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by: Susan Williamson

BusinessSystemsTechnology IFMG250

Susan Williamson
GPA 3.62


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Susan Williamson on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IFMG250 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/233518/ifmg250-indiana-university-of-pennsylvania in Information Management at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
timedefcpp NOTE This fiie must be compiied with time1cpp inciude ltiostreamgt using stdcout us1ng stdendi inciude definition of c1ass Time from time1h inciude quottime1h int main Time t instantiate object t of c1ass Time output Time object t39s initia1 va1ues cout ltlt quotThe initia1 universai time is tprintUniversa1 00000 cout ltlt quotnThe initia1 standard time is tprintStandard 120000 AM tsetTime 13 27 6 change time output Time object t39s new va1ues cout ltlt quotnnUniversa1 time after setTime is tprintUniversa1 327 6 cout ltlt quotnStandard time after setTime is tprintStandard 12706 PM tsetTime 99 99 99 attempt invaiid settings output t39s va1ues after specifying inva1id va1ues cout ltlt quotnnAfter attempting invaiid settings ltlt quotnUniversa1 ime tprintUniversa1 000000 cout ltlt quotnStandard time tprintStandard 120000 AM cout ltlt endi return 0 end main Page 1 include ltsystypeshgt include ltsyswaithgt include ltsignalhgt include ltstdiohgt include ltunistdhgt include lterrnohgt static int stopChild O void sigHandler int sig siginfot siginfo void ignore printfquotGot SIGUSRl from dnquot siginfo gtsipid stopChildl return int main pidt ret int status int role l ret fork if ret gt O printfquotParent This is the parent process pid dnquot getpid Let the child init sleepl kill ret SIGUSRl ret wait ampstatus role O else if ret O struct sigaction act printfquotChild This is the child process pid dnquot getpid actsaflags SASIGINFO actsasigaction sigHandler sigaction SIGUSRl ampact 0 printfquotChild Waitingnquot while lstopChild role l else printfquotParent printfquots Exitingnquot Error trying to fork dnquot errno role 0 quotParentquot quotChildquot return 0 arraycpp This program sorts an array39s va1ues into ascending order 1nc1ude lt1ostreamgt using stdcout using stdend1 inc1ude ltiomanipgt using stdsetw int main const int arraySize 10 size of array a int a arraySize 2 6 4 8 10 12 89 68 45 37 int hoid temporary iocation used to swap array e1ements cout ltlt quotData items in origina1 ordern output origina1 array for 39nt i 0 i lt arraySize i cout ltlt setw 4 ltlt a i bubbie sort ioop to controi number of passes for int pass 0 pass lt arraySize 1 pass ioop to controi number of comparisons per pass int j J lt array51ze 1 j for 39 compare side by side e1ements and swap them if firste1ement is greater than second e1ement 1 a gta J 1 hoid 1 a ajajl a J 1 hoid end if cout ltlt quotnData items in ascending ordern output sorted array for int k lt arra Size 0 k k cout ltlt setw 4 ltlt a k cout ltlt end1 return 0 indicates successfui termination end main Page 1


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