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Algebra And Trig II

by: Fiona Sipes

Algebra And Trig II MA 154

Fiona Sipes
GPA 3.82

John LaMaster

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About this Document

John LaMaster
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fiona Sipes on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MA 154 at Indiana University Purdue University - Fort Wayne taught by John LaMaster in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/233531/ma-154-indiana-university-purdue-university-fort-wayne in Mathematics (M) at Indiana University Purdue University - Fort Wayne.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
r N E V 0 0 O r r L 4 Review for MA 154 Test 1 Friday September 26 2008 Sections 61 66 and some of 67 and Chapter 6 Tools Determine the values of the period amplitude and midline from a sinusoidal function Use a graph of y t to find a given to find a value of y if given a value of I or vice versa Interpret what these values mean in terms of the context of the problem See Quiz 2 and Section 61 7 1328 32 and Ch 6 Review 1921 Sketch the position of a point on a circle of radius r corresponding to a given angle or value of time and give its coordinates See Quiz 2 and Section 62 7 l25 28 32 and Section 63 7 3738 and Ch 6 Review 2 If given a point on a circle as determined by an angle 0 find coordinates corresponding to 0 7 7t 7 0 etc or equivalent questions in terms of degrees Interpret the sine or cosine of these angles as coordinates See Quiz 3 and Section 62 29 30 and Section 63 40 Determine in which quadrant an angle lies if given certain conditions See Ch 6 Review 3 Understand radian measure Section 63 7 l45 and Ch 6 Review 7 414 Understand the relationship between arclength radius and an angle measure in radians If given two of the arclength radius or an angle find the third Note s r0 only if 0 is in radians Section 63 7 2034 42 43 and Ch 6 Review 7 1517 54 Know exact values of sine and cosine for multiples of 30 45 and 60 and their radian equivalents Section 64 1015 23 24 and Ch 6 Review 3537 48 and also Section 67 714 25 26 Draw these angles on the unit circle If given two sides of a right triangle and an angle 0 find the third side and find exact values of sin 0 cos 0 and tan 0 See Ch 6 Tools 7120 Solve applied problems involving right triangles See Ch 6 Tools 7 2123 25 28 30 31 Identify the period amplitude midline and horizontal shift of a sinusoidal function given the equation or graph or verbal description Section 64 l8 Section 65 l4 7 9 10 and Ch 6 Review 1929 Know the main characteristics period amplitude midline domain range concavity symmetry when it is positive negative increasing decreasing of the graph of y sin 0 and y cos 0 Relate this to the unit circle as the xcoordinate cosine or the ycoordinate sine of the point on the circle Section 63 7 26 27 and Section 64 9 1622 26 27 and Section 65 25 and Ch 6 Review 3 Understand the definitions of sin 0 cos 0 tan 0 csc 0 sec 0 cot 0 and be able to find exact values if given the angle 0 as a multiple of 30 45 and 60 or 756 754 or 753 Section 64 lOl5 23 24 and Section 66 ll6 and Section 67 25 26 and Ch 6 Review 3537 if given the value of one of these trig functions and which quadrant the angle 0 is in Use sin2 0 cos2 0 l or set up a right triangle with labeled sides and invoke the help of Pythagoras and SOHCAHTAH Section 66 l720 23 24 2831 and Ch 6 Review 38 Know that exact values are not decimal approximations read off of a calculator display 37 ST Given the equation or graph or verbal description of a sinusoidal function find a possible formula Section 65 l ll8 2733 35 3740 42 and Section 67 51 53 and Ch 6 Review 30 4247 60 61 64 Understand y AsinBxh k and y AcosBxh k Know how A B h k affects the shape of the graph their relationship to the amplitude period and horizontal and vertical shifts and their practical significance in a problem situation Section 65 1922 26 41 and Ch 6 Review 1 8 30 3134 64 15 Understand the main characteristics period domain range concavity symmetry when it is positive negative increasing decreasing vertical asymptotes behavior near its vertical asymptotes of the graph of y tan 0 Relate this to the unit circle as the slope of the line through the origin which is the terminal side of the angle 0 Section 66 2634 and Ch 6 Review 3 l6 Understand the behavior of reciprocal functions and how the graph of any function y x and the graph of its reciprocal y lj x are related See Section 95 1920 and Section 66 38


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