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ECE Design Project

by: Cassidy Effertz
Cassidy Effertz

GPA 3.64

Henry Owen

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About this Document

Henry Owen
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassidy Effertz on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 4007 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Henry Owen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/233876/ece-4007-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.



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Date Created: 11/02/15
Student NameProject Section Team Name Team Members 30 30 4O 100 Evaluation Form Technical Review Paper Kenneth Nolasco RMZ GaTech Lorraine Kenneth Nolasco Brian Sparrow Mathew Marston Steven Bellows Technical Content I Current stateoftheart and commercial products Underlying technology Implementation of the technology Overall quality of the technical summary Use of Technical Reference Sources I Appropriate number of sources at least six I Sufficient number of source types at least four I Quality of the sources I Appropriate citations in body of text I Reference list in proper format ff 39 of Writing C and D of Content I Introductory paragraph r I Clear flow of information I Organization I Grammar spelling punctuation I Style readability audience appropriateness conformance to standards Total Technical Review Paper Kenneth Nolasco RMZ Henry Owen GaTech Lorraine Smart Home Security Technical Review Introduction Most houses today are built with smart homes in mind Houses are built so that they can easily be upgraded into smart homes or are built as smart homes from the start with smart appliances A smart home is a dwelling incorporating a communications network that connect the key electrical appliances and services and allows them to be remotely controlled monitored or accessed remotely here means both within the dwelling and from outside the dwelling 1 Smart home networks are implemented in three ways powerline busline and radio frequency RF It is the last of these that has received the most criticism since it has the possibility of being accessed by an intruder and allow him to change the home settings or steal sensitive information Despite this RF home networks are quickly gaining popularity because of its versatility and robustness This paper will focus on RF home networks identify the techniques used to protect the home network from intrusion or attacks and discuss the security levels used to protect sensitive information from being stolen Commercial A quot ofthis T 39 39 As one of the industries leading sellers of home automation technology Insteon relies on its dualmesh network to send signals both through the air RF and over existing electrical wires powerline in the home 2 One of the major detriments to RF home network is range issues and network congestion A component may be too far from a central network transmitter or the signal may be too weak causing the component to become disconnected from the home network Furthermore installing too many components in an RF home network can ood the network with more instructions than the network can handle and cause the network to crash Insteon has invested in making a robust RF home network and differentiates its products from other companies by making each component or bridge a network repeater This effectively increases the range of even a weak signal to encompass the entire house This also means that instead of stressing the network by adding more devices the network is actually strengthened 2 Insteon secures its RF network from intrusion through various means including addressing schemes that can be manually entered into the network and encryption of data and network instructions A particular home network will only respond to instructions or requests from devices with an authorized device ID or address The instructions and requests to and from devices can also be encrypted to protect sensitive information as well as to provide another layer of defense against intrusion or spoofing Underlying Technology Security in an RF home network can be implemented through several layers to provide maximum home security These layers can include devicehome IDs user pro les user identi cation and context awareness among others Each layer provides higher security and greater assurance that a user is in fact an authorized user to a particular home network Location Limited Channel A security layer can be implemented through a Location Limited Channel LLC These classi cations of devices assume that communications over LLCs are inherently authentic and dif cult to eavesdrop due to their short range 3 This does not include devices that can be used to access the home network from outside the domain e g PDAs cell phones etc Long range devices will require a higher layer of security Physical Possession anal Device ID Device IDs and addresses can be used to maintain a list of authorized devices These addresses unique for each device are assigned at the factory 4 They can be linked with a home network controller with its own home ID A home network will not act on instructions from an unlinked device ID Mobile device or the software ran on them will also have its own unique device ID This will enable the home network to determine if an instruction coming from outside the domain is coming from an authorized device An instruction coming from an authorized device cannot be assumed to be coming from an authorized user only that the user who may not be authorized is in possession of an authorized device Higher layers of security are needed to guarantee user authenticity Securing Levels anal Access Control User authenticity can be veri ed through the use of security levels and a system of authentication points A system can implement different security levels each demanding a certain amount of authentication points Each authenticator provides a different level of accuracy and security depending on the method of authentication 5 For example if a medium security level required 50 points to allow access a user can use a combination of a user password arbitrarily assigned 25 authentication points and a smartcard arbitrarily assigned 45 authentication points to gain access since the combine amount of authentication points 70 matches or exceeds the required amount of points needed Alternatively a user can use other types of authentication such as a retinascan arbitrarily assigned 100 authentication points alone to gain access to a device or the home network ContextAwareness A home network security system can use context awareness to improve the network by automatically allowing a certain amount of exibility depending on the situation This will allow the home network to be secure while not imposing on the daily activities of the resident For example a child can use a gas oven when mother is near the kitchen 6 or a guest after being con rmed by the owner as a guest can access low or medium security devices such as the TV stereo or computer Building Block for the Technolog Some technologies needed to implement the RF home network would include the wireless protocols This would include the IEEE 80211 WLAN protocol IEEE 80215 Bluetooth protocol as well as other wireless technologies The two mentioned protocols in particular have been used extensively in home networks including smart home networks 80211 and 80215 both use the same frequencies but they do not interfere with each other Instructions for the home network are sent from device to device through radio frequencies The language and medium that the devices use to communicate is governed by the mentioned protocols Other technologies used for user identification and authentication would include smartcards face recognition fingerprinting retinascan and other identification methods These are all easily available technologies that have been used extensively in the past for identification of persons A smart home security system is simply using known identification techniques and technology to authenticate users Many of the devices that implement these identification techniques can commonly be found in electronic stores or wholesale


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