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Empirical Methods in HCI

by: Alayna Veum

Empirical Methods in HCI CS 4690

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81


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Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 4690 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/234134/cs-4690-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 lofl Wed March 5 1240 111 24 minutes unintelligible or guesses J I m glad you ve agreed to be interviewed My name is John Cook and I m a student at Georgia Tech This semester I am taking OS What is the class 3790 K 4690 J 4690 User Interface Design and Evaluation As part of this class I am learning how to interview people about their experiences with technology Here s how this interview will work Well spend about 30 minutes together During this time I will ask you questions about your experiences helping your friends and family with their computer and electronics problems I m interested in everything you have to say about this topic so feel free to say whatever comes to mind Alright um Tell me about the people who you help with computer or electronics problems B Like personally Um Usually it d would be either family members Um sometimes friends Usually my family I guess Our generation is a little more technical savvy J Yeah B But it s usually family members ah or friends of family members I m sort ofgetting a reputation for that For getting at stuff like that J Um Can you remember any time in particular when your family or friends have asked ah you for help with uh computer orelectronics problems B There have been tons of time Um My aunt for example she owns a laptop from her workplace which you have to dial in To um even really use the laptop like a dial in log on Once she dials in she sort of logs into her user name locks her out of all these programs and stuff like that She s constantly having issues I can t help her with Um older programs and things like that so I m constantly getting calls from her but there s not a whole lot I can do for her Um my mom called me a week ago and she uh she we set her up on a laptop before I came back for the spring semester and she s getting the windows vista version of blue screen which is basically the stop error You can t do anything can t log in to your computer Um so I tried to walk her through some different setup procedures safe mode things like that but I couldn t get around it Um so we had discussed what had happened before hand and my aunt had come over and gotten on the internet and downloaded a program which is usually the precursor to most of these problems is downloading stuff off the internet whether it d be spy ware orjust something your computer wasn t ready for And um in the end there was nothing I could do from my end I had to call my uncle up and get him to come by and grab it and just use the restore OD Actually restore partition on the hard drive J Oh Okay B So I had to do it that way J One Like one that had been bought from before B Yeah Yeah That each was was a Compaq HP 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 20f2 J Alright Um What s the worst experience you ve had trying to help somebody with a broken computer B It s usually cleaning up someone else s mess and in the general sense Um The worst experience was a little while ago It was my this man from K l B A little louder J We can move B Take it up J Yeah Maybe if we move it a little closer B Excellent Alright so K Yeah That should work B Probably the worst experience was when lwas uh just worst mainly in terms of length of time it took was uh a guy from church back when I went to church a guy I tried I offered to help out a couple of times and I felt sort of like he was not abusing the situation but a little jumpy Like he had an older computer so he can only make it do so many things J Right B But it was um one that he had gotten lthink built by um a you know local builder around ourtown Basically in a small town like that somebody who is a local builder means you re gunna get screwed J ltaughsgt B So yeah basically he got screwed on the computer and then he had taken it back to the guy a couple oftimes to get it fixed then it literally got worse and worse each time and then the particular guy in town had a bad reputation but um the first thing I noticed was um had some spare parts and were gunna upgrade his memory and his um gunna upgrade his memory in his CD ROM drive So I did that and that was no big deal but while I was in there I was looking cuz I had to reformat his hard drive so I needed drivers and it was you know an olderversion of Windows is what he had so it didn t even have the drivers for the motherboard so I couldn t even get on the internet to the Ethernet port and all that stuff So I was looking and the motherboard had no marking on it There was no serial number or anything like that so what that meant I had to was called the guy who built it and try to explain what I was doing and he was no help at all Um J huh B He sort of gave me a brand name and said yeah Usually it s these so I went on the internet and went through a list ofdrivers That took forever Um once we did that uh He wanted me to um before I reformatted so it s a little out of order Before I reformatted he wanted me to back it up and it was a slow computer so backing it up took forever Um and before he reformatted he wanted me to try restoring the antispy ware and all that so that took forever And it was just so bogged down with god knows what Um after we reformatted we were able to pull his his he started recopying his files back Obviously when you re doing things like that you start to realize all the things you forgot about So after hours of being 20 35 40 45 50 55 30f3 there still sort of leftwith this feeling of of you know whatever problem fixed was very temporary I put a lot of effort into it but it was just going to come back in a couple of weeks J Oh yeah B So itjust sort of like knowing that you sort of solved it temporarily That you spent so much time doing that sort of not the best feeling J Yeah I run in to that type too Um Let s see So why do you think people ask you for help with computer and electronics problems B Um I guess ofall things probably experience Just um when first got a computer fiddled around with it so much that I would you know come across errors and I d you know when you re first doing this you have to ask other people for help And after a while started to see patterns and things like that How to fix this How to fix that And then just uh it sort of you know started to exploring new odd and ends ofthe computer I remember the first time I realized that when you right click on the desktop it opens a menu Little things like that This was a long time ago But um I think a lot of people arejust afraid to use computers so when a problem pops up it sjust stop yanno Don t mess with it don t touch it Call somebody who s who s not afraid if nothing else Maybe I don t know what the answer is but I m not afraid to play around with it And that that goes even further I m not afraid to call customer support ifthere is a problem you know Especially back in North Carolina we used a service called Roadrunner for internet J uhhuh B for high speed internet And it s um It s not fun to call them and you wind up waiting on the phone for like an hour maybe and then they go through a checklist you know Is this plugged in Tell me what lights on your cable modem are flashing and so forth But usually I can sort of BS my way through that part and then get to like tier 3 support or something like that and these are the guys who know what s going on They know exactly what your problem is and they know exactly how to fix it It may take them thirty minutes to fix it but they know exactly what it is But um it sjust something I guess if you re not familiar with you don t have experience or if you re too uh I guess scared then that you re going to break something that that you know that maybe somebody on the other end of the phone knows more then you do um then it sjust going to take you forever to get the help you need So I guess they figure out I m an easy answer and um I m willing to do it for the most part J Yeah I ve never been afraid to change a setting or I ve never been afraid I might break B You can only You can only mess it up so badly J Yeah Um Let s see question Um how do people how does it usually come about How does what s a typical way you get asked to help out with a computer problem or get contacted Is it B lt s It s one of those things that s usually an oh by the way kind of thing Um A lot of people secretly use even today is inherently buggy machinery They you know when it s new out ofthe box it s gunna run nice for a couple of days then eventually it s gunna start throwing up error messages and acting weird And that sjust status quo That sjust what computers do That s what people seem to think So I ll be at someone s house and I ll just you know mention something about the computer and oh by the way my computer won t turn on anymore Oh really J Yeah 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 40f4 B So maybe you should have called me It s usually not that bad It s usuallyjust error messages when they turn on because you know a DLL file is missing or something like that But its it s almost always something I bring up now a days From time to time I ll get a call from my dad saying one of his friends um is having an issue and maybe if I know off the top of my head what the problem is how to fix it Like l was saying the time my mom called and her computer had crashed But that like I say if my mom and dad were the only two people who contact me For anyone else it s usually orjust maybe me watching over their shoulder Like should it be doing that Well I ve just been ignoring it That s how it usually is with friends So it s almost if largely something I bring up so many times J Okay Um How many times do you think you have to help somebody like a month B A month Now well it s harder now that I m in Atlanta You know that my family is back in North Carolina Um I usually get maybe once a month between my mom and dad When I m home like for holidays it s ah maybe once every other week Maybe once a week Somewhere in there Um just you know trying to catch up with people Like I said looking overtheir shoulder when they re using the computer or sort of making an offhand comment about something on the computer and then it s oh by the way that s not working right J ltlaughsgt Um It s your parents you usually help out How far away it s in North Carolina you said B Yeah They re in on the Virginia border So it s like 360ish miles J You only get to see them like once a month or so B Um probably once every three months about average J So do you have to um is that usually like a thing that comes up though on the visits Like there s something on the computers B Um J Messed up about it or B for a long time my mom didn t have a computerjust because she s one of those people who was so afraid she was going to break it Until basically I made her invest in a decent laptop so it s like you paid money you better learn how to use it then J Alright B Um So you know before then it wasn t really that big an issue But um yeah now that she s got one it s it s definitely one of those things And with my dad some things I bring up Is there anything I can do to help you or is there anything weird you know so on and so forth And if my dad doesn t have a problem he usually knows somebody who does And like I said it s not back when l was in high school it was sort of if you have time this weekend let s go over to Darryl s house and see if you can work on it but now it sjust like Darryl s having a problem l was wondering if you know It s more of a can you tell me how to do it as opposed to actually going to the person so J What about over the phone Do you ever try to walk through it over the phone B Yeah Um Like lwas telling earlier with my mom um there s only so much you can do overthe phone Like I can sort of I can sort of tell you you need to click here or do this or do that but at the same time they re still apprehensive They re still they re still a little afraid to 20 25 30 35 40 55 50f5 click here They re still a little afraid to tell me exactly what that said Or you know maybe what got them into this message to begin with J B It s really not the same ltsimultaneousgt J Well what you got on your desktop Well I got staplers and tape B Yeah I try B ltlaughsgt It s pretty weird What s a desktop You know Where s the start button I don t see the H You mean the thing with the windows logo Yes that That well it doesn t say start anymore does it Damn J Well email and IM is probably like even worse or not at all huh B Yeah Um like I said email is usually if I use email it s usually sort of a sporadic thing oh by the way I have this thing that keeps Oh okay Well just tell me more about it and I ll try and you know check it out and so on and so forth Um I don t really use IM that much anymore J Okay Um Do you set up um Let say you had to totally fix somebody s computer do you set it up the same way you would set up yours Or uh do you install things the same way Or like leave security on there that you wouldn t on yours or features and stuff B Well there s definitely a difference Um usually like with this a whole new access control thing Like useraccess you know such and such is trying to install a program Accept or Deny Things like that I usually explain to them what it is and that it s going to keep popping up Do you want me to turn that off But um I usually check with them and sort of give them you know in thirty seconds as best an overview of what s happening as I can If antivirus and stuff like that there s a lot of free programs and stuff out there I just go ahead and throw those on there J alright B So it s just you know I ve done this this and this for you I guess for the most part they don t even know the details but I mean I usually like if I m reformatting I ll keep their setup as beforehand so I can get it as close to what it was afterwards Um as far as new setups I usually like especially with Dell they re notorious for all thatjust extra junk I usually just do a run through and clean out as much as I can that I know this person not going to use Like if this person you know invested in cable phone they re not going to be using voice over IP and they definitely don t need thirty different programs to do stuff like that So I m just uh just trying to minimize the clutter I guess would be the best way to say it When they look at a computer they don t see a bunch of stuffthey can accidentally click on and not know what to do Trying to make it as simple as possible for them So very different very different from my setup yes J Okay Let s see What about making sure they won t have a problem again You try to uh like ifthey uh what s an example Let s say they have a they get a virus or something do you uh or some kind of spy ware do you set it up Or maybe they ve got a network adapter that that s finicky about how it s how it s installed do you try and take steps to make sure they won t have a problem with it again B Yeah Um It s that that s sort of online for me ldon t want to make them think they re troubling me by asking me for help 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60f6 J uhhuh B But at the same time I don t want them to think that computers are so weird that I m the only one who can fix them J Right B So like my uncle My uncle runs his own business Um in real estate and he ll call me up from time to time because you know his cable or the the phone company has changed settings on an email and he didn t check his email so he didn tget the email telling him how to change it So I ll go through and I ll change it And I ll show him what I did and show him the email and I ll explain to him the difference between the two So next time they send you an email this is something you can do or you can call me Um he s had a lot of problems with spy ware too so I ll install spy ware antispyware software guards and stuff like that And I ll sort of you know run this once a week or I set this up itwill run once a week um in the background But you know ldon t want it to be a program that s constantly there bugging the hell out of him because that s because I think the more the computer interacts with the user the less the user wants to interact with the computer a lot of the time So if I can just get it to run silently you know J uhhuh B Then it s probably for the best for most end users that l that help out J ltsome kind of noise of affirmationgt Um when you re when you re like helping your parents do you do they usually like sit near you and watch what your doing so they might be able to do it themselves B Definitely My dad was on this kick for a while don t do it show me how to do it Like just tell me where to click and so on and so forth and um that s worked out very well J really B My dad s become really knowledgeable about computers He can J I can t do that with my dad ltlaughtergt B he was he was it was his It was almost like a hobby for him and it still is largely you know building computers and so on and so forth So we sort of got into it together Um he he sort of went more the hardware route Buying the pieces to put into computers and lwent more the software route Once it s put together why is it not working J Okay B Um so it was sort of like a team effort there But yeah definitely my dad is very interested in what I m doing My mom is still you know iffy about computers So basically I have to no no I m not doing it You sit down Click there Nothing is going to happen Click there Now clickthere Type in your name and password you know J So sort of walk her through B Um nah It s sort ofjust how she is If it doesn t workthe first time she s just going to shove it to the side and walk off So I have to treat her like a child a lot at times or make her deal with the issue as opposed to just you know you paid for a computer might as well use it 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 70f7 J Some for the same skill a lot Cool B ltsmal laughgt J Um let s see Would you um Is there anything that you would do to change how um computers work for people like your parents Would you make it make it something maybe make it easier less intimidating or B I don t It s sort of sort of flux to have it work You don t want to just you know the ostrich with the whole burying your head in the sand thing Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away Um It s sort of yeah for some people I know are never going to use the computer more then like just casual users it seems like there s a lot ofthings that could just set to do you know do this and do that but you know computers its technology today it s eventually something s going to go wrong no matter how much you simplify the interface and you know what it does in the background Something s going to go wrong So lguess I guess probably what it is right now The way the industry s headed like Windows Vista over Windows XP Just a little bit more simplified A little bit more user friendly Presenting you know the options and things upforth upfront Um Especially with Macs been doing Just you know everything you need right there J Yeah B lt s I think the industry s responded to that largely as far as simplifying design directing people to where they need to go with you know would you like a tour of Windows Vista and so on and things like that Um I really think where it is today is about where I would have it Obviously I d like the code to be a little bit more clean but it s not a whole lot I can do about that But yeah as far as end user design I think it s I think it s pretty good J I kinda wish computers would tell you what s wrong with them and where to go to ltlaughtergt B what the hell Errors are you know stop underscore X X X offset and all that wonderful stuff J Yeah B They do tell you but nobody knows what that means so J Yeah Really Except us Um let s see Is there anything else that you d like to talk about B Um No Is there any is there any follow up questions you wanna ask about as far as the rest of my stuff I guess J No I m good K I guess I ll try and cover a couple things J Alright K Uh yeah so You mentioned that your dad like to kind of sit with you B uhhuh K During the repair part Do you like that Detest that


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