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User Interface Dsgn&Eval

by: Alayna Veum

User Interface Dsgn&Eval CS 6455

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81

Rebecca Grinter

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About this Document

Rebecca Grinter
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 6455 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Rebecca Grinter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/234018/cs-6455-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Other Methods For Collecting Data Georgia tmg u ce Techt 1 H gy r u Just Before We Start Skills of the Qualitative Researcher Observation and Interviewing Foundation of qualitative research reflect on what is required The skill of seeing rather than just looking Being able to observe demands much more than just looking Need to see patterns actions nonactions The skill of listening in addition to asking Being able to interview requires being able to hear the participant Finding leads and threads to follow The ability to cope with masses of data Words sentences pictures papers need to be merged together Georgia tme ca ce Techm H cgjy I Other Methods Overview Artefacts Text documents Slides Web pages Pictures Supporting Methods Questionnaires and Surveys Logs and Diaries Georgia tmg u ce Techt 1 H gy r v Artefacts Potential Sources Materials gathered from Organisational clinical or programs records Memoranda and correspondence Of cial publications and reports Personal diaries letters and memorabilia Data consists of Excerpts from documents captured in a way that records and preserves context Georgia tme ca ce Techm H cgjy Artefacts How do I get them Handed to you Participating in meetings you ll receive agendas schedules and others Rummaging around on corporate websites Staggering amount of material available Collect from current and old websites Be careful collecting corporate materials remember its sensitive Be sure to ask whether you can have it if you are not an employee Georgia tmg u ce iiTecht 1 H gy r i Artefacts What help are they Context Contemporary docs can provide information about Organisational structurewho reports to who Maybe that explains interactions Current schedule of deliverables Maybe that explains the chaos or calm in the environment Statements about policy Insights into differences between what s said the policy and what s done the actions A clue as to what would potentially be a sensitive interview topic Georgia me ta ce Techm H cgjy Artefacts ExamplezThe Other Architecture In one company The developers were building two products One approved by management One as skunk works Project website contained of cial architecture But I saw other documents that looked like it but hand modi ed Thisl eventually learned was skunk works architecture Be on the look out for modifications Reflect updates or potential departures Georgia tmg an TechEm H cgjy 1 Artefacts GeneratingYour Own 0 Taking pictures To remind you of things To use in presentations 0 Example Debugging Wireless network Problem actually with power Are networks too complicated 0 Photographs A good alternative to video Very persuasive for audiences Georgia tmg w Techm H cgjy Artefacts Historical Purposes 0 Like projects Websites tend to be started but not cancelled This is a qualitative researcher s dream A project may have several websites Each abandoned in turn Reflecting snapshots of the projects history Use out of date documents to piece past together Techt 1 H gy r v Georgia tmg u ce Artefacts Example Gamma the project with many names Working with Gamma developers Project retrospective to examine coordination issues Gamma I thought was 2 years old But code base seemed a lot older Puzzled asked a trusted informant who explained Gamma had been called Beta and Delta before Websites told me names meant management switch Three times only thing that had not changed was code itself Result of reorganisation Helped set context for some coordination issues Georgia me aa ce Techm H cgjy I Artefacts Summary Supporting Role Artifacts support the qualitative researcher They explain current context and culture They explain or at least point to some of the past 0 Artifacts have one weakness Their own context is lost Under what circumstance was that written What could not be written down at that time Use them to support and augment But they can not replace interviewing or observation Techt 1 H gy r v Georgia tmg u ce Questionnaires and Surveys What are they Questionnaires and surveys Structured set of questions that a person responds to Not strictly qualitative Much more structured than most qualitative techniques Not strictly quantitative Can be less structured than experimental design 0 They are a method of their own Georgia tme aa ce Techm H cgjy Questionnaires and Surveys When Sometimes its useful to gather data Which you don t want to spend time on gathering via interview or observation Other times you might want more data Before you interview someone so that you can frame questions Questionnaires and surveys might be the answer Georgia tmg u ce Techt 1 H gjy r u Questionnaires and Surveys AWord of Caution It is very easy to design BAD questionnaires and surveys How many terrible surveys do you receive Junk mail and unwanted telephone calls are not just annoying Often poorly designed Learning these methods IS another whole course of its own That saidthey are useful enough in a supporting role that we do need to ta k about them Georgia tme aa ce Techm H cgjy I Questionnaires and Surveys Question Design Question design The art of writing questions that people will answer as you expect The one rule Test it out Despite your best efforts you need to test out your design on people Before you take it into the eld IT will be wrong not totally but partially I promise Georgia tmg u ce Techt 1 H gy t v Questionnaires and Surveys Designing Better Questions Inadequate wording BadAge Of whom when Also insensitive many people don t report their exact age BetterrWhat was your age last birthday OR Scaled responses Leading wording BadWhat do you like best about this neighbourhood We re interested in anything like houses people parks or whatever Leads people to answer about the suggested items and not answer the general question Even worse some will answer speci cally and others will answer more generally AND you won t know BetterrWhat features of your neighbourhood do you like best Georgia tme aa ce Techm H cgjy Questionnaires and Surveys Designing Better Questions ll Be unambiguous Bad How often to you visit a doctor each month Assumes that everyone has the same de nition of doctor what about acupuncturists Better De ne doctor By doctor I mean Be sure that your respondents know enough Bad How many miles did you drive last week If you really care about this question better to use a method that gets accurate data on this You might ask this question if you can about the difference between report and actual Georgia tmg u ce Techt 1 H gy t v Questionnaires and Surveys Managing Questions Answers to questions can lead to forks Some people answer yes others no Means you have to decide how to manage how they navigate through the questionnaire Flowchart possible trajectories through the questionnaire to ensure that no deadends Answers to questions can create questions Are you married No single or divorced Have you ever been married Georgia tme aa ce Techm H cgjy Questionnaires and Surveys Questions Really Necessary For each question you ask ask yourself Do I need to know the answer to that Most questionnaires and surveys are too long and ask a lot of meaningless questions Need to make it as short as possible increases likelihood of response Do I need to know the answer in that level of detail Sometimes a way to get from an openended question that takes time to a closed quick one Sometimes a way to avoid sensitive issues such as exact age Georgia tmg u ce Techt 1 H gy t v Questionnaires and Surveys Topic Management A questionnaire might have several topics Such as biographic information followed by several technology topics Once on a topic nish it don t make respondent jump around 0 Example SMS questionnaire Topic I Biographic information Topic 2 Information about mobile phone Topic 3 Information about landline telephone Topic 4 Information about computer use Internet usage Georgia tme aa ce Techm H cgjy I Questionnaires and Surveys On Statistics Questionnaires and surveys can produce Statistical data But the type of statistics you ll produce from administering In context of qualitative study unlikely to generalise to large population Data should be rather treated as descriptive Descriptive of population you studied Setting the scene for your study Example SMS usage among teenagers Questionnaire let us describe who was studied l5 l 6 year olds Georgia tmg u ce Techt 1 H gy t v Logs and Diaries Overview Logs and Diaries Technique for gathering information by having individuals record items Various types of loggingdiary method Have people record events Have people record at speci c times eg when you interrupt them Support qualitative research by providing topics For follow up interviewing where observation can not take place Georgia tme aa ce Techm H cgjy I Logs and Diaries Why Use and What DoYou Get Logs and diaries are useful methods for Getting access to data that would be dif cult to collect otherwise Setting tricky to get access to the home Times of day tricky to conduct eld work in at night Data produced Bursts of information around the logging activity Not as rich as observation since you invariably get an account Accounts brief because otherwise people won t take on burden of logging Georgia tmg u ce Techt 1 H gy t v Logs and Diaries Example SMS use among Teens 0 Log of each incoming and outgoing message Date and time How it was sent phone or internet Contents Whether it was a reponse to a previous message Abbrevations used How many lines Avoided Late night observation in teengers bedrooms impossible Georgia tme aa ce Techm H cgjy I Logs and Diaries Examplethat Did We Get Got some most messages Not all We could see missing ones in the logs themselves Were told about ones that were missing eg friends would SMS them to make them log Lost exact words of messages Had to make do with descriptions of contents Got insight into the world of messaging teens Not well understood at the time Georgia tmg u ce Techt 1 H gy t v Logs and Diaries On StatisticsAgain Logs generate a surprising amount of data Readily quantitised in that form 0 Again the question of what it generalises too ls paramount Qualitativer speaking logs are useful for Characterising the population studied Characterising the types of event studied Be very careful how you characterise events to avoid over generalisation Georgia tme aa ce Techm H cgjy I


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