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Computers In Society

by: Tad Vandervort

Computers In Society CS 306

Tad Vandervort
GPA 3.51

Jacques Chansavang

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About this Document

Jacques Chansavang
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tad Vandervort on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 306 at Indiana University Purdue University - Fort Wayne taught by Jacques Chansavang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/233545/cs-306-indiana-university-purdue-university-fort-wayne in ComputerScienence at Indiana University Purdue University - Fort Wayne.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
20070130 Vista Do operating systems matter anymore When Microsoft MSFFunveiled its Windows 95 operating system more than a decade ago there were hot air balloons and a ferris wheel to punctuate the news And the OS itself was a big star in the technology world It promised to change the PC experience in bold ways But considering the less conspicuous spectacle this time around one has to ask Do operating systems really matter anymore On the most basic level they do in the same way water heaters and indoor plumbing matter We rely on them constantly we expect them to be there and we mostly care about them when they break Tim Bajarin longtime Silicon Valley technology analyst told me operating systems matter because they manage our connections to our emails our iPods our world quotBecause the device itself has to manage memory user interface interconnectivity various drivers of sorts any device has to have a level of intelligencequot Bajarin says quotUnfortunately that level of intelligence has to be run through an operating systemquot Vista Microsoft39s last hurrah On a more emotional level though operating systems matter less than they ever have If you have any doubt consider that Apple39s AAPL upcoming iPhone is generating more buzz in tech circles than Windows Vista Sure Windows Vista is the next generation of software powering 90plus percent of the world39s computers and nurturing a US ecosystem that will sell 70 billion this year in related products and services according to research firm IDC Meanwhile the iPhone remains an unproven object of gadget lust We39re most excited these days not by a PCS operating system but by how quickly it can get out of our way and pull up that Web browser or connect to that music player Why Apple needs the iPhone And there39s another level on which operating systems no longer matter like they used to Compatibility A few short years ago having a computer meant heavy use of a few key software programs for word processing research video viewing online games and so forth If your computer didn39t have the right operating system some programs were out of reach If you wanted easily portable documents information at your fingertips and networked firstperson shooters with highend graphics you had to own a Windows PC AMD39s brimming with quadcore confidence That39s seldom the case anymore The ultracompatible Firefox Web browser online word processors and portable flash drives have leveled the word processing playing field for users on every platform Google GOOG Wikipedia and other online resources have expanded research options Flash video on sites like YouTube are making viewing video as simple and universal as surfing the Web And the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 new gaming consoles with the power of PCs are making computer compatibility for games less of an issue Since more than 220 million PCs are sold worldwide each year as Bajarin points out operating systems are far from irrelevant They39re even showing their importance in the latest generation of smart devices phones and media players that have the communication power of PCs HD DVD vs Bluray Winning a format war Even so the world39s biggest OS company Microsoft is no longer king of the hill and its bestknown OS battle Windows vs Mac is no longer center stage Today service providers like Google and device makers like Apple are grabbing our attention even without the ferris wheels ltlt Seagate quotCrickettquot Bluetooth hard drive for phones Main Dell39s back at the helm with his rep on the line gtgt Read more Analysis Apple Enterprise News Online Posted by Jon Fortt at 1151 AM Permalink Comments 15 Comments Of course operating systems matter The main point to why operating systems don39t matter is the new apple iPhone You are forgetting that not only PCs have operating systems The iPhone has an operating system on it too What makes the iPhone so popular is its operating system not its plastic case and circuit boards If we talk about anything it should be Do we need old fashion televisions anymore Posted by Mach Jan 30 2007 10451 PM What s your point Posted by E Maas Jan 30 2007 12743 PM Vista might have mattered if Microsoft had actually implemented some useful features instead of spending five years to develop a chrome plated turd Find out just how much Vista sucks httpwwwcsaucklandacnzpgut001pubsvistacosthtml Posted by John Jan 30 2007 12931 PM I don39t really see the point in this article Just because we don39t pay any mind as consumers to the operating system in which we use doesn39t mean that it doesn39t matter The operating system may be the MOST important thing a computer has besides its physical parts I understand that the world is caught up in the latest technological breakthrough the iPhone but that doesn39t mean that other new releases or updates don39t matter I don39t quite understand why an article on this subject was written Posted by Tom Small Jan 30 2007 15347 PM Most user purchase a computer for email chatting and surfing the net So how important is Vista upgrade not muchand so instead learning the new OS from microsoft why not learn Linux Posted by Paul Su Jan 30 2007 20037 PM It is amazing the level by which this topic can be debated Can39t this be looked at for what it is Vista will be the OS of choice for most people Period You can39t force people to get smarter and understand how Linux works and didn39t Unix in general die in the 8039s Or wish to spend 2x on an Apple For those of us who are more verse in technology simply enjoy the fact that it will be harder in the short term for the Vista systems to become some virustrojan spreading piece of hardware Posted by Bill Jan 30 2007 20505 PM OSs should not matter as that is not what consumers go buy when they buy a computer Unfortunately they end up mattering if the OS requires more time managing the OS rather than actually getting tasks accomplished This is where Windows has blatantly failed over the years With all the viruses worms and other security holes it simply is not safe to use Windows anymore Even if you have all the latest security solutions they only cover a percentage of problems a user may encounter Linux and Mac OSX provide a more secure infrastructure But only OSX has made the task of self administrating the OS easy Yes certain Linux distributions have closed the gap But they still require much more user knowledge than the general person should care about when using a computer Posted by Josh Katlof Jan 30 2007 21940 PM No operating systems don t matter at all they re completely uselessthey only run EVERY computer on the f ing planet what a dumbass Posted by LiquidMind Jan 30 2007 22803 PM quotNo operating systems don t matter at all they re completely uselessthey only run EVERY computer on the f ing planet what a dumbassquot Agree The drivel that comes out of the media is simply amazing Posted by Bob Jan 30 2007 24631 PM Vista doesnt39 do anything Its slower and bells and whistles Nothing but viruses spam and hot Msft software created for a decade in India and China What a waste Msft is not in technology anymore its a degrading commodity that will start getting worse and make users change to a worse platform Bill Gates is like George Bush now money first and to hell with everyone else in the world Posted by Bill Smith Jan 30 2007 32913 PM It took years for Windows XP to become a stable and reliable OS Now that it is it does everything that I need an OS to do It may take as long for Vista I will jump on the Vista bandwagon in a couple years Posted by Wayne Jan 31 2007 35506 AM Operating systems matter as it is the most important software that required by a computer for any purpose and for all purpose Without an operating system no computer can work Therefore OS matters a lot But Windows XP is a must for running newer versions of softwares like Adobe photoshop and the like stuff But for Vista there is no more need at present for any basic or advanced needs But it will be a must in future when the majority of the systems were running on Vista currently majority of systems running on XP So OS matters a lot Posted by Jackson Jose Jan 31 2007 41556 AM It seems most read past Jon39s point I don39t see where he39s saying operating systems are no longer required to run a computer He39s discussing all the advances that have taken place on the Web quotuniversalquot formats from PDF to RSS and other technologies that commoditize OSes not eliminate the need for them In the vast majority of cases users both home and business are now able to run their applications or an acceptable replacement on any OS And as Jon indicates webbased document creation completely marginalizes the OS so that a person can use the exact same web application in any compatible browser on any computer with any OS Sure you still need an OS of some kind but these days it does indeed rarely matter which one Posted by Blake Jan 31 2007 12828 PM Perhaps the tech heads are having a tough time with a nonliteral meaning of quotmattersquot A similar question to help those foks understand Jon39s point would be quotDoes the engine matterquot in regards to cars Of course you need an engine but they are not what generates the buzz in the land of automobiles OS39s matter but they don39t generate the interest they once did Posted by Andreas Jan 31 2007 52824 PM Hmm thats bad start with new windows Nothing new In 5 years we will play and work on vista and ofc buy new hardware Posted by Ego Feb 1 2007 82631 AM


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