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by: Stephen Satterfield PhD
Stephen Satterfield PhD

GPA 3.85

Kenneth Gall

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About this Document

Kenneth Gall
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stephen Satterfield PhD on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MSE 2001 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Kenneth Gall in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/233978/mse-2001-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Engineering Materials Science at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Engineer39s Computation Pad No 937 811E 3 STA EDTLER Catch 23 L 37 4 at Wu39w slab u AI 399 Van quot124024611 NC 0 s 39 l O ubs A link ayet 49 omocarwi 7 K17 3063 If CG dM LJ ana lv 24m Coua n Aerng lady cw f w m4 AnUJCM m 24 MAL 4 Lary van4554 1 3km 4 5za 604 M if 72 dA vt can a aged an 91504Aa4 M chi ALAL 7 quot oalv 39m Zquot lm M a 01754 My mow4 of4 64149 g a C e axemam Au digH4 A 39d W at Mu 41550444 54cm 5 JL39A 1 6 57ma 14A an dje Juoa 451 39k diseureka Maw 04 lLosz Fq lb 4uquot xi lEOfc abl Jlmli quot9 542m 511 96 MAJ 4M and dncz 7 a3 Iquot Fcc HOA1 no clump7 ledwc 3 V l Engineer39s Compu ation Pad NO 937 811E STAEDTLER X 7 4 feIain 07L d15ac424e39m s hescnSj4 An Indas on quotiv4574quot deMmr Tm A molds 4 10715 Ilkaqu 4 71015154 257 Job 054 tM 6 aquot 050604va Sb mi 73 mew lt9r 4 71055 50 00w Z 461 7 6157 4 Mam dis564 at If Ff i fund mom 46416474514 4L5 A 517 Genaquot25 vast5 MAL mor n ULLquot o I III C9J14mfc Eon4 o h ban f 694 A1014 0 7601154 415447401139 quot5 A de d7quot 71 whack 5 yjj A4 Am 5141 M60 590 Lemam gumg g i kA Zebun J 1 Cahso a Inaxx Mum an gLM 6055547437 I lacAM TW Engineer39s Computation Pad Nov 937 811E 3 STAEDTLER if figlocally j Aaw 44 ex lbwq a Md dJ sh no 7 7 9e 44 45454 mIa 5 5 5 Inc add f dlfozn a w Cry 7 A 41 pmM a U A 4 T MOW L 1 l J dulb Am K C h M I bu La c 5 w K c l ev Aw M maltLU 5 X Man fand xmenu dsaav w yum5T X 1147 Jo MIA5 m g ale9474 o 39 K 5amp4 0 aVM 3 I P Aa n 715 may day4741 LUAZM 10 emaug disnan rio fa Lima 44 A mfgml 1739 gas am


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