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Comp & Network Security

by: Alayna Veum

Comp & Network Security CS 4237

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81

Wenke Lee

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About this Document

Wenke Lee
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 4237 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Wenke Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/234071/cs-4237-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Authentication 11 CS 4237 IJQEEEWIHHII Kerberos V4 EQQQQEQE QCDQ QQDDCQUQDQU g EQEQE What Is Kerberos l Recommended reading 9 httpwebmitedukerberoswwwdialoguehtml l Provide cryptographic authentication in network environment 0 Enable secure access control of networked resources 0 Relieve usersadministrators the burden of managing potentially many accounts and passwords EEEQQQEDDQDQJDDLQUDJDDQQDQEQQ Kerberos Realm7 Realml QEED CWZJDQH Kerberos Deployment l KDCs are physically secured l Kerberos libraries are distributed on all nodes with users applications and other Kerberos controlled resources if I All Kerberos exchanges are protected against confidentiality and integrity attacks l Kerberosrized applications 0 telnet 0 rtools rlogin rcp rsh E3 0 Network file systems NF SAFS m E Where To Start A g l Every principal has a master secret key 0 Human user s master key is derived from g39 password 0 Other resources must have their keys configured in Eff l Every principal is registered with the L Kerberos server ie KDC I All principals master keys are stored in the KDC database encrypted using the KDC E SE master key QQQQQQEJDDDC 7quot VCWF LTCWCYJDQEQ Tickets l Every principal has a main shared secret with the KDC principal s master key I Any secure communicationaccess among principals must be mediated by KDC through tickets I How would Alice talk to Bob 7 iil i l TUDDUQDEQQQ EDS 321 Alice Bob and KDC KDC 2 ow KBKAB Alice 3 Ticket to Bob KB KAB Alice QEEE UL L iquot A L D Session Key and Ticketgranting Ticket TGT l Messages between a host and the KDC can be protected using the principal s master key I For every request to KDC from the principal E 0 Insists on principal retyping in the password 0 Remember the principal s password 0 Remember the principal s master key derived from the password I All options are equally inadequate n a E Session Key and TGT E I To avoid potentially too much exposure to 3 passwordm aster key 0 At initial login a per principal session key SB for Bob is requested from KDC L EDI mggggg 0 SB has a limited valid time period 0 A TGT for Bob is also issued by the KDC which includes the session key SB and Bob s identification information all encrypted using the KDC s master key Dmgu 4 Session Key and TGT a E l Bob s Kerberos client eg the login host decrypts and remembers 0 S3 for subsequent message with KDC F 0 TGT for remindingconvincing KDC to use SB with it as well 0 No need for remembering storing password I New request to KDC must include TGT in a the request message I New tickets from KDC must be decrypted In SE n m m Eli E 3 L0 gin U D U E 239 AsiREQ 3 create SB 3 and TGTB F KKDCB0b SB L if KDC 5 local host 4 AsiREP decrypts and K BSB TGTB D saves S B and QEQQQQ TGTB Need A Tlcket U Q 2 TGSiREQ access to hpl i5 1 GTE IPT 39PhP 1 SB tlmeStampH 3 create K B P 7 decrypt TGTB Equot Bob s verify authenticator Local generate Ticket to i Host printer for Bob 53 5 local host 4 TGSiREP TP KPBobKBP D decrypts and SB Boba KBP TP obtaining service KDC usingKBPEL T Q Q m w W W 9 I 39 a Accessmg the Prlnter Q B E g 1 APiREQ E Uh 1 K31 F 2 decrypt T P for Lquot KBP verify x 39 authenticator 3 APiREP L KBPtimestamp1 Printer serve E QEJQEQM EE gn Authentication and Global Clock 0 Single master KDC as the point of direct update to principals database entries Ell Synchronization l Authenticator KXtimestamp l Global clock sync is implied I Is the authenticator for TGSREQ Ff necessary I What about the APREQ l Main purposes of authenticator is to avoid 0 replay of old requests to the same server 0 replay of request on one server to another server farm shared principal s master key I Replicated KDCs Cl Cl l Multiple replica of KDC availability and 7 performance l Keeping KDC databases consistent LL SDI QEQQQQ 0 Updated database is downloaded from the master to all replica KDCs 0 Periodic download or on demand gm l Kerberos stores principals master keys encrypted with KDC master key 5 Will It Be Effective ll l KDC dynamic state consists of outstanding TGTs and tickets l Kerberos puts the burden of maintaining them on the clients hostsserversgrantees E 0 Convince me that I did this for you l KDC is only involved in the initial mediation and it stays out of the picture once a ticket is issued I Only static state information is principals database read only for all replica KDCs U i Database Content Protection J g l Encryption is required for sensitive data l Integrity of the database must be ensured 3 0 Installation of masqueraded master keys 0 Substitution replay of old databases LL SDI QEQQQQ l Kerberos transmits a secure hash of the database with encryption in a separate message during downloads ED Ell 9 Multiple Trust Domams a Cl 23 l Single master KDC can only stretch so far l KDC asks people to put too much trust in it 0 Should competing commercial entities use the 9 same KDC 0 gov org edu etc each having a different 15 model of what is more trustworthy B l Single master KDC greatest temptation Eli biggest security riskvulnerability CD I So comes different domains or realms E El 51 3 Kerberos Realms E l Each realm has a different master KDC f with different master KDC key l Each realm can have many replica KDCs E but all sharing the same KDC master key l Two KDCs in different realms have different principals master key databases l 9 In E


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