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Machine Learning

by: Alayna Veum

Machine Learning CS 7641

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 7641 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/234130/cs-7641-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Principle Components Analysis A Short Primer by Chris Simpkins simpkins cc Highlevel Ideas A PCA projection represents a data set in terms of the orthonormal eigenvectors of the data sets covariance matrix A covariance matrix captures the correlation between variables in a data set PCA nds the orthonormal eigenvectors of the covariance matrix as the basis for the transformed feature space Eigenvectors can be thought of as the natural basis77 for a given multidimensional data set Higher eigenvalues in the covariance matrix indicate lower correlation between the features in the data set PCA projections seek uncorrelated variables Every data set has principle components but PCA works best if data are Gaussiandistributed For high dimensional data the Central Limit theorem allows us to assume Gaussian distributions Covariance Matrices The variance of a single variable x is given by 2 Eam e X TL 039 The variance of two variables x and y is given by COUltny ELK i Y Covariance tells you how two variable vary together 0 If the covariance between two variables is positive then as one variable increases the other will increase 0 If the covariance between two variables is negative then as one variable increases the other will decrease o If the covariance between two variables is zero then the two variables are completely independent of each other For a set of variables lt X1 Xn gt such as the features of a data set we can construct a matrix which represents the covariance between each pair of variables Xi and Xj where i and j are indexes of the feature vector vaTX1 covX1 X2 covX1Xn covX2X1 vaTX2 covX2Xn 001 covXnX1 covXnX2 vaTXn Notice that SVM SUWM Ver Machmeg MAg U 0739 AU imww Lin UN Le arm na Mahala CS oh I 6nwx M m of A cms rim 14601 MANY quot6 0012quot HY oT was quot857 Chum 54 7 MXIML MamI K ALL CHXSIIly amp CowccHyp 6 Tww guyoz T UEcwlIS I75 In many oumemsx39ous w Wave suparr reiars Verceph dh Abvr lmw FOKM Mayhem awayEu X Z A I m Ah 2 was A R mgxnxm 3 ri4 a 39 SD 53 I if 21 21 1M is Mew ramsemw W v tr mam Jk W mm A v m afdxwwwtous a a j pm cusszrzmmu 00L MC TS Ly 9C4 AWOJJ COOL fACTi L 7 0 201me 0142 Wt 910ka 24ng x fo L2 WA Lauri LC Lin 01 02kath 7 256 Zx5zltgtix7z7gt LEMt MmL ML MM Ms L CO0L16TL One of H4 W 7 wwy uwamp DDLY uV w quotV chlt l ATT amp Mquot o xtlellm W99 pabr VMCEPTKU ALWziwm R RM zlz u 3 For 1242 Q iF 50 D g 4quotD4 by b 39Kquot b FEM UKE 5571555 M1 ML Syd MW 95 Mung1 g5 WTUZM ZO 3 EXAMVL g GIMUITATI39UU y 9 r1 TIAB is a Z HlEmaJ M r lt7 up dds 3 mm away From BX quot 2 am39t 96 00 0 Mt1 o m Zdw ar d CXYZZ 85 awem N HAWe6 auxea VKOVUCT saecmu 1124qu swacz 7 z 5 4DELET6 F6 6 DZW M5 z 90 M4 Pmme Cowwwd 9MP For gtZo gt am5 p FMTlK Mm gEcpr 2 KOQIX EXAMVLE Linear emu 2km 74X 9 ltAX4z 7 XTFA 2 EW LIAM Cow 39 p ees f he 0 wk mgtm 7 n I A a aw whim L 0259 mom M ma04 MM aw 8 A 91 darw w 4 A M 7 A a 8 gm x 5 EW39W KEY 90ch 0F SVMIS y eafure 9pm 7 W qlici a BMW WSM W Main M 12gt Popyo Mi A L van was M W olearu Cahh39ol um O 0 MamW Mum V M c 17 HATUKE smca mee z Move47M gay Wax CazZ AW ltXZgtL s x421 x121 x2 22mg 121 XZ zlZ ltxf 2m xlxt x l 2 ZZL 2121 2 f1ltgtAX gtLAnmqxf camch haice VODUOMML key1H5 Caur p d a siom poun mies old AA vexwow P dewvf w 0H4 ml 9pm 4K 6424 0 0 Wave 1 TUNHE Amia 1m 1 Ten GAUSgMu Mamet A add K4xzL2xa pg mg MAXZ 61 gt jaba 2 MWsz dowil39h Sfea39a W darsiFy a piece of te info oWFaNId Carved 25 4106qu M6 FarmLe gm 5 7 WW H 5A6 DP 0901075 Weak SalHi w Hub reveri 456quot 512 VECTOK Tng CATeaocizmu39ou 0 rmwmmms W0 0 Mwmp y W My WWW QM 75c 7 VW 3474 K56 WWW y Novmalizalicu Lx39 Ind 5 M GlowW 7 CMst F 7 d dew u 3 C CDMthMU mJ quot at TEXT quotmoney kafF k SVM 4 Lara I EXAMLg COLUM M 0816CT WAN LibUM CoL 00 o UMS 139quot 4 92 E 1 Co aquot 9 MHZ vecnq CK 515 mm A JZMZX 5142 by mnu Frosty Comm Guy Vim Mop m FOMANCE AVIANHM 22 lt WAG 6 macawlp magnum cassumm an n My obiImam quot mCLKg lash Adm bihwps qed 27 H evs CUWWIUW WAGE 122 m EV L Wm b MAWLtquot EXTMUWU fl7M V1 CW 5th PM can 7 L M Vivw 60L mm m olor Abkaw SVM 11le 317 g g L lt w4wgt high ow smthu lry quotLkuh wln half u quot61hr slow quotI COM 39 FMs 196755760 PIZM RaLL EMMY NW A Low MlT 39 D SUPPOKT 1 o AT n I iLES SCAN w Mir lax WSWQQ VECT DK F MACHMES 39 v Cy van gu WPMA Q F JMLSWM D Xlzgt L ltIZgt SUM a Facanw Face How THEY Do i l7 THE MAM AAL mm cuwfm 650 755 Mmhvw wgt martHaifa w a gt I v SUW0KT Vt crzwg MamML MA M W COMEFle 4 3 Maxmu 66 I MAMN 65w4b BUT iF M minl a H Cymbalquot k A a Wmlges 391 Eg MAMWMquot uJ RM CTinA L 0 MA 401 MAUU T mm W001 w Q 5 lx l5 1 u 2le k lFF Me MSU Samarquot Nehru 401 d rupLTioLML MAKHN 0F 4 1L 4 4 ZHMI A L163 SVVl cKiTMwu 7f 1 LiSH 2 HUD HW KVMUE wb THAT Mini4ng luvl 508IT To altwxgtlgt1 For 4 2 FM pactsw gooWMV 425 THrr MAMmiles WMGLU 6 sum THAT ALL 6mm ME Camacch CLAKSHEI EV AN AIM 139T LEAST a 95 TIMf AWAY am 1 5 My 395 I 1 HOW 1 s I39L 5mm I 9005 I WWJA h Mag 3w Ledm4 4a OWW quot 6 Robevf gnu Va I 00 1 71 w 17me u 0510quot 396 DELL15m Look I gzwf tl xm 1w Arr Hap in Mk MA Mp E MWU ivo a ow can 01 cw 10m h MullL fLealiol im on W 4pr MMJ 0h 7015 o me w 7 m J TIW Max 6 5 aj faJ4 yi f ixij W447 cammm 1 yam LEMMU Acwwm HAKP Mommuv MCI 2115 A5 X ltdf2 quot e MAMA W mm 4 2 wwu quotm pg Hume 900374135 0 w m Mums TM 2 Wm A ea mime A quotFI39MJ my lem a W of Hwaw M aLvl ombiu Ham Lad 54002 QLW f gt Cow W AM WW wail in WWW WJW 0 WW gt com w C9 Deag STuMPJEgl igm 1 Tam QUESTMS Agt How To c we MGM 7 7 Lgt How I leniAAL Cstum 50 6 55 r rst Hwe boabrim 53 PM Flam waftWu m Ms 2 ass RA AMEU ETESMKW hJAoLul39 akla Muwwpwmw BOOSTWW EXAMWLE 2W3 1 ow 4 ALMOST U0 VAMMgrens M aJaboesth ll 8 Wk caass39fier Moo 2 HL MM 4 Mm T 3 39f Awas 1W hawk XMyw yew Imli DLEAW TA Wale W WJM Db Wk 1 ku abm m0 ifCbwosa a x UNA am HXgtj oltemxgtgt Dt1i ac 061 e M8iht fi JF W Wow KeALL C JELL V4 Msim W5 Chg W W C Clufm T ng AT HVl MTJM 2dog39rlpo gt M oullJ gayb gt TFiDF gt gw Mm was V Tm in BM 2 KROK 6H2JilHnH l W c1401 1 i WISOQMJ1J AM 039 CWJ A quot9 035 FACE 9533010 5 a W1 1 limit M43 000 E Maul MM 39OALJ Miax EXW Fas We WW8 WM ddee um Mial 39M39 v10 camVXQK Wk 6 thmn 04 pogmmm 7 M TRHiUiuc Einak yamm7 Lossh3 6 Ia 7391 Msty gJ WGD a m 4 2 K126 WI W is 27Q Va 7T2 ZAZzzswE E 6 frowuli Hll WWW gums quot2 i JW AF


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