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Notes from 10/22-10/29

by: Alexandra Notetaker

Notes from 10/22-10/29 PHI 115

Marketplace > Pace University > PHIL-Philosophy > PHI 115 > Notes from 10 22 10 29
Alexandra Notetaker
GPA 3.7
Normative Ethics: Contemporary Moral Problems
Dr. Mitchell

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About this Document

Class notes from 10/22-10/29
Normative Ethics: Contemporary Moral Problems
Dr. Mitchell
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexandra Notetaker on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHI 115 at Pace University taught by Dr. Mitchell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Normative Ethics: Contemporary Moral Problems in PHIL-Philosophy at Pace University.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
102215 Chapter 21 A Defense of Abortion Morality states that a fetus has a right to life 0 Thomas argues that the baby doesn t exceed the mother that has her own right to life 0 Therefore an abortion can be morally permissible 0 Example 0 Violinist analogy page 167 Plugged into you on life support and can only live plugged into you Are you then responsible to save his life o If baby has a right to life o Is argued that mother has a right to her own life 0 Does rape allow a woman to get an abortion 0 Some say that it is never permissible 0 Thomas say yes woman can get an abortion Says it is wrong to abort fetus however there are certain times when it is okay to abort the fetus such as in rape Limitations to right of mother once the baby is born Chapter 22 Moral and Legal Status of Abortion Agrees with Noonan s thesis debating issue on whether or not a fetus is a person Warren s thesis is the fetus is not a person 0 Characteristics central to concept of personhood Lack these characteristics so according to warren they aren t persons SenUence Capacity to have conscious experience Emotionality Reason Capacity to communicate Self awareness o Moral agency Fetus cant experience sentience therefore they are not persons with rights 0 Being a fetus doesn t mean you are a member of the moral community 0 Woman has right to protect her own life and health o It out weighs the potential of a fetus being born 0 Fetus not a person so abortion is never morally wrong 0 lnfanticide 0 Baby being born over a year old and then killed 0 This is morally wrong 0 0000 Chapter 23 Why abortion is immoral Antiabortion 0 Life present from moment of conception o Fetus have genetic code for being human Proabortion o Fetus is not a person 0 Therefore it is ok to abort the baby Both 0 Claims sufficient enough to validate their point Why Invalid 0 Anti Defend moral principle on wrongness of killing Argument to broad 0 Pro Relies on moral reasoning for killing Wrong to kill us Killing is wrong because it effect on victim the loss of ones life is the greatest loss you suffer Seriously wrong to kill children and infants because it is assumed they have a future Thegs 0 Set argument that abortion is except in care cases immoral and in same moral category as killing an innocent adult human being Why people think rightwrong Why arguments rightwrong 0 His reasoning for standoff Chapter 24 Virtue Theory and Abortion Rival to deontological and utilitarian theories Not discussing quotrightquot or wrong 0 quotwould the agent be acting virtuously viciously or neitherquot 215 Abortion discussed with 0 Status of fetus 0 Women s rights 0 both seen as irrelevant for virtue theory Status of fetus o Virtue ethics not relevant in rightnesswrongness of abortion 0 Parents passionate about their children and emotion plays a large role 0 No virtuous person would have abortion based on the declaration that its their right 0 Would look at circumstances not that its their right 0 Women s Rights 0 Agrees a woman has rights 0 Value of family life love and emotional development 0 Women who gets abortion could be looked at as immature Not full virtuous life Circumstances 0 Would have abortion for quotright circumstance Rape Sexual partner Contraception These would not be virtuous o Lacking characteristics of virtuous women Strength Independence Responsibility 0 Men can be applied also 0 They play a role 0 Can in uence the choice 0 For them to walk away would not be virtuous Virtue theorists would most likely not choose on a side of abortion 0 Based on what kind of person you want to be Chapter 25Active and Passive Euthanasia 0 Active 0 Patient directly killed 0 Passive o Cease on medication 0 Doctors can only cease medication according to American Medical Association AMA Rachel s argues that active better than passive because passive takes patient longer to die and may suffer more than active 0 Drowning child 0 One watches child drown o The other drowns child 0 Both men are guilty according to Rachel s Thesis 0 There is not and there will never be a moral distinction between active and passive euthanasia


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