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COM 440 - One week of notes

by: Kelly Smith

COM 440 - One week of notes COM 440

Kelly Smith
GPA 3.5
Media Ethics
Bimbisar Irom

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About this Document

Here's one week of notes for Media Ethics in case you missed class!
Media Ethics
Bimbisar Irom
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Smith on Friday January 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 440 at Washington State University taught by Bimbisar Irom in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Media Ethics in Communication Studies at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 01/23/15
COM 440 One week of notes 12015 Rousseau s Social Contract 0 Social contract 0 An explanation for why people come together in society 0 How they order that society 0 The contract impacts moral systems and what societies expect of their media 0 People media government Media is in bt People report to the media who report to the gov Ethics should regard this Rousseau o On the social contract 1762 o Communitarian foundation 0 General will and sovereign Morality arises w the contract 0 An actual change in humankind 0 man substitutes justice for instinct and the voice of duty for physical impulsesquot o duty arises with the contract communitarian o the total alienation of each associate w his rights to the whole community 0 must give up ALL rightsotherwise state of nature will conUnue all person and power in common under direction of general will general will 0 the will of the people collectively that which reason says is good for them 0 not the number of votes but the common interest uniting the voters common interest different than sum of individual interests sovereign diffuse for Hobbes contract creates a moral and collective body give up gain man passes from state of nature to civil stateproduces a remarkable change in man substitutes justice for instinct voice of duty for physical impulses CORRELATION TO MORAL DEVELOPMENT THEORY natural liberty and right to everything we try and succeed to get civil liberty and proprietorship of all we possess MORAL LIBERTY master of self mere impulse of appetite is slavery while obedience to a law we prescribe to ourselves is liberty Duty arises w the contract 12215 Individuals may have interests diff than general will and may think that don t have to uphold general will what s owed is gratuitious BUT can t act on that taking advantage of being part of society wo upholding the duties Such an injustice would cause the ruin of the body politic remember hobbes the people need a Sovereign to fear to keep them secure and from harming each other the purpose of society is security all rights are granted by the Sovereign all duty is to the Sovereign most pervasive historically and geographically media systems controlled by gov main points nature of humanity relation of people to the state nature of knowledge and truth basic philosophical assumptions nature of man man can attain full potential only in society 0 group more important than the individual 0 individual dependent of state nature of society and the state 0 essential to full development of man 0 state is summation of all desirable attributes 0 state derives power to determine ends and methods from either the divine or form the superior intellect of leaders relation of man to the state 0 subsumed to the state nature of knowledge and truth 0 discoverable thru effort 0 but only by wise menthey should be leaders 0 knowledge thus acquired is absolute adherents plato 429327 BCE 0 nature of manselfish would degrade gov 0 state safe only in hands of wise men who govern by moral authority and keep society in line 0 guardians o ideal society has unified political and social goals 0 control of political discussion 0 the Christian church particularly late middle ages until Enlightenment 0 considered self as depository of the Revelation of Christ 0 must preserve that revelation o truth is absolute 0 thus discussion of controversial issues only w hierarchy not parishioners Machiavelli 14691527 0 Key is security of the state Ruled by a princepubic discussion is whatever the prince wants Patriotism justifies control of discussion 0 Hobbes 15881679 0 Power to check the individual in interest of all is critical 0 Hitler 18991945 0 Propaganda adapt to ability of the least intellectual audience 0 Common theme Control of media Authoritarian control systems Tudors Why should masses have access to the media when they are incapable of understanding the purpose of the state Why thru studpidity should they be allowed to threaten the state s success Communication systems must support the state Not the function of media totquestion the state exclusive monopoly of printers Stationers Company Members controlled embership Founded 1403 royal charter in 1577 lost sole power over copyright and publishing in 1709 Eventually collapsed when outlaw printers found in printing subversive Still exists as association of communication companies and execques Licensing systems Needed censors to monitor 0 Failed as newspaper became source of news Daily deadlines too much for censorship Taxes that limited profit and circulation 0 State owned journali Authoritarianism How are media controlled 0 Licenses guilds censorship What is forbidden o Criticism of officials the state Ownership 0 Private or public Essential diffs from other theories 0 Instrument for gov policy Move toward freedom Revolutionaries use media to override authoritarian egimes Marint Luther and the Protestant Reformation New media challenges to authoritarianism Rise of nonstate actors like Google Facebook 0 2005 the public release of google earth 0 signaled a crucial shift in the ways we envision our relationships to nations and borders 0 gave us a heady freedom we could at the click of a mouse fly across oceans in complete disregard of na onalboundanes 0 google earth has made no secret of its disdain for boundanes GE s conflict w india over representation of Kashmir a region over which india and Pakistan have fought 2 major wars GE s representation of the conflictridden border region of Kashmir challenged the official version GE subverted a crucial aspect of Indian nationhood First good maps war of let century 2010 border conflict bt costa rica and Nicaragua ignited when Nicaraguan mililatary commander charged w cleaning up san juan river invaded the neighbording country


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