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Week 5 Notes - MUS 360

by: Alex Tucker

Week 5 Notes - MUS 360 MUS 360

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Music > MUS 360 > Week 5 Notes MUS 360
Alex Tucker
Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC
Kajikawa L

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About this Document

Included is Week 5 notes from Prof. Kajikawa's MUS 360 class. It also has the discussion notes from Friday's section.
Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC
Kajikawa L
Class Notes
MUS 360, week 5
25 ?




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tucker on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 360 at University of Oregon taught by Kajikawa L in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC in Music at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Story of Gangsta Rap 102615 amp 102815 Days 9 amp 10 Gangsta Rap in 3 Parts History of Compton amp South Central LA History of the people behind the music of NWA Analysis of the Music amp Imagery South Central LA amp Compton LA gt Compton Alameda Ave Compton set of meanings for people 1920 s 1950 s Compton white blue collar suburban community a place where regular white folks could live in the Southern CA goolee 1965 becomes mostly African American Josh Sides quotHistory amp Race in Comptonquot Prof CSU Northridge Comptonites were violent to protect whiteness in early 20th C Whites are worried that property values will lower because of blacks living in same area Didn t think they were racists by believing this Compton was complete opposite of a ghetto 1952 Compton starts to get mixed W Compton rst Key Terms agreement written w property deed specifying that a home cannot be sold to nonwhites move of white city dwellers to suburbs to escape in ux of minorities practice of persuading owners to sell property cheaply because of fear of people of another race class moving into neighborhood What lls the void left by deindustrialization Arrival of massive amounts of cocaine in 19805 Underground economy amp gangs ghting for control Responses by authorities Heavy policing by LAPD CRASH Operation HAMMER Punitivelncarceration Mandatory minimum sentencing Sentencing disparities crack gt powder Context for gangsta music Los Angeles Rap Scene Before Gangsta Story of Gangsta Rap 102615 amp 102815 Days 9 amp 10 before gangsta rap there was LA electro Uncle Jamm s Army 1983 Roger Clayton founder amp leader Mobile DJ crews Inspired by quotPlanet Rockquot Electronic drum machines vocoder keyboard synths Not gangsta disco lyrics about partying amp sex Uncle Jamm39s Army quotDialAFreakquot 1983 World Class Wrecking Cru DJ Yella Dr Dre Alonso Williams amp CliNTel Dr Dre wore stethoscope in performances Macola Record Co Small operation in Torrance CA offices in Hollywood Independent records 1000 payment for 500 records Sold in local record stores amp local openair markets Steve Yano Japanese American Swap meet vendor specializing in rap records Dr Dre meats EazyE EazyE 1963 1995 amp Jerry Heller b 1940 1st single quotBoyz N The Hoodquot 1987 story of ctional drug dealer Kilo G borrows from Schooly D quotPSK 1985 amp lce T s quot6 N The Mornin quot 1986 Schooly D 1st gangsta rapper starts telling stories about going to parties amp getting in ghts w people sampled in Ice T s song quotPSK always making that green people always saying what the hell does that meanquot Ruthless Records Founded March 3 1987 Partnership of EazyE amp Jerry Heller Major labels will not touch them because they assume you need radio play to score hits Distribution deal w Priority Records whose only success was the California Raisins NWA Niggaz Wit Attitude Story of Gangsta Rap 102615 amp 102815 Days 9 amp 10 Ice Cube EazyE Dr Dre DJ Yella amp MC Ren Rudy Ray Moore 1927 2008 Born in Arkansas served in US army WWII amp moved to LA 1970 1971 recorded 3 albums Eat Out More Often This Pussy Belongs To Me amp The Dirty Dozens With jazz amp RampB musicians playing in background Moore would recite raunchy sexually explicit rhymes that often associated w pimps prostitutes players amp hustlers Compton via NY Search for identity in LA based rap music Ice Cube s 1st group Cru In Action Ice SirJinx amp K Dee quotStraight Outta Comptonquot samples Winstons quotAmen Brotherquot 1969 Funkadelic quotYou ll Like It Tooquot 1981 Davy DMX quotOne for the Treblequot 1984 Ronnie Hudson quotWest Coast Poplockquot 1982 Straight Outta Compton Music Videoquot 1988 Black people treated as criminals Gangs police brutality People not liking police police portrayed as a joke Sirens constantly Police arming themselves NWA unarmed Community taking ownership of themselves Police have cars people walk Not a big budget Jump cuts Gangsta Rap amp S Central LA Understanding development quotgangsta rapquot requires an understanding of social amp economic history of S Central LA BUT Gangsta rap is no transparent re ection of inner city life JUN Advent of gangsta rap was cultural strategy that responded to sense of entrapment isolation amp lowwage labor facing black youth Gangsta rap recycles images of the hood as a violent amp dangerous place The Story of the LA Riots in 2 Video Tapes 102815 Day 10 Rodney King 3391 Stole robber Store owner took gun amp wrote down car license plate in jail for 1 year broken taillight scared to pull over beaten up by 4 white LA police of cers lmed by George Holliday quotwent viral before going viral existedquot on news everywhere the 4 police of cers are not guilty 42992 Liquor Stores Owned by Koreans Closest supermarkets might be miles away Supermarkets in Compton removed after 1965 More expensive than going to supermarkets convenience store Latasha Harlins 31691 Went to buy OJ liquor store Accused of stealing from store even though she was going to pay for it Store owner Soon Ja Du Korean had a verbal argument w her amp killed her w a gun Soon Ja Du got off easy low nes never in jail Riots of 92 Most people arrested were Latinos Looted amp burned strip malls did graf ti Gangs created a truce 43092 same as one in the Bronx Dr Dre quotThe Chronicquot 1992 Released in December Songs based on riot quotNothin But a G Thangquot amp quotLet Me Ridequot Discussion 3 103015 Most ghetto rap listeners white kids haven t experienced what is being described Sensationalism A lot of violence Pointing gun camera in NWA s quotFuck The Policequot music video 1988 Trying to scare you amp put you in a submissive state quotviolence amp sex sellsquot White ight amp Rap Selfful lling prophecy whites moved because they thought prices would go down Still see in uence of gangsta rap


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