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Chapter 12 (Oct 26th- Oct 30th)

by: Samantha R

Chapter 12 (Oct 26th- Oct 30th) PSYC-1000-01

Marketplace > Tulane University > Psychlogy > PSYC-1000-01 > Chapter 12 Oct 26th Oct 30th
Samantha R
GPA 4.0
Intro to Psychology
Fabian, Melinda

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About this Document

Intro to Psychology
Fabian, Melinda
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samantha R on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC-1000-01 at Tulane University taught by Fabian, Melinda in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Intro to Psychology in Psychlogy at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Chapter 12 Emotions Stress 8L Health Wednesday October 28 2015 253 PM Introduction to Emotion Emotion Arousal Behavior amp Cognition O 1 2 3 0 Historical Emotion Theories 11 Ex We are sad because we are crying we don39tjust smile because we share our teammates39 joy we also share joy because we are smiling with them 1 2 El 0 Schachter amp Singer 2Factor Theory Arousal Label Emotion Appraisal I III Ex When the teacher is stressed they are more likely to snap at the students L37arU5 o Zajonc LeDoux amp Lazarus Does Cognition Always Precede Emotion Event Emotional III We experience many emotional reactions apart frombefore our interpretation of a response situation I I I Pre ronta enscry zalonc39 LQDOUX cortex cortex I 139 7quot l39 Summary of Emotion Theories Theory Explanation of Emotions Example Fear rear JamesLange Our awareness of our specific bodily We observe our heart racing after mums mums response to emotionarousing stimuli a threat and then feel afraid CannonBard Bodilg response simultaneous sub Our heart races as we experience jective experience fear SchachterSinger Two factors General arousal a con Arousal could be labeled as fear or scious cognitive label excitement depending on context Zajonc LeDoux Instant before cognitive appraisal We automatically react to a sound My cc 4 in the forest before appraising it Wm WM Lazarus Appraisal Is it dangerous or notquot The sound is just the windquot to The thinking high road b The speedy tow road sometimes without our awareness III Some emotional responses don39t require conscious thinking defines emotion 11 Cognitive appraisal defines emotion 9 quotIs it dangerous or notquot Embodied Emotion o Emotions amp the Autonomic Nervous System I YerkesDodson Law Arousal effects performance in different ways depending on the task us for my intense experiences of emotion the body to a calm state after crisis 0 Physiology of Emotions III Although these emotions take place in the same region they look and feel different Number I people tend to have more actrvrty vrce vrrsa GI 4 I I i quotI39lirl l 39h illlrllif ll Expressing Emotion m Detecting Emotion in Others o others39 emotions 0 We are bad at detecting fake emotions Gender Emotion amp Nonverbal Behavior 4 O I Could attribute to their higher emotional responsiveness a 5nd Ha i39i 39p39 Scary O 0 Culture amp Emotional Expression Fllr r i lypr e 0 Some cultures are more expressrve than others 0 5 0 Overall emotion is a universal language 0 The Effects of Facial Expressions o The outward O PleasantPositive o elated r Elaled enthusrastic Experiencing Emotion 0 Ann nmn nn i cnmn rnmhina nn nf fnnlina annd u had 2 hnina arnllcnd u Ilnarnllcnd Unit 3 Page 1 o relaxed mild enthusnastlc Experiencing Emotion Any emotion is some combination of feeling good vs bad amp being aroused vs unaroused Low High 0 Anger arousal arousal o Boosts heart rate sweating amp testosterone o Triggers bloodflow to our brain39s quotalarm systemquot 0 Chronic anger is linked to heart disease quot595 O I El Only true if 9 It is directed towards the provoker Unpleasanlv Negalive O Retaliation seemsjustifiable 9 Target is not intimidating El Sometimes acting angry makes us angrier behavior feedback 0 Managing Anger I Wait gtFind distractionsupport gtDistance yourself 0 Happiness o o I Explores positive emotions health neuroscience amp education I Pillars Of Positive Psychology Creativity courage compassion leadership etc quoti39ng39 Seeks to foster a positive social ecology l quotquotquot quot good schools healthy families etc 1 o The Short Life of Emotional Ups amp Downs I Howl rv quot rtllllll39 I Our happiness varies by days of the week amp hours of the day I Even tragedy is not usually permanently depressing all negative emotions come to an end I in ii o Wealth amp WellBeing f lf j39 j j if I People are typically happier amp have a better wellbeing than those who struggle to afford 39 39 quotquot39 1 life39s basic needs I Economic growth in affluent countries doesn39t boost morale or social wellbeing I Materialism is growing amongst college students If I Money does not buy happiness f 0 Two Psychological Phenomena Adaptation amp Comparison I Happiness is Relative to Our Own Experience 6 5 a F gtww 9 People from Florida are happier with higher temperatures than people from i quot Michigan gt I Happiness is Relative to Others39 Success quotmi El Equality increases happiness 0 What Predicts our Happiness Levels I EvidenceBased Suggestions for a Happier Life El Realize financial success may not create happiness Take control of your time Act happy Seek work amp hobbies that engage your skills Experiences are more important than material items Exercise amp Sleep Prioritize close relationships Focus beyond self Stressful event Be grateful tough math test Nurture your spirituality I identical twin studies prove it Stress amp Illness Stress BaSic concepts Appraisal quotYilfrgie39hls is quotI vcehgaclaltetzgaepply o Stressors l gt I 39 r 39 39 3 39 ll 1 39l l 39i li39i v illlll ll Sll E l rrt DDDDDDDDD I 3 Types El Catastrophes I Significant Life Changes Response 333335 Aroused focused 11 Daily Hassles o The Stress Response System High I quotFight or Flightquot response 1 El Adrenal glands secrete Norepinephrine epinephrine amp glucocorticoid stress hormones ex Cortisol The body s resistance to stress an only last so long before exhaustion sets in Stress resistance Sympathetic NS activated Resources are mobilized blood Adrenal glands secrete hormones All your body39s resources are in use 3 Vulnerable to illness or even collapse or death I Selye claims that Stress occurs 39 Low Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Alarm reaction Remstance Exhaustion Stress 8quot VUInerab39hty to D39sease mobilize cope with stressor reserves 0 rp r39leu39pk llpnlpiurll Unit 3 Page 2 0 Stress amp Vulnerability to Disease 0 Intruders Is it 3 infection Is it a or other quotforeign substancequot Is it some other r O erhaps a needing to be cleaned up there such as those infected by viruses or cancer that need to be cleared out Response Send in natural killer cells NK cells such as the two shown here attacking a cell infected by cancer Response Send in such as this one shown in front of a macrophage Response Send in lemphocytes such as this one Response Send in such as the large One shown here which is about to trap and destroy a tiny bacterium lower right 0 Your immune system can malfunction amp overreact or underreact O I Stress can worsen or speed up the development of AIDS I Stress can inhibit fighting off cancer 0 Stress amp Heart Disease B When stressed your bloodflow circulates through the liver gtpicking up cholesterole amp excess fat I Personalities D Competitive impatient verbally aggressive harddriving amp angerprone 0 More likely to suffer a El El Easygoing amp relaxed 0 Also at risk for Health amp Coping Coping with Stress O 0 Personal Control 0 Optimism amp Pessimism reflect in one39s performance Suppress their negative emotion to avoid social disapproval Type A exerts it I Losing control provoke outpouring of stress hormones I External vs Internal Locus of Control I I I Depleting amp Strengthening SelfControl El Selfdiscipline in one area of your life may strengthen your selfcontrol in other areas as well 0 Social Support I Calms us amp reduces stress hormones amp blood pressure 0 I Strengthens immune system I Allows for expression of emotions relieving some stress 0 Reducing Stress I Alleviates depression amp anxiety I Strengthen neural connections I Increases reflective awareness I Calms brain activation in emotional situations I Promotes selfcontrol I Socialsupport I Positive emotions Healthy behaviors less smoking drinking Unit 3 Page 3 H39D ifEii 39l39lE t gran p Depression score 39 J 11 m r r Relaxation L treatment gmw Relaxa en 8 reduced Alembic I rjep remain m 3 exercise quot emu Fl 739 Eeer tiee medueed 5 depression l TI39lJ HP 1 ii i iguanaart la n Evaluatie n before after treatment treatment Persistent stressors and negative emotions Low Phase 1 Phase 2 Alarm reaction Resistance mobilize cope with stressor resources Release of stress hormones Unhealthy behaviors smoking drinking poor nutrition and sleep Phase 3 Exhaustion reserves depleted Autonomic nervous system effects headaches high blood pressure in ammation Immune suppression Heart disease J r I V V quot39 rl E lrl39 ll ml il l Ettaltla fill ll l Healthy behaviors MW after h less smoking drinking treatment treatment Social support Rttlslws lMMm l faith commugities marriage Positive emotions hopeoptimlsm cohemnoe less stress anxlaty Unit 3 Page 4


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