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INFO 102A - Week 3

by: Alex Capi

INFO 102A - Week 3 INFO 102

Alex Capi
Negin Dahya

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About this Document

Gender & Info. Technology Notes from October 19 - October 23, 2015.
Negin Dahya
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Capi on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INFO 102 at University of Washington taught by Negin Dahya in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see GENDER & INFO TECH (DIV) in Math at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
INFO 102A Gender amp Information Technology Assistant Professor Negin Dahya WEEK 3 NOTES October 19 2015 WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE l Womanhood amp The Workplace a Wellmeaning legislation to protect women led to improved conditions in the workplace late 18005 b Outdated regulations impede women s work in the 19005 especially irrelevant for those working in intellectual rather than manual labor c Discriminatory and based on actual or potential status as mothers 1 Deeply rooted assumptions that all women are and want and have the capacity for the same thing heterosexual marriage motherhood i Idealworker as unrealistic ii Parttime work stigmatized iii Mothers not taken seriously e Contradictory demands to satisfy cultural expectations for feminine and hetero normative appearance and behavior f Balancing gender identities i Sex object or butch ii Successful but not successful than a man iii Presumed heterosexuality iv Little if any discussion of nonconformative gender identities 2 Management Challenges amp Innovation a Rebalancing of gender roles as crucial i Redistribution of expectations roles and power b Paternity Leave i Helps keep people in the workforce ii Dads who take time off 1 End up more involved in their child s direct care diapers feeding bathing 2 More competent and committed fathers later on 3 Helps mother stay connected to the workforce 4 Contributes to more even split of unpaid domestic labor ie household chores 3 Gender in Academic Computing a Academics often de ne the direction of the industry b Academics are innovators c Academia is considered prestigious work IVA I AI 4 2 d Academics with tenure with research explore and create with relative freedom contributing in their field of study in meaningful ways e What constitutes meaningful choice Recall Geek Mythology 4 Recoding Gender Women39s Changing Participation in Computing a Key Themes i Girls socialized to avoid masculine activities technology as a male domain ii Young women excluded from masculine subculture of computer programming iii Women arrive at college with less computing experience than male peers reinforces perception that they are less adept at computer science than man iv Women often lack peer support b Social and Institutional Structures i Connections ii Visibility iii Authority iv Prestige V Mentorship c NonTraditional Pathways i Entering academic jobs without a PhD ii Use of professional societies for support and exposure iii Creating professional forums for women iv Positive and important creation and recognition of safe spaces and community v Celebration of feminist principles and practices vi Tech talk forum as a space for women to talk about tech that doesn t focus on sex gender 1 Consider hostility and misogyny on Wikipedia YouTube video games etc d Critique to Abbate i Women are not without competitions for jobs ii Women are not without power dynamics among women regarding status and ego iii Reduces insideroutsider culture on a gender binary rather than a gender spectrum iv Overlooks intersectional issues related to race class ability sexuality October 21 2015 BIAS IN COMPUTER SYSTEM DESIGN 1 Preexisting bias a Has roots in social institutions practices and attitudes i Re ected in much of our discussions todate related to language wage gaps gendered jobs and professional industries etc ii ie Redlining and group stereotypes as the basis for denying access to loans 2 Technical bias a A part of technical constraints or considerations such as the size of a scree on a display device and the resultant privileging of certain information or other 3 Emergent bias a Related to shifts in context or community of use b Medical student placements National Resident Match Program c Question of discrimination related to rural vs urban placements i Re ective of employee and employer needs ii Disadvantages already arguably disadvantaged rural hospitals but re ects preferences of employers and employees iii Points back to a larger problem in the social structure pertaining to quality of careresources in urban rural settings rather than preexisting or technical bias iv Additional emergent bias once pairingpartners applying together d Algorithmic decisions designed for efficiency such as the Multilevel Scheduling Algorithm can lead to technical bias built into design short processes completed quickly longer processes could take all day e British Nationality Act Program Technical decisions made without context can lead to emergent bias when nonexpert users are unequipped to engage or participate f Preexisting gender bias in software design g Technologies are designed with a certain frame of reference within a social cultural and technological moment h How we interact with those technologies and design features may be more long standing and may have an impact that lasts well passed the resolution of the initial constructs and constraints 4 Design Criteria a Reliability accuracy and efficiency b Freedom from bias i Consider the reality of changing social context and multiple forms of use ii Address existing bias in the world iii Communicate perspectives and audience assumed in the design 5 Other forms of bias a In the workforce i Women will have to prove their completed tasks and duties multiple times proveit again ii Women will have to communicate and participate effectively in order to avoid being manterrupted walking the tightrope iii Women are less capable of completing work tasks because of maternity the maternal wall iv Women are constantly competitive with eachother tugofwar between all women


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