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Living Chemistry

by: Ms. Jayde Murray

Living Chemistry CHM 104

Ms. Jayde Murray
GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Jayde Murray on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 104 at Indiana University Purdue University - Fort Wayne taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/233569/chm-104-indiana-university-purdue-university-fort-wayne in Chemistry at Indiana University Purdue University - Fort Wayne.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
CHlVI 104 Wednesday review 7 102208 These are all questions related to Chapter 8 7 answers will not be posted on the website If you feel these are problems that you don t understand please contact the instructor for an appointment to go over them 1 Identify the functional groups in the following structures CH3 CH3 a CH3 HO b estrone a female sex hormone l C HO CHZ CIH H CH 2 HZN lcl CIH O C CH3 0 aspartame an arti cial sweetener 0 o 2 The following names are incorrect for the structures shown Provide the correct name H3C H2 c c 22 methylpentane H3C c H2 CH3 a H30 H2 CHZCH3 CH c CH3 H30 CH C 22diethyl 45 dimethylhexane b CH3 CHZCH3 CH3 2 CIH CH 3 H30 CH CH 1123 tetramethylpentane 3 Remembering interactions in the alkane family rank these molecules in order of decreasing boiling points highest boiling point rst lowest boiling points last pentane highest boiling point H C H2 C Hac c 2 CH3 i H2 3methylhexane CH3 H C CIH 22 3 C C CH3 2 H2 heptane H2 H2 2 C C C Hac c c CH3 iii 2 2 33dimethylpentane 7 lowest boiling point H3C CH 3 H3CcC iv H2 H2C CH3 4 The molecule 22dimethylbutane C5H14 reacts halogenation reaction with chlorine C12 to give three different products isomers each with the molecular formula C6H13Cl Draw all three different isomers of this reaction product H3C H2 C C12 gt HCl 3 different products C6H13Cl C CH3 H3C CH 3 Reaction 22 dim ethylbutane CHlVI 104 Wednesday review 7 120308 These are all questions that are possible topics for the comprehensive exam but not necessarily direct questions that will be on the comprehensive exam 7 answers will not be posted on the website If you feel these are problems that you don t understand please contact the instructor for an appointment to go over them Try to work these out before the review in order to gain the most bene t Students will work together in class to solve these questions and the instructor will help go over them after they have been worked out by the students 1 Classify each of these as an element a compound or a mixture a Aluminum foil b Table salt c Water d Air e A banana f Notebook paper 2 Why is the mercury salt HgZClz harmless when swallowed yet elemental mercury Hg is toxic when breathed 3 Carry out the following metric conversions these are all conversions that utilize units that you should have memorized 3614 mg to cg 120 kL to ML 144 pm to mm 603 x 10396 to ng 15 x 10392km to cm 99957 4 What metric pre xes correspond to the following multipliers 103 a b 10393 c 106 d 10396 5 When 100 cal ofheat is applied to a 125 g sample the temperature increases by 28 C Calculate the speci c heat of the sample 6 Aspirin has a density of 140 gcm3 What is the volume in cm3 of a tablet with mass of 250 mg 7 Which of these possible structural formulas for C3H OZ is correct Explain your answer H IDH fl 0 C C OH H C C H3C 0 H3C T 3 OH 2 2 H 00 0 O N W 4 U 6 Write formulas for the following covalent compounds Nitrogen dioxide Sulfur hexa uoride Bromine pentaiodide selenium dioxide Xenon tetroxide rho0692 Name the following ionic compounds CaCl2 BF3 K20 FeF3 this could have two names 7 one systematic and one common MgSO4 rho0579 Oxygen can be converted to ozone by the action of light or electric sparks 3 02 g a 2 03 g The AH for this reaction is 68 kcalmol a Is the reaction endothermic or exothermic b Explain the shift on the equilibrium when i The concentration of 0 g is increased ii The concentration of 03 g is increased iii A catalyst is added iv The temperature is increased If you have 23 g of solid potassium hydroxide KOH how many milliliters of 100 wv solution could you make Assuming a blood glucose level of 90 mg100 mL of blood and a blood volume of 50 L how many grams of glucose are present in the blood of an average adult Which lowers the freezing point of 20 kg or water more adding 020 moles of NaOH or adding 020 moles of BaOH2 Assume both ionize completely What are the two components of a buffer system How does a buffer work to hold the pH of a solution nearly constant Which of these would you expect to be a better buffer combination a HN03 and NaN03 nitric acid sodium nitrate b CH3COOH and NaCH3COO acetic acid sodium acetate Approximately what is the pH of these solutions with the given H30 Give the pH to one decimal place a Fresh egg white H30 25 x 10398 M b Apple cider Hgot 50 x 1039 M c Household ammonia H30 23 x 103912 M


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