what people do around you how you are raised what you have learned from your experiences etc o Worldviews are deeply associated with how we identify ourselves I This can be either conscious or unconscious 0 Everybody has the same worldview TF False I Example there is an atheist and a catholic in abar The atheist tells a story how he was trapped in a blizzard He thought that he was going to die so he decided to take one last effort for escape and pray for God to get him out of the blizzard and into town Then some Eskimos showed up and saved him I To the Christian the Eskimos were seen as a sign that God was listening I To the Atheist he just thought that they randomly found him and it was a coincidence that he needed saving Tradition a link with the past t gives us a sense of history 0 It is also conservative Meaning there is a lack of change 0 Toelken believes that folklore is only traditional when it is actually used or performed in its indigenous setting Variation multiple existence in time and space 0 Simpler definition there are different versions Context with the text 0 This is the who what when where why how Performance presentation o This can be either physical over the Internet etc Twin Laws folklore has 2 elements 0 What conservatism and dynamism I Conservatism retaining of elements form structure ideas etc from the past I It does not change I Ex A proverb typically doesn39t change A rolling stone gathers no mossquot a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bushquot I It discourages change and innovation I Also discourages individual voice and creativity I Dynamism when there is change movement and exibility I They are not holding things in the past I Things tend to change for the present and the future I It tends to alter information beliefs styles etc I There are changes in form and or content 0 How through transmission of the lore the change can be made consciously or unconsciously It can stress the relevance of the present 0 Most folklore includes both of these elements ofthe twin laws CC CD DC DD I Examples I Dynamic change a chocolate cake recipe or a rumor Context can change rapidly Conservative with a hint of dynamism A friend in need is a friend indeedquot vs a friend in need is a friend in deedquot I J72 dynamic j72 conservative red sky at night sailor39s delight Red sky in the morning sailors take warningquot vs red sky at night farmer39s delight Red sky in the morning farmers take warningquot Conservative with a little dynamism light bulb jokes how many does it take to screw in a light bulb o Conservatism in how it is formatted 0 Dynamic answers are always different I Conservative the bible Educated matrix the people around you that in uence your everyday life You learn from them both consciously and unconsciously Ex family friends etc Performance when you are acting out or presenting something If a type of folklore lasts then it must ring true to the people that have used it it most be somewhat conservative to maintain its values Items of folklore are often moved to the mainstream o This makes them lose their folklike qualities Folklore is most likely tosurvive when there is variety and richness in the lore Folklore is similar to biology individual forms can loose their dynamism die and exist only in recorded fossilized form They can change in wide variation mutation which can also die or create a new line which can be spread 0 Meaning they are made they can die they can reproduce they can travel Reading quotWho are the Folkquot Dundes Folklore is SIMILAR to the scientific study of archeology Dundes39 de nition of folk groups two or more people that share similarities 0 However it is seen as rare for a group of two to be regarded by most as a folk groupquot 0 Folk groups can be either full time or part time I Full time examples religion Greek family fan of speci c sport team ob etc I Part time student camper being in a specific class job sports team 0 Folklore can be seen as the traditions rituals within folk groups 0 Folk groups can even consists of many other smaller folk groups I E all people in the folklore class all people from Chicago who are in the folklore class Who WERE the folk 0 The study of the folk started with the existence of the elite vs the folk I Elite literate educated urban they could write were modern new I Why they began studying folk they thought what they had was arti cial I They studied the folk as if they were some sort of strange objects I Folk illiterate uneducated rural farmers peasants etc oral because they couldn39t write ancient old I They lived a natural way of life I Seen as uncivilized peasants I They were the middle ground between civilized elites and uncivilized savages o Folklore was seen to only exist if there were both civilized and uncivilized groups living in the same proximity 0 Folk life studying the totality of the life of peasants not just selected genres ethnography Folklore originatedwas strictly studied in Europe I Later it expanded slowly but surely across cultures and classes I And it was noted that similar stories spread through these places and class systems 0 Foster believed that Folk society was not a whole society but was a halfsociety It was a part of a larger social unit a nature 0 Brothers Grimm Iacoband Wilhelm Grimm I They wrote Kinderund Hausmarchenquot I What was it a collection of children39s and household tales I Published 1812 1815 0 William Thoms invented the word Folklore I Meant at the time lore of the peo le I He described it as the manners customs observances superstitions ballads proverbs etc of the O olden timequot I It replaced the word popular antiquities Who ARE the folk 0 Dundes describes folkfolk groupsas Any group of people whatsoever who share at least one common factor It does not matter what the linking factor is it could be a common occupation language or religion but what is important is that a group formed for whatever reason will have some traditions which it calls its ownquot I Believes that a folk group can consist of at least 2 people I Ex Our professor and his friend created a secret language when they worked on a farm together 0 Folk groups help de ne different aspects of your identity I Ex I am a traveler I am a runner I am a Chicagoan I am a student I am a Christian etc I Examples of folk groups sports teams religious teams ethnicity students living in the same dorm people in this speci c class family I Within these different folk groups we have different lore 0 Ex The folk group that is our F101 class now has a kind of lore when the professor points his finger in the air we say yes 0 Ex My family folk group has the tradition of Ishy Pishy Ex IU students folklore if a virgin walks by the IU fountain then the mermaid will come alivequot we won39t win another bball championship until the stolen sh is returned to the fountainquot 0 Folk groups can be defined within folklore itself ew vs Catholic jokes Orthodox vs conservative vs reform Iew jokes chemist vs physicist vs economist jokes WASP white AngloSaxon protestant It was wrongly assumed that as literacy increased folklore would decrease This has increased the speed of transmission of folklore technolo Marxists believe that folklore is the weapon of class protest folksongs racism and other issues 0 Reading quotOn the Concepts of Folklorequot 0ringA history of folklore it39s definitions and important ppl Dundes said lore is de ned as an itemized list of genres Code switching when we39re in one folk group we need to behave in one way and when we39re with another folk group we may need to switch and act a different way in order to t in correctly 0 Ex Occupational folklore vs folklore between friends I Occupational folklore ex pulling shotsquot a term for fixing another espresso shot baristas 86quot we39re out of a certain thing working at a diner I Beta Beta Beta folklore lawlz noms etc In Oring39s eyes peasants were uncorrupted by civilization and were the remnants and spiritual heirs of the native nation they held the fragments of philosophy and way of life of the ancient people and they followed the material and spiritual life of the ancient people through tales and customs Becoming a part of a group may be a process 0 Fraternity sorority initiation rush it is traditional to do a number of tasks speci c to your Greek group in order to join 0 Snipe hunt a form of camp folklore where you have to find a shrewlike creature that doesn39t exist 0 Fool39s errand you are assigned to do a task that doesn39t exist I This is aform of occupational folklore o In a class at the beginning of the semester you introduce yourself and it makes you feel more a part of the group CLASS GAME Guess the folk group through their jargon 0 Fish joint gas buster knowledge box mud man bell nipple nipple up doodlebugger possum belly top kill oil eld workers 0 Baggy pantsing barfulation banana problem snarf down spinning pizza of death virtual beer bytesexual creeping elegance open source computer hacker Early 1800s in Germany 0 Civilized people seemed to think they had lost connection with their roots and with nature 0 Grimms started nationalistic movement where you put out authentically German stories pride in your people traditions which led to a romanticized notion to what it meant to be German I This created romanticism within German culture I Romanticism theory practice and style of the romantic art music and literature of the late 18th and early 19th centuries I This also coincided with the rise of nationalism in Germany I How looking for your roots uni ed everybody as a folk group When searching for your roots you tend to come across between the present and past dichotomies contradictions I Examples arti cial vs natural intellectual vs spiritual educated vs uneducated literate vs illiterate written vs oral urban vs rural industrial vs home ma e 0 Brothers Grimm Iacob and Wilhelm Grimm They wrote Kinderund Hausmarchenquot I What was it a collection of children39s and household tales I Published 1812 1815 0 William Thoms invented the word Folklore I Meant at the time lore of the people I He described it as the manners customs observances superstitions ballads proverbs etc of the olden timequot I It replaced the word popular antiquities I In class for review session he said that Thoms invented the word popular antiquities I think it was a m1xup ough 0 Edward B Tylor 18321917 believed that cultures go through 3 phases of evolution I Called it unilinear cultural evolution I The 3 stages 1 savagery 2 barbarianism and 3 civilized I Came up with this theory because it was around the time Darwin was researching evolution I He also looked through things that were brought from the past I Also known as survivals I Tylor de ned survivals as those processes customs and opinions and so forth which have been carried on by force of habit into a new state of society different from that in which they had their original homequot 0 Ex sneezing formulas when you say God bless youquot because it was once believed that your spirit leaves your body when you sneeze Ex when you say knock on wood it is because ppl believed that spirits lived in the trees and that they would protect you from harm if you woke them protects you from O j1nxes I Believed that these lores should not just focus on particular nations or races I Also felt that these beliefs were something to escape from and become more supreme 0 William Wells Newell 18391907 one of the founders of the American folklore society I was also the rst editor of the journal of American folklore I Also came up with the word for folklore oral tradition I Meaning it moved from things just in tradition to actual communication 0 William Bascom 19121981 de ned folklore as verbal artquot I Verbal art the aesthetic use of spoken words Oring39s orientations suggests that the forms of behavior objects and events studied by folklorists are often oriented towards 2 or more of the following conceptsquot 0 Note these are not de nitions of folklore but are things that may be encompassed within folklore o Communal oriented towards a group or collective I There are 2 people involved in sharing this item of folklore 0 Common everyday thing rather than something extraordinary I Ex knockon wood cross your ngers etc o Informal not formal or institutional I Ex you learned how to x a car from your uncle not in a classroom 0 Marginal not at the center of power and privilege I Ex folklorists are interested in ppl on the edges of society homeless people 0 Personal faceto face communication I Ex learning how to x a car from your dad 0 Traditional stable over time I Ex a cake recipe passed down from generation to generation 0 Aesthetic artistic expression I Here a group considers what is good or beautiful I Ex is the steak good or bad How about the painting I Dan BenAmos described it as artistic communication in small groupsquot 0 Ideological expressing belief and systems of knowledge I E views on worldviews andbelief systems atheist and catholic in blizzard Identifying Oring s orientations The early bird gets the worm personal communication ideological expresses beliefs 0 A barn traditional design and uses informal a part of everyday life 0 Holiday traditions traditional stable over time personal faceto face ideological beliefs American folklore was once seen as almost nonexistent 0 Why because it consisted of Old World folklore and the lore of native Americans native but not ancestral to most people Folk life how peasants lived Red eld39s Folk society isolated and has little communication with outsiders the members are physically behaviorally and ideologically similar they are economically independent use few secondary tools absence of books communicate and learn by word of mouth little critical or abstract thinking traditional values are sacred and there is a simple division of labor Red eld39s Peasant society partsocieties with partculturesquot Despite the fact that they re ected many of the traits of folk societies they were in uenced by the civilizations of which they were a part Folklore is seen as human and personal and not formal and institutional Reading quotThinking Aheadquot Dundes Dundes sees worldviews as what explicit or implicit implicit 0 Why people aren39t typically conscious of their worldview He believes that folklore allows people to see the world from the inside It is difficult to distinguish American worldview vs AngloAmerican world view vs English worldview vs Western European worldview Dundes feels that Americans are future oriented 0 Examples of future oriented Work hard in high school to get to college work hard in college to get to grad school work hard in grad school to get job try to move forward within that job you prepare for children think about the future what do you want to be when you grow up fear 2012 because it39ll be the end of the world planning trips and activities preparing for the future with global warming trying to create the newest most up to date technology What39s up When telling a joke people are waiting for a punch line Halloween no longer a day to respect the dead but to celebrate children Birthdays celebrate the year to come The older you get the less future you have saddening Divinationfuture seeing Future oriented scholars start their paper with knowing the conclusion Many more traditional societies are more past oriented 0 Examples of past oriented we abide by the constitution and put those rules into practice we learn from mistakes with global warming we take history to learn from it technology allowing us to look at everybody39s past over the internet telling folk tales being proud of ancestors All souls dayquot pay respect to the dead the ast In Norway a birthday celebrates a year that has passed When you grow up you are replaced with a new generation The older one is the most past they have had more experience Divinationhow decisions of the past can effect the present state of events Believes Americans39 future orientness is correlated with a tendency to denigrate or ignore the past When judging others as a child you look at what they will be not what they are In the US people like the of the future the anticipation Historical reasons for looking to the future emigration and leaving their old lives behind and cutting ties in order to live in the new wor See39s that Americans never reach the nish line keep striving for more There is never an end Shaggy dog jokes when the long buildup wasn39t worth the punch line What the Is Folklore Foster our professor De nes folklore as don39t need to memorize The unofficial event entailing symbolic aesthetic playful or creative performance with or within existing forms or structures of communication understood by the members of a particular groupquotFoster o Unofficialquot not controlled or dictated by a formal or established authority 0 Event meaning the processes of creation expression and performance I Ex Quilt making learning talking piecing different fabrics together creating designs gossip how the quilt is used stories the quilts tell and the beauty lack of beauty I Ex joke learn it perform it listen to it laugh or don39t laugh understanding the context change it a little etc o Symbolic something that signi es something other than itself I Ex holding your thumb up can mean good 0 Aesthetic beauty goodness or skill Ex joke telling tell in the best way possible use good timing intonation uses facial expressions and hand gestures etc o Playful there is a sense of fun to it and is not done purely for utilitarian purposes I Ex Agreeing yes vs is the pop Catholicquot I Ex pottery putting designs on it instead ofjust a basic pot 0 Creative emphasizes individual imagination and newness of something being created 0 Performance presenting something to a group andthe activity between the performer and the audience 0 With or within existing forms or structures of communication the performance uses language that already exists understood doesn39t have to be verba o Understood by members of a particular group the members of the group understand what you are doing Creative playing It is more memorable personal and strong 0 It is a performance it is aesthetic it is playful it is creative there is symbolism in both the individual symbols and what they mean combined and it is a wellrecognized pattern of coverage Why does folklore matter explore things that are often taken for granted are seen as things that don39t matter Foster sees folklore as a lens through which we can see the world around us in a slightly different way How many layers of cultural expression are there 3 o What folk vernacular mass commercial popular and elite institutional I Folk vernacular shared within a group the creation is anonymous and there can be variations one39s own individuality can be added to it consciously or unconsciously it can be personalized I Cinderella example there are versions found all around the world it was collected by the Brothers Grimm in the early 1800s but the origin is unknown I Other example grandma makes you a doll instead of giving you a Barbie I Home a log cabin no plans very informal the people probably didn39t study architecture I Food back yard grilling I Mass Commercial popular it is not anonymous it is for pro t produced the same way as all others something that you wouldn39t study formally but on your own I Cinderella example 195039s Disney animated lm I Other example twilight or harry potter I Home a house in the Glen there are plans it is prefabricated the people studied architecture all the same etc I Food longhorn steak house or outback steak house I Elite institutional it is fine and respected it can be something that you formally study I Cinderella example Operas and plays I Home Frank Lloyd Wright houses Had intense thorough training in architecture well respected etc I Food the palms 0 These layers can sometimes be combined permeated I Example the kid in the Elmo costume I Commercial Elmo I Elite Sesame street is on public accessis well respected in terms of children39s education I Folk the costume is handsewn Vampires may have originated out of fear of blood sucking creatures mosquitoes leeches etc or the idea of the dead coming back to life 0 It is believed that the legends started in this location eastern Europe 0 It is believed that the legends started during this century 18 h o It is believed that the legends started with people living in the community coming out at night and scaring you and then began to evolve into vampire legends I Apotropaic something to ward off evil I In vampire cases garlic 0 Then became to be popular in literature and film I Vampire literature Dracula 1897 I Written by Bram Stoker I First movie Dracula 1931 I Starring Bella Lugosi I Then these movies come out recreation of Dracula movie and Buffy the Vampire Slayer I This was around 1992 0 Why is this important AIDS scare blood associated with death and illness 0 Twilight unknown why it reappeared now I Interesting because it has changed a part of folklore I How adding the sparkling effect this may be a part of the folklore of vampires to our children I SubteXt in twilight abstinence Japanese Legends St Eugenia Scotland and Campus Legends he Grisly BoX old lady wants Tosuke to bring a boX to a bridge in Mino The old lady who is seen by nobody else in his group says for him to not open the box When wife sees it she thinks it39s for a mistress and opens it It39s full of eyeballs and penises with the hair still on them Tosuke wraps it again and goes to give it to the woman she knows that the boX was opened and thinks it was him that did it and that night he died Red Heat 2 monks stay at a widow39s house during their travels The widow falls for the young handsome one and sneaks into his bed at night The monk refuses to sleep with her but says that he will return after his pilgrimage and do what she pleases However the monks take a different way home and the woman dies out of anger and panic When she dies she becomes a snake and kills the young monk even though he was hiding in a bell tower Then a man dreams about the snakes and sees that they want to be saved from the agony He does this by throwing a daylong ceremony dedicated to the 2 snakes The 2 of them were free of their snake bodies and went to heaven Lovesick A girl loves a boy who does not love her so she dies After she died the boy became ill mad He locked himself in his room and talked to a snake the girl The boy died and the snake wrapped herself around him and they were buried together Before that when the girl died it was seen that the girls ashes were turned into snakes Gone Body and Soul A monk Yakuren was to be born into the land of bliss soon die When he went into the chapel to die strange music began to play When the children opened the chapel the monks body was gone It is said that Yakuren had reached paradise in esh going to heaven in his own body Eugenia Eugenia and her friends Protus and Hyacinth became monks Eugenia pretending to be a boy stayed with the Abbot who knew of Eugenia39s secret because God had told him The 3 of them were the best monks in the house Eugenia was chosen to take the Abbot39s place when he died A woman named Melancia became ill and when Eugenia came to cure her she began to desire him After Eugenia refused Melancia she accusedEugene of rape The man trying Eugenia was her father Phillip Eugenia only reveals herself to her father not out of pride of innocence but to expose the liars that testi ed against her God then sent a re down on Melancia and her servants who defended her Eugenia39s family converts Phillip was dethroned because of religion change and became a bishop He then died at the hands of the non believers but was served as a sacrifice for God The Romans try to kill Eugenia because of so many Christian converts but God saved her from burning drowning and locking her in a dungeon without anything to help her survive Then they cut her head off making a martyr of her Protus and Hyacinth went to the temple after Eugenia39s death and their heads were stuck off them being martyred too Campus legends 0 Girls Runningquot dorm on Indian burial ground and a girl runs and asks for ppl to play fire on the 5 h oor killed 2 girls and now they haunt the oor messing with the heat TVs etc but they stop when you want them to I Points low native American enrollments with burial ground rumors 0 Dr Stanton39s Ghostquot the ghost of the doctor always meets new students at his cabin during welcome week and has food waiting Points older story he was dead even in the 1940s It is a yearly ritual Typically believe if you are a student not just by word of mouth Ghosts bestows gifts to the livingquot magic table supplies food and drinkquot dead mother returns to suckle childquot 0 Lavender dead girl in a guy39s sport jacket I Points vanishing hitchhiker 0 Running Waterquot girl was murdered in the bathroom and now there39s running water I Points mysterious ghostlike noises heardquot 9 years later there was ariddle on the stall of the men39s restroom that revealed info about the murder 0 Haunted Hooverquot A man murdered a girl while she was dialing 911 in a phone booth but she was unable to nish before she died Now anyone who uses that phone booth can39t dial anything but the numbers 9 and 1 I Points mysterious ghostlike noises hear quot phone booths known for AIDS from needles The babysitter and the telephonequot when a stranger calls 0 The Roommate who wasn39t therequot transfer student talks to his roommate but he doesn39t have one There was a guy that committed suicide in that room years ago O O O O O O O I Points many years agoquot will this student also commit suicide Room 109 A 2 girls studied witchcraft and died now strange things happen in that room I Points haunted dorm roomquot vague descriptions of witchcraft but result in consequences Fatal fraternity initiationquot 3 boys have to stay in a haunted house They heard weird noises from the oor above and one boy went to look Candle goes out 3 different times on the 3ml step Finally just went up there fell down the stair dead with white hair and eyes almost popped out of his head Other boy went up stairs and candle goes out on 3ml step but went up anyways He came back down but his eyes were wide in fear he died suddenly 3 years 3 days and 3 hours later with wide eyes and white hair Then the 3ml went up same thing happened The 3ml died 3 years 3 days and 3 hours after the 2 101 guy I Points similar to the Grimm story The Youth Who Wanted to Learn What Fear Isquot Fraternity initiate dies from frightquot the number 3 prophecy of death in 3 years and 3 monthsquot hair turns gray from rrorquot now there is anti hazing Semester Breakquot 2 girls stayed in the dorms for break One goes to get books and says to open the door when there are 3 knocks Instead the girl hears scratching and doesn39t answer the door The next morning she nds her friend dead in a pool of blood with bloody scratch marks on the door I Points the setting is like a classic campus horror legend Mysterious ghostlike noises heardquot stop being foolishquot should the girl have disregarded the warning and go to her friend39s aid Rigor Mortisquot 2 girls stay an extra night before thanksgiving vacation One goes to get food but the other hears there39s a lunatic murderer that has just escaped from the asylum She then heard scratching at the door After a while she opened it and her roommate was lying on the hall oor covered in blood and was conveniently placed so that her ngers would curl as rigor mortis set in making her scratch the door I Points The roommate39s deathquot more dramatic than the semester breakquot Dramatic dialogue makes it more exciting and the details of rigor mortis Combo of The Hookquot and the Roommate39s deathquot Aren39t you glad you didn39t turn on the lightsquot girl doesn39t want 0 wake her roommate when she comes in to grab something so she nds it in the dark The next morning she went to her room and found her roommate murdered and written in blood on the mirror was Aren39t you glad you didn39t turn on the lightquot I Points The Roommate39s deathquot Moral is not known Also young women should learn to keep themselves safe because they39re away from the protection of their home and families This was in the movie Urban Legendsquot The moral can also be that the students are being punished for sanctioning sexual freedom You39ll never eat fast food againquot Girl has pregnant roach in her taco bell burrito and the eggs developed in her mouth because of incubation so her cheeks swelled up she39s suing taco bell I Points brings Upton Sinclair39s The Junglequot to mind having a doctor 5 diagnosis makes the legend sound authentic Can also be about premarital sex and careless consumption of fast food Genetically Manipulated Organismsquot KFC can39t legally use the word chickenbecause it doesn39t use real chickens they use genetically manipulated organisms The meat is kept alive by tubes going through their bodies to pump in blood and nutrients Don39t have beaks feathers or feet and the bone structure is reduced to make room for more meat I Points the phrasing makes it seem very true KFC did change its name because it wanted to highlight healthful non ied foods and to streamline its image The story offers a nightmarish vision for food in the future Never Ask for Pizza Deliveryquot the deliverymen hate their jobs anyways but it39s even worse delivering to the dorms because it39s so close they have to walk Some think that they spit in the pizza Many have heard of it and have passed the story Also since the students tell the story it seems like they don39t like the deliverymen much either I Points questioning the safety of the food at local restaurantsquot Town gownquot antagonism The story is the student39s g 39L J quot and the 1 hey work forquot ExLax in a Burgerquot someone ate a burger lled with exlax in the cafeteria They were in their room on the toilet for 2 da 5 I Points putting additives in students39 food is deeply embedded in college folklore Stuff to decrease sex drive or to aid the digestion of bad food F artlore All of these stories have foundation in belief strong story appeal and plays on fears and anxieties O O 0 Foundation in belief some are believable I How historicism mentions familiar things and FOAF I Historicism lists speci c time periods or dates I Familiar things mentions situations locations and events that are familiar to us I FOAF iend ofa iend o This makes it feel more realbecause it is closely connected to the teller Strong story appeal something that you want to tell read over again It is entertaining Plays on fears anxieties it tells us of things that we fear the most and brings them to life I Also provides us with morals I Ex don39t trust fast food have a good lawyer be respectful to others checkfood before you eat it listen to what you39re told have faith in god be truthful etc quotToo Good To Be Truequot Brunvard This reading consisted of stories urban legends that are have been very common in the US Lec ture O O Creepy Contaminationsquot urine is an ingredient in mints because of the lack of guys that wash their hands Also that Corona used to be peed in by underpaid disgruntled Mexican brewery workers Koeng didn39t believe it and published an article in the Chicago SunTimes Also states that big companies are often the bud or rumors like McDonalds using kangaroo meat or cancerous cow meat However when smaller companies are the bud of ridicule they39re typically forced out of business Also said about woman who ordered chicken with no mayo she bit into it and there was later after she became ill she found that it was a pussy tumor Also states combine the machines that pick up grains from the elds stories that have to do with a shirt and rodents Also the moused butterquot tale I Fingered by a drycleanerquot man found a bone in his chicken and spat it into a napkin and put it in his pocket Forgetting about the piece of meat in his pocket he took his coat to the dry cleaner Later the cops showed up because they found a severed finger in his pocket Kentucky fried rat rat gets into the fryer There are variations in the urban legend The moral may be always check before you bitequot or always make supper for yourself I New Zealand Australia man brings a possum into the RFC and in front of the customers he announced That39s the last one I39m going to bring you until you pay me for all the others I brought inquot I The Mouse in the Coke a part of cokelore Many stories about nding dead mice in coke bottles Don39t know if ALL of them are true but there have been many lawsuits against bottle companies for rumored mice incidences It39s a combo of truth and legend I Often when a legend is spread trauma is exaggerated with each telling of the tale Alligators in the sewersquot nd reptiles in the sewers of NY Rumored that it began when little reptiles were ushed down the toilet and then they grew and reproduced The man in charge of the sewer system likes to make up other stories about the NYC sewers Is seen as the most wellknown American urban legend Baffled by technologyquot most urban legends are focused on the cursed part of technology not technology as a blessing Ppl calling about broken printers when it39s not even turned on People EXPECT problems with technology to be extremely complex even when the solutions are simple A man thought that the CDrom drive was a cup holder and called that it had broken because it wouldn39t slide out of his computer anymore Also tells of a druggie that deep fat fries his hand to test the temperature of the oil Also tells about a lady that finds a lost ATM card and goes to the ATM and types in a pin number so that the machine will eat the card and can be returned to it39s owner however she got the number right and was caught on camera trying to steal money from the lady that lost the card Also tells of a singing happy Bday card stuckin the ooring of a house and wouldn39t stop singing Also tells of a family that thought they had crickets but it was really a smoke detector I Unlocking the Modern Carquot lady39s electronic car remote was out of batteries and couldn39t open the door She freaked out A man asked if he could help and he took her keys and used it manually to unlock the car The microwave petquot story originated in South Africa and decided to dry her cat because it had gotten wet 10 seconds later the cat exploded Then she gave it to an auctioneer who cleaned it and then sold it later This legend is used as a business story and because of that they get reported to the news The technology contestquot invented a wire so thin they had to deliver it with a microscope but then the competition drilled a hole through it This is a legend that has many variations and is often retold Another version has to do with an art contest to produce realistic paintings Curses Broiled againlquot Lady who was going to be in a wedding party wanted to get a good tan in the shortest time possible so she tanned many times instead of in many short times Eventually she felt sick and had a foul odor coming from her body apparently she had cooked her organs and then only had 2 weeks to live This legend derives from fantasy PushStarting the Carquot man39s car battery died and agged a lady down and asked for a pushstart He said You39ll have to get it up to 3035 mph before my car will start on its ownquot She ended up coming straight at him at 35 mph and the damage to his car was 300 It is not known where this urban legend started Rumors about driving typically involve the blame of women drivers I Also says something about a Drag Race where they go into D for drag and then R for race and the car tears out the transmission Cruise Controlquot foreign student puts car on cruise control and goes into the back to mix a drink at the bar that he has in the back seat This is usually about foreign drivers 0r there39s a variation where a woman goes into the back to aid her crying baby Rumor A speci c or topical proposition for belief passed along from person to person This is usually done by word of mouth and without secure standards of evidence presentquotGor o 0 Ex Borders has closed and Trader Ioes is taking its place 0 Tomotsu Shibutani called it improvised news 0 Rumors can later become legends I How the rumor develops a story line Urban Legend stories usually believed by their tellers to be true 0 Can also be called contemporary legend I This is actually seen as more accurate Why because these are seen to be happening now in the recent present 0 Urban legend was first used by Richard Dorson I Who was he an IU professor ofFolklore I 19505 1960s he had his students gather folklore I Here he discovered that modern legends circulated in cities LIKE BLOOMINGTON I It is about the now where there are a bunch of ppl living the same lifestyle I Urban legends are seen as a reaction to the old notion that folklore was strictly rural and that lore can pop up anywhere Brunvand believes that legends can survive if they have 3 elements 0 1 basic story appeal 0 2 foundation in actual belief I Meaning maybe they can actually happen 0 3 it has a meaningful message or moral 0 Ex Dunn Meadow guy walking along at twilight heard howling and saw a creature that ran away He went into the woods and saw a dear shredded into a million pieces Moralbe careful walking to the woods on campus at night Famous American legends o Vanishing hitchhiker man picks up a woman She leaves her scarf on the seat and her dad answers the door and says that she died 20 years ago I Iapan taxi driver picks up a woman and gives her directions to an apartment She was quiet He turns around and she wasn39t there except for the sweater Knocks on the door to the apartment to return the sweater to her father who lived in the apartment It was the 10 year anniversary of her death 0 The hook make out point radio on that said a guy escaped from a mental institution and was dangerous said he had a hook for a hand Drove her home and opened her door and found a hook attached to the handle the hook was pulled from the guy39s arm 0 There are always a few examples variations of these stories 0 These have strong basic story appeal can be possible morals I Moral for hook kids doing things they shouldn39t be radiovoice of conscience in the community warning to be careful Similarities between all of the legends that we have read They are based on believable events that question truths I They challenge your beliefs it couldcouldn39t o The characters are real people 0 It takes place in historical and real time and in normal familiar places Oring sees legends as narratives which focus on a single episode which is presented as miraculous bizarre uncanny or sometimes embarrassingquot Common characteristic of legends in terms of passing them on FOAF o FOAF means friend of a friend What is important when it comes to legends PERFORMANCE o It is a part of what makes them so appealing Legends can inform explain teach advise warn enlighten and raise questions Transmission of legends and all folklore polygenesis and monogenesis with diffusion o Polygenesis the story has multiple origins in different places all come from a different place 0 Monogenesis with diffusion there is one origin but is transmittedretold through time and space Other examples of urban legends bigfoot sasquatch yeti Lach Ness monsterNessy Mexican pet 0 Mexican pet 2 people went to Mexico and found a cute little puppy When they took it home and to the vet the vet said that it wasn39t a dog but a rat I This story contains much prejudice because of the ear of immigration from Mexico living in America and taking our jobs


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