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SDC Notes CM

by: Gisselle Fernandez

SDC Notes CM SDC 100

Gisselle Fernandez
World of Design and Construction
Alexander Wolfe

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About this Document

World of Design and Construction
Alexander Wolfe
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gisselle Fernandez on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SDC 100 at Washington State University taught by Alexander Wolfe in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see World of Design and Construction in Architecture at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Construction Management Lecture The Detailed View RECAP O sectors 0 project participants 0 relationships 0 project delivery methods PROJECT DELIVERY O designbidbuild construction management construction management atrisk designbuild integrated project delivery DESIGNBIDBUILD dbb traditional method 0 competitive bidding o lump sum contract roles amp relationships 0 adversarial CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT RISK newish method 0 competitiveish bidding 0 cost plusgmp contract roles amp relationships 0 collaborative DESIGN BUILD db newish method 0 competitiveish bidding SDC Notes 102715 0 cost plusgmp contract roles amp relationships 0 collaborative 0 integration MOVING FORWARD Collaboration andor integration 0 roles amp relationships 0 multiple players 0 sharing of risk 0 providing value PRECONSTRUCTION SERVICES Review of costs and pricing of design alternatives quotmore ef cientquot development of design documents including plans and specs utilization of experienced sub and supplier expertise during the planning design and procurement process EXPECTATIONS Requirements amp Realities 0 active participant develop understanding collaborative create solutions lead follow amp partner know the project preplan the project EARLY INVOLVEMENT O the best time to impact the cost of a project is early in the project life cycle process 0 designers and constructors of a project can better in uence the overall cost of the project in the early stages of the development of the project thus preconstruction services being thought of as a value proposition DECISION MAKING O ability to in uence cost over the life of a project PHASES OF DESIGN Five Phases 0 determination O discovery 0 design Process 0 iterative O approval based 0 enlightenment SCOPE OF WORK sow the culmination of independent yet interrelated tasks that include labor materials and systems required to meet the design parameters and the needs of the client EXAMPLE Bell Rock Lighthouse Scotland w Iquot Ia a a Emil irr u hipI i If l H a lrquot idfs i f39i il I 108 1811a 53mple of drawing provied recap pro lect delivery premnstm in scope of work lighthouse construction bell rock M 39 guee Siceriland aepe ef werk aa premiered lineatien 15 mies fram Andrewst Sre tlamd Iltisize 130 a 230 level Site and bases reek plain yew 4 baee tee flar EWEVEUDFI 11E tall eeursee f Sterme specificatians selid rani re euteide eaairr 5a mdeter ue iruner eere engineeree enmeet em f E ranei light ream Shel i5 eaef r mrrm w eepaermreman cement at expeeed areas bell rock llrghtthgeuse SCUM Scene ef werk realitiee Site lineatil n 15 m es eF the eeae r er Se ar ld Site treachereua aubmere reelC 12quot belvw Surface high We 4quot abewe Surface if New e weathr brutal STEFWS rrIeS it ef the quotyear 5 me thfvear ef quotdeeeat weather reeaa arejetj delivery areeematrurtriam ample a f weak Fig thmaee enmalzmerien reeaa prejett eli uew preeematruetiam ample calf were Hg t nuee mmtm ri n beHracki1 SCDDE if wmrk FEEIitiE S E me ram 11 mat rnails granite Sa d t i EHIDHEEE mje deliver ECGHDm i E U TE WE y WE r wf F 3 r1 2E mim i39 Epe calf wn k HQMEHSE mquot H v 7 v 5 5 fumr nelle tn war Effrt mmwmm labialquot Sharia gag E rack illihthause quotTSCUHand agape Elf wmrk realitiea mnsfmftmm temp ar aw mnstructil n flmat i g htihmme temparaw hUUEing 2 Sch mrg 3 Structure uipmen t balame Era neg Swim Em WEE wimtb mira ein beam Erma rail trauma WHDHEJ Elir l Eartgg pMF DS jack waders Et in d39livew Sch mr iraamg Site r bell rock Ill hthuse Sicotll 1nd SCDDE 13f work realit ea 12 campfeffem budget 801000 11 1am 13 ram 4 11mng delivery fi cost sumac 1111 1811 3 51 EpE of w k ligh m se mn m mn lesson 1 50 one WUH 119 to deaigners lck of umderatridlng 11f 5111sz in te r1115 of alter time an ED StFUCiiHF I context lesson 2 eatimator andf r builder mugat 1111151915131 r111 5111 pe Constructability System Selection 0 life cycle costs amp analysis Can you build it 0 means amp methods DrawingSpecs quality control 0 Program Validation SITE LOGISTICS overhead underground efficiency exibility traf c safety ESTIMATING T wo Primary Types 0 Conceptual 0 Detailed 0 When amp Why PROCUREMENT the purchase of resources or services SCHEDULING via Work Breakdown Structure WBS O reiterates the project objectives or sow o organizational system for the project 0 creates the logic for tracking costs schedule and performance specs for each element in the project communicates project status improves project communication demonstrates how the project will be controlled divides the project into its component parts in order to begin establishing critical relationships among activities nd the relationships among the activities necessary to accurately schedule a project activities durations amp relationships logic CONSTRUCTION 0 construction managers have full responsibility for the eld operations of a project 0 this includes the effective and safe execution of the work to ensure completion of the project as specified on time and Within budget


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