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Intermediate Japanese I

by: Delia Lueilwitz

Intermediate Japanese I JAPN 2001

Delia Lueilwitz

GPA 3.61


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Delia Lueilwitz on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JAPN 2001 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/233933/japn-2001-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Japanese at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
CHAPTER 1 pp 48760 or Nakama z I Expressing nnrgning minus and repeated minus using LhEV r w 6 1114854 A71 Onrgning minus 1 P Wm m muwm Ewan EM M Tanakaislislmmgtu memusic a kw IE mr M21 llamwnun aieuen a kwbii Compare these mun resultant statequot expressions In Nakama 1 Ch 10 Instantaneous aeuon we Mrs HResult 1 v Liwi EHResult amp e 11 1wi bbihibgt gtResult mmmwn Instantaneou irilt a V T i Instantaneous aeuon EMSMR HResult El xiiz aiwi 5r W Instantaneous aeuon Instantaneous aeuon i g N I 1 E gt1 ox I f 3 M 7 U z nr aw Frath Anee hasgone to Japan andshe is there A i Iz 1w5e Ishxdarsan nas comehere andls herenow mt mi i yetampI ETW7ihx Yamamotorsan has not eome to school yet 1 a l WC 4 fijL 1V1 W a TheV CIV5 is often contracted to the V C5 inboth formal and casual speech iiiu 7 TJAZO liu ENT o L ltEm bfifo Lwlt w Lfifc WLfg woa Extrema A 2 RepeatedHabitual actions quot7 133 EEFP u it 381753lt 3511 wiij i hi 3 7T 3 gtb f uEig m aya yibfwa TUX Mi E xci e o n o i am x Limifc Xix hm wo yi x fmifc H373 A Xc COTDZJO EB 5A85 wa c BDescribing the characteristics nfplzces nhiects and amusing u n 111148754 zix hinyK em 3111 onwa h 7V5R 1 2 62 II Expressing manner of action or outcome of changes using the adverbial forms of adjectives and noun i pp54758 Adverbial forms BBLE HH 65115 KD Lw 535w di a snug 4 hw Lf u affaba o A Expressing manner or how an action takes place l radjecu39vcL S m moiltw1wifo kuwmnwg Uhewhd bbwhg mn y 9 stLlt bi Ewibt 39Qi lix4349 F 911 A4 K V 39115ELL1M 2Q 3 U i ad hk lr E wxmgos q EMA awswvznj z 39 4334gt0gtc E Kart 34 I sesammled m 5pm am 2mm Aq sumssaxm 314114312 Anamh Eu ms sxaqg Anmuvaiumesmxd name 9 mam 44 wanes F Hues ampA4alt v K4334gt3OgtQ a 41034 alnk zr I lix4349 q MQAIU 1191i Z 39 4334gt39 E Fl l SGEE I sesammled m 5pm am 2mm Aq sumssaxm 314114312 B Expressing the outcome of a change MAKE Using the adverbial form of an adjective T6 0r noun Kiri 76 Ku amp1 lilt Life itti laa quot 1 a lt Lit Ef1 L3 7N L Huw du yuu By me mummy 1 1 danedmy mum 2 121m make 11 chap 3 Lel39shgqlup memum BECOME Using 111 zdverhial rum 736 nr nnlln i7gt3 ib il iitfxbiLt Huw du yuu By me mummy 1 Themumbecame Elan 2 1mm 1 be rms 3 What duyuu Wanllu 137 1 Wanllu beatacher Explain the dill39erencehetween A and B 1 A 22 m1th 3 6 13 22 1431mm 76 wamgaampgt aa wizm izad wimp J riQd f lt26 w v wa Q W 9Q gv Q wamp agvy wiz r 9 C1311 wiz r Q 91311 93x22zgtlt9z24 9 Q my New 9124 eAne eu 111915 eAne au DzQ S Q Qd 55 QW Q ampW ng C Q 3zlt91311 Dz mum 01 91311 093939dd at g 3 saAnoafpe pun quaA JO was 9111 uysn suonguosqo pulp uo peseq sooquoju uplew 39111 ETliq gt9ltCllt 9lt613410334 gtCJgt ECZCA V Csoumues guymono 9q1m21dxs noA U20 9 gt91ltiz9ir sagf grm 39a 2 gt91ltm 9352er 39V39E 9 2794 398 2 22mm 39V39Z somEmeN Lynoas s a 77 394 57 Ela 8 wamsa 2 A sumagux an wmmw yaw aaag wwgt sumagumN wawqqtag z 394 C a Q 142143 Hm WA 39SA 3l HE39S l aA39V


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