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Intro Info Visualization

by: Alayna Veum

Intro Info Visualization CS 4460

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81

John Stasko

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About this Document

John Stasko
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 4460 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by John Stasko in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/234086/cs-4460-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Hierarchies and Trees 2 Spacefilling CS 44607450 Information Visualization March 12 2009 John Stasko arcane 0 Definition Data repository in which cases are related to subcases Can be thought of as imposing an ordering in which cases are parents or ancestors of other cases Spring 2009 CS 44607450 2 Traditional Lamping amp Rao ConeTree P Plaisant Grosjean amp Bederson Spring 2009 cs 44607450 o Difficult to encode more variables of data cases nodes Shape Color Size but all quickly clash with basic nodelink structure Spring 2009 cs 44607450 SpaceFilling Representation Each item occupies an area Children are contained under parent m ii One example Spring 2009 CS 44607450 5 Treemap r o Spacefilling representation developed by Shneiderman and Johnson Vis 91 0 Children are drawn inside their parent 0 Alternate horizontal and vertical slicing at each successive level 0 Use area to encode other variable of data items Spring 2009 CS 44607450 6 Example u 20 6 315 734624 Spring 2009 cs 44607450 7 p 35 9 20 6 9 3 1 5 7 3 4 6 2 4 20 6 Spring 2009 cs 44607450 8 Example 35 9 20 6 3 1 5 9 3 1 5 7 3 4 6 2 4 7 3 4 6 20 2 4 6 Spring 2009 CS 44607450 9 Treemap 77 Example Directories Spring 2009 cs 44607450 10 Treemap Example 1g ismamtg E El Tiien ia39 c i39 tbli ar l E Focus level 1 Bottom level shown 1 3 WI Basil Maximuml Old one I built for our Sun workstations Spring 2009 cs 44607450 11 Treemap Algorlthm P meo u u Change orientation from parent horizvert Read all files and directories at this level Make rectangle for each scaled to size Draw rectangles using appropriate size and color For each directory Make recursive call using its rectangle as focus Spring 2009 cs 44607450 12 Nested vs Nonnested 1 Spring 2009 CS 44607450 Applications Can use Treemap idea for a variety of domains Filedirectory structures Basketball statistics Software diagrams Tennis matches Spring 2009 CS 44607450 Software Visualization App N o SeeSys Software Metrics Visualizing System 0 Uses treemapIike visualization to present different software metrics 0 Displays Size Recent development High xon x rates History and growth Baker and Eick JlLC 95 Spring 2009 cs 44607450 15 Sample View 1 Subsystems in a software system Each rectangle represents the noncomment source code in a subsystem Area means size Spring 2009 Sample View 2 air Bug rates by subsystem and directory Represents new code Added in this f t I release unc Iona ity Bug xes Bars represent individual directories in the subsystems Spring 2009 cs 44607450 17 Tennis Viewing Application P o Analyze review and browse a tennis match Spacefillingtreemaplike hierarchy representation for a competition tree 0 Shows matchsetsgamespoints Uses lenses to show shot patterns Redgreen to encode two players Composite colors on top of each other Jin and Banks JEEE CGampA 97 Spring 2009 cs 44607450 Visualization Makeup Spring 2009 CS 44607450 Composite Games Set Match Simulated Match Results Match view 7 r r Bond won Set results Lens showing ball movement on individual points Game results Spring 2009 CS 446074 50 iquoti mi Miiiii iiii liii 39ii i 39 K 5 I Iti an 10 10 Figure 41 Global disvribu on of the world s wuier Nu ice claw a onwuler I e m a inallsznslyumliubiew piunls I t her Very nice infographic httpbogwired 39 39 39 70090 quot html Spring 2009 CS 44607450 21 Treemap Affordances W 0 Good representation of two attributes beyond nodelink color and area 0 Not as good at representing structure What happens if it s a perfectly balanced tree of items all the same size Also can get longthin aspect ratios Borders help on smaller trees but take up too much area on large deep ones Spring 2009 CS 44607450 22 11 Aspect ratios n 7 if These kinds of rectangles are visually unappealing Which has bigger area Spring 2009 CS 44607450 23 Variation Can rectangles be made more square think about it o In general a very hard problem Spring 2009 CS 44607450 24 Variation Cluster Treemap N SmaItMoneycom Map of the Market Illustrates stock movements Compromises treemap algorithm to avoid bad aspect ratios Basic algorithm divide and conquer with some hand tweaking Takes advantage of shallow hierarchy www smartmoney commarketmap Wattenberg Image on next sllde CHI 99 Spring 2009 cs 44607450 25 m lag gnu Mew ea Eammumcalm ew VWhai s Related to m mm Early Reliremenl s llangfadquot Health Care Featured Advanzsev SmmMnney liyipp elMapL a 94 gm sue m w Ii vm v mass as Fgcres EINV39UWMM Vmstmnnr camlmavmm mm cm I Mummyu vmmlu arm 11mm 0 mm 0 ms TAKE A SHORT SURVEY AND WM 5100 m 0 V mm um Cnylm mm manmum Spring 2009 CS 44607450 27 More recent times Health Care Cllnsumer Cyclicals Spring 2009 Sept 29 2008 Enemy Financial Iechnnlnm elecnm CS 44607450 28 SmartMoney Review o Tu esque micromacro View 0 Dynamic user interface operations add in impact One of bat applications of an InfDVis techniqus that I39ve seen 5mm mm Emma 29 Other Treemap Variations o Squari ed ireemap Bruls Huizing van Wiy EuroGraphics 00 A emate approach similar resulE 5mm mm Square Algorithm Problems 0 Small changes in data values can cause dramatic changes in layout 0 Order of items in a group may be important Spring 2009 CS 44607450 31 New Square Algorithms PivotbySIze and pivotbymlddle Partition area into 4 regions Pick pivot element Rp W Size Largest element Middle Middle element R1 elements earlier in list than pivot R2 elements in list before R3 and Pivotbymiddle PiuMhysize also that makes Rp have aspect ratio closest to 1 Shneiderman amp Wattenberg InfoVis Ol I Spring 2009 CS 44607450 32 New Variation wi Strip treemap StriuTreema Use strips to place items Put new rectangle into strip If it makes average aspect ratio of all rectangles in strip go down keep it there If it makes aspect ratio go up put it back and move to next strip Bederson Shneiderman amp Wattenberg ACM Trans on Graphics 02 Spring 2009 CS 44607450 33 WWW cs umd eduhciltreemaphistoryj avaialgorithmsLayoutApplet html Compare results 5 m n Compare d slice and dice squari ed strip pivot techniques by aspect ratio Angeaegeam AvaAeaeeevea AvaAeaegeeea AvaAeaeeeeaa width to height v structural change metric designed to measure movements of items readability v metric based on changes 7 39 in direction of eye gaze as items 7 d 39gtl Ei i a w an v i Spring 2009 CS 44607450 34 change e u m change e 5 29 change e 2 55 change 1 7 Avg heagaannvev Avg Readabilnv Avg Readabilnv 72 Avg Readabilnv l7 17 Sliceanddice Cluster Squari ed all ll Ellif l Pivotbymiddle ill Pivotbysize Strip Spring 2009 CS 44507450 Showing Structure 0 Regular borderless treemap makes it challenging to discern structure of hierarchy particularly large ones Supplement Treemap view Change rectangles to other forms Spring 2009 CS 44507450 Variation Cushion Treemapw Add shading and texture to help convey structure Van WJk amp van de Weterlng of hierarchy InfoVis 99 Spring 2009 CS 44607450 37 wwwwintuenlsequoiaview Ffquot File Visualizer built using cushion treemap notion llili l ll M i 5 l lll lll39lll llIllllllllllll llilllllllll lllllll ll llllll39 WIquot ll l39 i l Demo 7 Spring 2009 CS 44607450 38 19 NetScan Fiore amp Smith Microsoft Spring 2009 cs 44607450 39 www hivegroup comamazon html Product Sales H wwhivagroupcun139amazandynhtmlMicrosak Internet Explurer 1n 5 men Audm amp Video V quot Camera a Photo quot V quot CDmputerAddOns V TV 8 HDTV 20Inch to 26Inch The Hive Group Amamn mm 0025 gumgcm Chanqe Eznemted Wed M 13 0 1 2004 Pruduct Manufacturer j IAmaznnmm r OurPrice j Amazoncom Sales Rankll Tombs 351024113 r NI v l 003155 may 0332 333 499 W lui Displaying 305 Df3lli Amazun Products Cell Labels 397 Price V Spring 2009 cs 44607450 40 2O wwwmarumushi com appsnewsmapnewsmap cfm News Stories l V 7 l 7 L li 39h ll Elie m Mew ngmites Iaals new 539 Marumushl em J E g 9 psgm mes a 23 Ag 55 39mgpiwwwmammmmmiappsingwsmavinewsmaprm UGD Links gtgt 39 W 39 EiE WH W E i wmm mum WE 39 uiiwni W l W NEilizmnNu mm u Cunress strike Tennulrmmw More Prgsident Memmial lsgaell mamas Mime k3 mm 25m praises 550 Boeingleader ns39 avis misses nu 39 L l 39 iu ge ssain gained gigggggast stresses d steadiness bml mu illegal ro39 tam V39 7 Busil cswai V K gt v m Aul l outposts USE Hm u 39 j Apathy 555th Shgrgs39mmy speller winsl rakgsahil Esgvma Ngx x39s n a u Taiwan Plans Bar a v me unrs arkel Massive Prutest we gulc wvquot ngms Game I we 5an I Database 93 5 Ehina y Emilia ov m we Law robbed mmquot Saw V gt M W quotmm 43ng 3W M quot 39nu Haradinaj HongKong Q lntheiaceof departsfor leader 39 Sity mum39mwi adver e TheHague resmns Michael Courage 7 39 Jacks mix 021353 0 i r n a W v i m Am Lumchm mm M n lam NW 5 mm um mm mm quotamen WWW wales a A W Pi mm mammary 39 mu much A i 3 39 HER tut mm We V Alleast hiunar court 5mm E endmg children i H 39 His Hnspital dinner mammal m 53 s ck minim W SW Wm imst lersda l llamhi izooi 31a E mums 004mm mu i ii wumummwz mm mum V EH iNE iErmmlM EMENNMHEM V MENUN W W in mme W W W i W W a M 0 mm Spring 2009 CS 44607450 41 WWW panopticon com Investment Portfolios Nllimiliuil mama Panopticon mum mama urns Iv v n w 1 WW i l mi ism f R39 5 W m qu mum consmm mm c um smms mm mm mount 1mm mm mm iCM cmmmm 60 mm L i ll woman man a smog won SorL mm mm manna 7 Uliurilis mm mm nu W mum wamiw milusmps h 553 mm M L m c mmu u g Dune Spring 2009 CS 44607450 42 Scaling Up Fig 5 39 39 39 39 19731 39 39 39 39 39 20m X 215m 89 Megapixels powered by eight projectors The query interface on the top left shows the traffic distribution over time and specifies the selected data 39 b39 quot 39 39 quot the 39 39 y quot uw using 39 apping 39 L traffic load from AS 3320 red of Deutsche Telekomquot as well as to neighboring autonomous systems in Germany A port histogram reveals high activity on the Web ports 80 and 443 For security and privacy reasons the data was aggregated and sanitized Mansmann amp Vinnik Spring 2009 cs 44607450 6 06 43 Another Problem W o What if nodes with zero value mapped to area are very important Example Stock or mutual fund portfolios Funds you don t currently hold have zero value in your portfolio but you want to see them to potentially buy them Spring 2009 CS 44607450 44 FundExplorer Show mutual fund portfolios including funds not currently held Area maps to your relative investment in fund Want to help the user with portfolio diversification as well If I add fund X how does that overlap with my current fund holdings Spring 2009 CS 44607450 45 Solution Context Treemap Treemap with small distortion Give zerovalued items all together some constant proportion of screen area Provide dynamic query capabilities to enhance exploration leading to portfolio diversification Spring 2009 CS 44607450 46 23 FundExplorer B Video D InfoVis 03 D W Demo D 1 i a Spring 2009 CS 44607450 47 Voronoi Treemaps Spring 2009 CS 44607450 Balzer amp Deussen InfoVis 05 48 24 WW 5 umd eduhciltreemap history The World of Treemaps Maryland HCIL website devoted to Treemaps Workshop in 2001 there on topic Spring 2009 CS 44607450 49 Another Technique 0 What if we used a radial rather than a rectangular space filling technique We saw nodelink trees with root in center and growing outward already 0 Make pietree with root in center and children growing outward Radial angle now corresponds to a variables rather than area Spring 2009 CS 44607450 50 25 Mam moor Eulowun u ansmm Appears in Amen39can Heitage Dc onay 3rd Ed Houghton Mif in 1992 Spring 2009 CS 44607450 51 Radial SpaceFilling Hiquot Ch uah D 7 InfoVis 98 39 Andrews amp Heidegger InfoVis 98 We 112545 IJMISSE mummy i Spring 2009 CS 44607450 52 26 Stasko Catrambone Guzdial amp McDonald SunBurst 05 Demo Spring 2009 CS 44607450 53 SunBurst W 0 Root directory at center each successive level drawn farther out from center Sweep angle of item corresponds to size 0 Color maps to file type or age 0 Interactive controls for moving deeper in hierarchy changing the root etc 0 Doubleclick on directory makes it new root Spring 2009 CS 44607450 54 27 SunBurst o Demonstration of system Java version built by Neel Parekh Spring 2009 CS 44607450 55 Stasko Catrambone Guzdial amp McDonald I39JHCS 00 Empirical Study Compared SunBurst to Treemap borderless on a variety of file browsing tasks SunBurst performed as well or better in task accuracy and time Learning effect Performance improved with Treemap on second session Strong subjective preference 519 for SunBurst Participants cited more explicit depiction of structure as an important reason More to come on evaluation Spring 2009 cs 44607450 56 28 SunBurst Negative air 0 In large hierarchies files at the periphery are usually tiny and very difficult to distinguish Spring 2009 examples 57 Fix Objectives W 0 Make small slices o Avoid use of multiple blgger windows or lots of 0 Maintain full circular scrollbars spacefilling idea 0 Allow detailed examination of small files within context of entire hierarchy 0 Don t alter ratios of sizes 0 Provide an in focus Spring 2009 CS 44607450 aesthetically pleasing interface in which it is easy to track changes 58 29 3 Solutions if Three visualizationnavigation techniques developed to help remedy the shortcoming Angular detail Detail outside Detail inside Stasko amp Zhang InfoVis OO Spring 2009 CS 44607450 59 Angular Detail 0 Most natural 0 Least spaceefficient 0 Most configurable by user Spring 2009 CS 44607450 60 3O Detail Outside W o Exhibits nondistorted miniature of overview 0 Somewhat visually disconcerting 0 Focus is quite enlarged large circumference and 360 0 Relatively space efficient Spring 2009 CS 44607450 61 Detail Inside 0 Perhaps least intuitive and most distorting 0 Items in overview are more distinct larger circumference 0 Interior 360 for focus is often sufficient Spring 2009 CS 44607450 62 31 See in Action sani 39 Stasko amp Zhang Video InfoVis 00 Spring 2009 cs 44607450 63 Key Components Fi I Two ways to increase area for focus region larger sweep angle and longer circumference Smooth transitions between overview and focus allow viewer to track changes 0 Always display overview Allow focus selections from anywhere normal display focus or overview regions Spring 2009 CS 44607450 64 32 Potenti I Followon Work Multiple foci Varying radii for different levels in hierarchy 0 Use quickkeys to walk through neighboring files 0 Smarter update when choosing new focus region from existing focus Fourth method egtltpand angle of focus in place by compressing all others Smngznni csusnmsn 55 InterRing Hovides many of those followon capabilities and new operations Yang Ward amp Rudensteirier Wow 5 02 Smngznni csusnmsn 55 More Alternatives 0 Combine spacefilling hierarchy presentations really nesting with zooming 0 Children drawn inside of parent but not totally encompassing Spring 2009 CS 44607450 67 wwwgroxiscom iEiEm iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii es magiiii EKER i E Demo a Spring 2009 CS 44607450 68 34 Zoomology CS 7450 Spring 03 project InfoVis 03 Contest Winner Best Student entry Spring 2009 CS 44607450 69 Alternate View FE in XII Elle Maw sh I JDquot I SEAHEwLaunName l Lil j i 39 y L Video Spring 2009 CS 44607450 70 35 Wang Wang Dai amp Wang Circle Packing cm oe a a Level 0 1 Level 1 0 Level 2 1 3D View Figure 5 Pack circles into a circle recursively b Figure 4 Packing 1000 circles with random radii r 3D nested cylinders and spheres n I39ser imerfnee and the overview of quotDM IyInforquot Spring 2009 I b The demiIS of ihe fun quotLIyInfonDorumeuiWIyDoc CS 44607450 71 O Hybrid Approaches e i 0 Mix nodelink and space filling Spring 2009 CS 44607450 72 36 CHEOPS w Geographymisiory History Prehistory Evoluti an vv Beaudoin Parent Vroomen Saw last class VIS Spring 2009 CS 44607450 Nguyen amp Huang Infarmalian iI39sud zalfan 05 EnCon Explicit combination of nodelink and Ueanap4metechmques PaItition space into hierarchical regions then draw node link into that v iiii W 7 7mii I L Fl u w fwd w 7 r Si mi N t m 7 4quot 7 a w n imiiimim I II E i an IF S m i Z E I m I quot3 Spring 2009 CS 44607450 74 Focus Context 9 Zooming Layering W Uses 2 Layers with semitransparency Viewer can zoom and swap Provides animated transitions in between Fotus View Spring 2009 CS 44607450 75 EnCon Sample Views Spring 2009 CS 44607450 76 38 Summary g Nodelink diagrams or spacefilling techniques 0 It depends on the properties of the data Nodelink typically better at exposing structure of information structure Spacefilling good for focusing on one or two additional variables of cases Spring 2009 CS 44607450 77 HW 6 a 7 0 Draw a graph given its veltices and connections 0 Make it as good looking as possible 0 Follow the directions 0 Will be used in class 0 Fabulous prizes for the winners Spring 2009 CS 44607450 78


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