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Chapter 11: detailed notes from book

by: Natalie Land

Chapter 11: detailed notes from book STC 114

Marketplace > University of Miami > Strategic Communication > STC 114 > Chapter 11 detailed notes from book
Natalie Land
GPA 4.0
Principles of Advertising
Katy Snell

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About this Document

Here is detailed notes for our test today its notes detail by detail from the book!
Principles of Advertising
Katy Snell
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Natalie Land on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STC 114 at University of Miami taught by Katy Snell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Principles of Advertising in Strategic Communication at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
o What do we mean by media 0 Media the way messages are delivered to the target audiences and back to the companies It s the channel step in the communication model that connects the source and the receiver Media used to be news but now United States makes most of its media money from advertising so now media refers to advertising basically Media offers opportunity for interaction Media also offers opportunity for engagement readers concentrate for some length of times commercials 0 International Marketing Communication and Media Media acts as contact points they connect a brand with the audience and touch their emotions They don t just deliver they literally connect orjoin together 0 There are two steps with media rst we deliver this just gives the message to the consumer but the most important part now is the connection connection has made media interactive it is a partnership lMC plans are multiplatform use different marketing communication areas multichannel variety of media multitargeted engage a variety of stalkholders o The Media Industry Online media affected traditional media 0 In 2009 11 of the top 100 media rms led bankruptcy 0 Newspapers were the biggest losers 0 Traditional radio companies down 0 Magazines also suffered Television was the rst to bump back up and continues to be one of the ones that dominates media budget 0 Media Types and Terms Media vehicle speci c television program such as 60 minutes or the Simpsons a speci c newspaper such as Washington Post or a speci c magazine such as Woman s day When a company quotbuys mediaquot its buying access to the audience of this media vehicle 0 Size and Pro le of Audience 0 Mass media media used particularly in advertisement and the communication channels through which messages are sent to large diverse audiences o Broadcasting media has to do with the size of the audience they cast their audio and visual signals broadly to reach mass audiences o Niche Media communication channels through which messages are sent to niche segments identi able groups of people with distinct common interests such as a Hispanic market 0 Measured media the ability of media planners to analyze the cost of a media buy relative to the size of the medium s audience Teleivision network cable syndication Magazines consumer business to business local Radio network national local Newspaper national local Outdoor Freestanding inserts 0 Targeted and interactive Conduits The way the media transmits messages 0 If you want to reach young men who like sports you might advertise in Sports Illustrated Conduits when they deliver messages aimed at speci c targets Addressable media internet mail telephone which are used to send brand messages to speci c addresses both geographic and electronic Interactive media allow conversations between companies and customers as well as as between and among consumers 0 Corporate versus Consumer use of Media Companies want to reach certain targets in order to accomplish such objectives as building brand awareness presenting brand information and persuading people in the target market to change their attitudes Interactive media is best for engaging consumers in a brand related conversation 0 Paid Owned and Earned Media Paid Media traditional measured media such as print where ad placements both time and space are bought by the company or organization 0 Brand pays to buy space or time 0 Display and classi ed ads O O O 0 Ads on search sites Owned Media channels controlled by the organization and that carry branded content such as websites and direct email facebook sites 0 A chancel created and controlled by the brand 0 Website blogs facebook page twitter account Earned Media channels were brand communications is spread by the outsider such as social media users or news media that carry publicity stories 0 Consumers and mass media control the mentions and comments about the brand 0 Word of mouth viral communication The Evolution of Media forms and functions The print era ink and print images reproduced as newspapers magazines and posters The broadcast era visual and audio information in the form of radio and television programs transmitted through airwaves and now through satellite cable The digital era electronic information transmitted through the internet but like broadcasting now also distributed through cable and satellite The social media era social networks connecting friends and contacts The printing press turned us into readers the internet into broadcasters and tv into viewers The digital era is quite recent media is always changing Adaptation media adjusts to the new circumstances 0 Newspapers and magazines deliver information in depth radio delivers music and other programs tailored to listeners tastes and television brings entertainment to living room 0 Personal selling the only media that is more multidimensional and interactive than the internet 0 A personal seller can show tel interact and create custom content 0 Print and story ads can now carry QR codes let readers scan them to access additional information and websites via their smartphones Convergence older media adapts advances of newer media o Is the New York times a website or a newspaper The Contemporary Media Landscape everything is multiplatform 0 Cloud marketing all marketing efforts programs and even products live on the internet and can be downloaded to personal devices such as smart phones and tablets Modern media landscape includes up to 200 television channels in some markets 0 Key Media Players Media Salespeople media reps work for a speci c vehicle such as magazine or local television station with the objective of building the best possible argument to convince media planners to use the medium they represent Media Brokers are people or companies who sell space in print and time broadcast for a variety of media 0 If an agency wants to buy space in all of the major newspapers in the west Buying Side 0 Media Researchers compile audience data media costs availability data for the various media options being considered by media planners Media Planners develop the strategic decisions outlined in a media plan such as where to advertise geographically when to advertise and which type of media to use 0 Media Buyers implement the media plan by contracting for speci c amounts of time or space 0 Media buying Companies independent companies that specialize in doing media research planning and buying Work for a variety of clients 0 What are the fundamentals of media strategy 0 Media plan identi es the best media to use to deliver brand communication messages ef ciently to a targeted audience Connection planning 0 Brand stewards working with media planners are trying to nd ways to connect their brands to consumers interests lives Key strategic media concepts 0 Media mix the way various types of media are strategically combined to create a certain kind of impact 0 IE for the ipod launch uses posters magazines then billboards Target and Audiences o Traditionalists newspapers magazines and radio no computers no television no cerhones o Boomers had newspapers magazines and radio plus television 0 Gen Xers newspaper magazines radio television tape recorders Walkman video games VCRs cable televisions 0 Gen Yers newspaper magazine radio television VCR video games and satelleite television internet cellphones o Millenials ipod smart phones etc o The Basis for the Buy 0 Media begins with Exposure Exposed to the message before any other effect is possible Companies control media but they don t control what their target sees consumers do 0 Impressions One person s opportunity to be exposed one time to an ad in a speci c vehicle Impressions can be added up as a measure of the size of the audience for one medium or for combination 0 Circulation Different than impressions because impressions estimate the readership to be exposed and circulation equals copies sold 0 Gross impressions Number of viewers watching something may be larger thn number of people in a household number of people who receive it 0 Watching plus reading times number of placements 0 Ratings Percentage of exposure 200 ratings equals 20 percent of all the households with television were tuned into that program 0 Share Percent of viewers based on the number of sets turned on 0 Share is 71 so it means that 71 percent of all televisions turned on were tuned to the super bowl 0 Reach and Frequency Reach percentage of the media audience exposed at least once to the advertisers message during a speci c time frame 0 Wide reach a lot of people are watching the program O Frequency the number of times a person is exposed to the advertisement 0 See something three times before it has an impact Intrusiveness Ability for media to grab attention by being disruptive or unexpected Media vary in intrusiveness Most intrusiveness is personal selling Least intrusive equals print media 0 Changing Patterns of Media Use 0 O 0 Media is changing Americans used to be involved with three television networks one or two magazine and a newspaper Now its more like 200 television channels


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