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Objects and Design

by: Alayna Veum

Objects and Design CS 2340

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81

Robert Waters

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About this Document

Robert Waters
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 2340 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Robert Waters in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/234063/cs-2340-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Mohamed Elasmar H chem Elasmar CS 2340 Extra Credit Team Case Durbtu39gu Space Trader The brainstorming ing Rut Tamquot galgr quotML47 73M 39 4 upth 54 J my J m mamj rmaa vim Slows c rm W rc 4147 Maranw lzs 6 my mighty J20 th m vasyib Qwswph w ry vtiirru vw 39Oduzarzimfi mam suwna Jcmsls may a gt W 1H1 Ef gyquot 739 quotLmu39fW vquot damn awth V M m7 39 M myg wj nz g 395 144 J 391 m J 39 g M b74514va 7742627 firegr may Pm r mdswm 0 03 3 quot Jamu Jamal 1kH lL M i am m ma a 9 Our ScenariDSMquot Scenario 1 Bob starts Space Trader He selects to start a new game He distributes skills and chooses as a name TheBobOne Starting from planet earth Bob buys 20 units of waters and lls the ship with fuel He travels to planet Mars which has high police activity Along the way he was pulled over by Of cer Sally who wants to check his cargo Bob decides to submit to the cargo check A er the cargo check was clear Bob continues to planet Mars Bob sells all his cargo items in Mars for a pro t 1019 credits With the new crediw he decides to buy a new cargo bay By him buying the new cargo bay he now has added ve cargo item slow to his ship Bob decides to travel to planet Saturn On his way to Saturn he encounters a trader who wants to trade 500 of RUBBER for 400 crediw Bob decides to buyjust the half ofthe RUBBER Bob is stopped again by a pirate Knowing his ship can stand a chance against the pirate ship He surrenders his ship to the pirate So the pirate takes away all the items in the cargo bay and lets Bob go After arriving at Saturn Bob decides to save and quit the game Scenario 2 Moh starts anew game He chooses to name himselfMoh For skills he chooses 3 pilot points 4 ghter skill points 9 trader points and 4 engineer skill points By default Moh had a full tank enabling him to y l4 parsecs strength of100 and an empty cargo Currently Moh is on planet Mars He decides to check planet Earth as he wants to buy some food He then decides to stop by and buy some Moh then travels to Andromeda and trade his food for water At Andromeda Moh decides to buy the new fast and sleek Ship S2000 Moh suddenly realizes it was 2 am and reluctantly saves and quits this awesome game Our Sequence Diagram w Player umm sm mm m cm as pm checkcarw sun amen Mquot Our UML diagram w leFars e 5mg mmgvm Wmuw me33 mmquot mmmamav cummmw 55W mm mm mManmm 2mm ggnmmNMmo osaveGaueh Hoamhm mmm Mimer rEngmeerSkm WWW Di Wu Pumskm MW n mm m m 9 g vellum W e W m mm P H Y 5 Ems Ca nllem Hemavecarwhem 0 Name SMng Eaiacait smng sLml seem a Randalquot Emu ogenemincuumen Eampmnt mama Smnq 7 Cumb Handler we NW awvsn p smp add m 39remmen cescnpmn stung a Sh p A A A WW 5 A mm mm W mm W taaarkmayer MWTDC EW mmusgawcmw nePlllyerl M Our architecturyTrust boundariesM quot Axum learned e Be on time beginning ofclass is the most important part in Bob s lecture Ask quest ons Take notes Readthe book Lfyou want to Ace the test Run the code Bob dern n ates in class 39n39eat Bob s advises very seriously 2 How to choose good team members 0 Please trust Professor Bob Waters when he talks about it in the beginning of the semester He really gives a good advice and we learned that the hard way 0 Don t choose somebodyjust because he or she is sitting next to you in class 0 Don t be fooled by people who talk a lot Especially the show offs Look at this person as he identifies himself If I m not coding or singing I like to hang out make messes throw paper airplanes and climb rocks This person actually didn t code a single line in our project 3 How you make your Group productive o I suggest announcing one member to be the manager of the team everybody has to accept his decisions and follow them Don t be easy on each other don t accepts excuses especially ifthey seem lame Don t have only guys in your team Please have some female members in your teams That it would spice up the other members and motivate them work harder Girls are hard working in general where boys are slacker in general they always need some motivation 4 Group meetings Every meeting is very important Seriously punish who ever misses meetings Plan your meeting before you start Get something done before leaving Set a time frame for the meeting in advance Set meetings on regular basis Set meeting time for next meeting 5 1st meeting Has to be very early in the semester Has to be at least one hour long no less Obtain contact info names emailg cell home Know your teammates classes loads schedules personality nationality Set the second meeting time before you leave 6 Coding assignments Use your TA and Bob advice about your design it makes a huge difference to have a good design Plan before you start Assign each member a task and help each other Code together individually Test every single new method you add Comment Code together Code on regular basis Consider what is easy to implement Follow the requirements Break down the requirements into little pieces We suggest a lst meeting form that each teammate has to ll up Everyone is to add anything that is relevant and may be of any use to your team 1St meeting Form How far do U live M5 M5 is very important because it affects the outcome of your product It is very important than M6 the coding and testing and the rest The team has to discuss the way they want to implement their design there is no right or wrong but there are easy ways and hard ways Consider what makes scene easy to implement follow the requirements and look ahead What limits the user has what he can do what cannot do what can damage your application You need much more scenarios than the required number to test your design and see if it solves most cases Play your CRC cards carefully and modify them as you play A good thing to do is to get Bob and TA s opinions it is very pro table User Interface Screen Prototypes Contract and Exception Handling were not worth so many points but they are as important as the other parts of M5 so treat them as such Things that helped us amp thinqs that hurt us M4amp M5 1 Our team was ahead of all other teams we started very early and we got so much done way before the deadlines We asked TA s and Bob s for their opinions They were very helpful We did more scenarios that required and we played CRC cards a lot and that helped us identify areas that we did not consider or overlooked during brainstorming We did most of M4 and M5 together we met before every class and we made sure to show our results to our TA 2 We used some ideas that most of our team did not agree on 1 against 3 We got way too confident after M5 M6 amp M7 1 We started early We used tools in Visual works such as high lighting code We forced commenting our code 2 We had one group member missing meetings We did not plan before starting to code We did not talk about methods we needed methods would have made our lives easier We assumed that we are on the same page We started coding individually We divided the work all wrong based on requirements M8 1 We considered most functionaries and showed them in our GUI We used as a guide line previous semesters User interface evaluations We made use of the other team comments We thought of the evaluators as our products testers


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