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by: Stephen Satterfield PhD
Stephen Satterfield PhD

GPA 3.85

Kenneth Gall

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About this Document

Kenneth Gall
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stephen Satterfield PhD on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MSE 2001 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Kenneth Gall in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/233978/mse-2001-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Engineering Materials Science at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Aeclm I L Engineer39s Computation Pad NO 937 811E 5 STAEDTLER 4951 I SolIL ea 0 0000 MO fair deg 00 C90 0000 ma ylx kl a xAsth BIA AanJ an5 Roxy 7x 7 AJAJ 75 4 209 76 a0 y o c lta Ti 75 7 M0511 6 k C Mew AQSZ 75 mo m d7 04w X nwn 1 zMMlUM Carla774149439A quotdlth 39 Kata 44 fontquot 0000 00 390 34000 030 5 4 5 4 X 45 Self cljljljIM an1M man 6 aMs 7 Lea enm 2X MaeMu 4391 45 c0144 JV40 fa Jayrmu L D 13 ChgHen 3quot Exam4 bl pure73974 th Vol gx y 71fz 4714 909 7 6 ailYawn 45MllnM bungh y INCAM1 in dramaM oAawn a z nm im f ocesjlol 4 2471 ll3964 Jmcgf 95 4064 L 7 4 Jae4 of 1 A y 9 6 5 MP Jy M q Audi 1 a N L2 1le Engineer s Computation Pad No 937 811E STAEDTLER 5 7396 fmnqn 4oy391j ellmmZ A QCIDO Sen g v4 5 Cdflr 6v Cogen can 11 4 571 a q Su sIAAM d om1114 ow fa o nm 321 1 Skew f4 14Cu OOOGOQ ooooao cogent 000000 CO 000 0 30 OOOOQO COOCOO A quotScnwwzuquot Iajd H 46 40w Joe 1 14m7xzic Ame 9 4 76 C mm 4 JyampA frA7 n 3quot MIG4 0K b 7 V0 0 K 39AL 6 39 T VAadz P 0 Cory Au x 7 Ant17 lfusm cL am 01 749474 Ar MainJ f 5 lt j K lac4 Law5ad7 5AM Ja45 rn 39 7 e f 5Lc4 quot 4 5 L C C Qny nam CF 15L 7 I 4204 as A Engineer39s Computation Pad No 937 811E I17 STAIEDTLER at r Asm quotqrMquot JC 07 j 3 3 7 7451 d x m u 04er p 45 2quot Fl 3 Uri7 cat p J 4 MllStM d G Gal344 lly 1401 J45 Com 39 739 Do czfusm Cat 51021 7 7 A39 rahAVE 39 4 V f l awnen lt76quot oJQ 1 ZLJ CdwA 5aquot InkquotN49 quea 396 in BCC a Q 52 37Aoquot7 3 f C A Fcc 39A Q as 0C 024 Xo 2 4 MucA Sawm m ch y wAy COR n PE 1 asz 5933 x o39 g5 CO In VET 539lt 39 4w A A 095T 8 X lo J MMQA SOtuen I quotF lPz ytmfeneFAquavlz 456 mg 4on gt AR ltu 1 AL 521 p 39ZXo 7 3 Cu m 41 Q g oL V VquotXo7 q V6 44quot Ch 2 I dIMSa 41 clay


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