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Robots and Society

by: Alayna Veum

Robots and Society CS 4002

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 4002 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/234148/cs-4002-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
A Social His rory of Robo rs and maybe some consequences of same 4002 Robofs and Sociefy An in reres ring Fac r 6 In 1995 6 700000 robofs in fhe indusfrial world as 500000 in Japan 5 Japan complefely dominafes Why a Theories abound 6 Here39s an inferesfing one culfural differences a Firsf infernafional Robolypmics 5 Japanese robofs win sumowresfling 6 European feams excel in soccer 43 Americas robofs kill one anofher The Wes r rm a labor issues a milifary machines a kill kill kill a emphasis on fhe indusfrial Amemg39i m rquot Wm some enema 3 vohov owe quot i 39 drive Siam 423 Theories abou r Japan 3 Japan is an indusfrial nafion wifh a high cosf labor Force 6 Japan is fhe oldesf counfry in fhe world and fhe fradifional exfended Family is eroding Japan emphasizes fhe personal Why Asfroboy Wes r Shaped by Me rropolis Osam u Tezuka39s message What 1 try to ppea through my Works 5 swmp e The opH Hon sjust a swmp e message mat foHoWs Lov 5 me creamres Love everythmg that has We 1 have been trymg to express ums message m every one of my Works Though n has taken me dw ferent forms We the presehtahoh of nature the b essmg of We the suspmoh oh too much soehce orwented Cwmsahon arm War and SO on a e Fans celebrate Astra Boy39 5 39birthday39 in Tokyo parade The Assumed Press Wearmg red boots and pomty black hats Japanese revelers paraded down a Tokyo street w The parade was partor the nauommde fesuvmes honormg Astra Egoy aeh11dhke robot created on Apn 7 2003 accordmg to the ongmal 19505 comrc book by Osamu Tezuka The event m Takadanobabm Smmuku Ward was held on the eve of the robot s brrthday to other characters from the cormc book 39 M A who from the senes I m havmg fun TV show Does rhis ma r rer Maybe e Quesfions a Is leadership a Funcfion of the culfural view of robofics and fechnology a Does fhis mean fhe US For example will never really cafch up and Japan will evenfually rule fhe world 6 Which is fhe beffer view robofs are our Friends or our mosf dangerous fools PreHis rory of Robo rs 9 Homer falked abouf fhem maidens of gold 0 Hephaisfos fhe god of mefalsmifhs builf mechanical helpers a Pygmalion King of Cyprus and his ivory love a Golems a 270 BC more or less Cfesibus made wafer clocks wifh movable gures 6 1495 Leonardo da Vinci drew plans For a mechanical man Firs r Sieps Aufomafa popular in 18fh cenfury birds dancers musical gurines a Jacques de Vaucanson39s Flufe playing aufomafon a mechanical duck ale and expelled Food 6 fried fo apply skills fo French weaving indusfry riofs ensued 6 Pierre and Henri Louis JacquefDroz a creafe a boy who can draw and wrife a a piano playing woman a Hungarian Wolfgang von Kempelen 6 builf a speech synfhesizer The Turk aufomafon played chess in 1780s a can machines fhink e furned ouf fo be hoax buf remains unsolved 9 Thomas Edison affempfs fo build a falking doll 5 doesn f work so well a records aren f very good in dolls a Nikola Tesla builds radio confrolled vehicles in fhe 18905 6 Evenfually 9 Grey Waller builds robofs in 19405 e Shakey navigafes sfrucfured indoor environmenfs in fhe 19605 a 1818 Frankensfein by Mary Shelley a 1920 Creafion of fhe word robof meaning compulsory laborquot by Czech wrifer Karel Capek For RUR Terminafor O Mafrix Preloaded 1926 Mefropolis debufs 1938 Willard Pollard and harold Roselund invenf programmable painf sprayer a 19305 or 405 rsf foy robofs culminafing in Afomic Robof Man 1941 Asimov predicfs robofics eld e 1942 Asimov39s Runaround de nes Three Laws of Robofics 0A robot may not injure humanity or through inaction allow humanity to come to harm This was added after the initial three laws 1 A robot may not injure a human being or through inaction allow a human being to come to harm 2 A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law 3 A robot must protect ii own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law o 1952 Tesfuwan Afom From Ozamu Tezuka fhe father of modern magnd 3 6 1953 rsf gi anf robof series Tesfu j in 2 28 confro lled by boy 619542 George Devol desighs rsf programmable I Dhof a 1962 Indusfrial robofs come fo fhe Unifed Sfafes e 1969 Unimafe rsf Japanese indusfrial robof descendanf of Devol39s company a 1972 Mazinger Z resurgence of robof magna pilofs now inside robofs war machines a 1973 Wabof 1 considered by some fhe rsf Japanese humanoid robof sfafic walkerquot a 1977 Sfar Wars Changes movies Forever and infroduces friendly robofs RZDZ amp C3PO 1980 Japan becomes 1 indusfrial robof owner 50 of indusfrial robofs in Japan a 1982 Firsf popular fransformable robofs e 1986 Honda P O jusf mechanical legs precursor fo walking Qrio and ofher humanoid walking bofs P 1 comes in 1993 P 2 in 1996 Personal robofs come of age a 1999 AIBO e 2000 Asimo SDR 35 humanoid robof 6 Eureka Peoplebof mindsforms a painf cars solder finy wi res fo cir cdif boards a assemble cookies 20000 fimes a day 9 Clean dirf off oors a micro surgery a explore milnes fol c anoesf chemical spills o blow up sfuff e gef blown up defuse bombs in N Ireland Today a foys a enferfainmenf 6 movies a everywhere So how Far apar f are we a A Few inferesfing sfudies have been done 6 Kaplan For Sony Who is Afraid of the Humanoid e NTT amp Sfanford Robofs as New Media Robo rs as Media a Reacfions fo robofs versus other media vary dramafically across culfures a fypically mirror accepfed sociological disfincfions a US prefers SD bofs fo 2D buf Japanese reversed 6 Confrasf fhaf wifh universal reacfions fo symmefry smiling efc Buf why Who39s afraid a Addresses claim Japanese love fechnology Wesf nof so much a Theme 6 Exacfly backwards Americans see fools as cenfral and fherefore dangerous Japanese nof so much and so don39f worry abouf if so Arfi cialify used fo recreafe nafural somefimes nafure creafes unnafural pafferns beffer fo undersfand and reproduce arfi cially a Typical plof of magna 5 Japan affacked by somefhing awful a Frighfening cyborg fechnology fhaf scienfisfs musf masfer fame e Infegrafion 6 bofs become infegrafed cyborgs do nof a idea goes back fo fhe Meiji period Confrasf fhaf wifh fhe Wesf39s developmenf 6 Pre hisfory Arfi cial Creafure as companion andor Undersfanding life a Enlighfenmenf nafuml and arfi cial should be separafed a Romanficism fhe nafural is beHer fhan fhe arfi cial 6 Religion Reform arfi cial reproducfion of nafure is a negafive acf e Becomes a popular archefype mad lovers mad scienfisfs Sorcerer39s apprenfice Conclusions 9 Wesferners see machines as explaining the sehc machines are an analogy buf as such progress challenges our speci cify leading to bofh Fascinafion and Fear 5 Japanese keep ideas separafe so speci cify is nof challenged


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