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Systems and Networks

by: Alayna Veum

Systems and Networks CS 2200

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 2200 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/234116/cs-2200-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
Universal Performance MeTrics Sender Transmission Time Overhead sizeband wid Th 7 r Sender Time of Transmission Time Receiver flighT sizebandwidTh Overhead Receiver Transmission Time sizeband wid Th ToTal LaTency A ToTal LaTencxEffecTive BandwidTh Example Consider a neTwork wiTh The following parameTers I The neTwork has a bandwidTh of 10 MbiTsec assuming no conTenTion for This bandwidTh I The sender overhead is 230 us The receiver overhead is 270 us I We wanT To send a message of 1000 byTes o This includes The header 0 IT will be senT as 1 message There is no need To spIiT iT up WhaT is The ToTaI IaTency To send The message To a machine I 100 m aparT no repeaTer delay needed I 1000 km aparT noT realisTic To assume no repeaTer delay buT we will anyhow Useful facTs The speed of lighT is 299792 kms11 is 05 CalcuIaTe The ToTaI IaTency To send The message To boTh machines and deTermine The effecTive bandwidTh Answer ToTaI IaTency sender overhead Time of flighT message sizebandwidTh receiver overhead 100 m ToTaI LaTency 230 us 01 km 05 2997925 kms 1000 s biTs 10 Mbs 270 us 1367 us EffecTive BW 1000 ByTes s biTsbyTe 1367 11s 10396 5115 585 106 Mbs 1000 km ToTaI LaTency 230 11s 1000 km 05 2997925 kms 1000 s biTs 10 Mbs 270 11s 7971 11s EffecTive BW 1000 ByTes 8 biTsbyTe 7971 11s 10396 sus 585 106 Mbs 100 106 Mbs Page 1 0f4 ETherneT Assume The ToTal overhead To send a zerolengTh daTa packeT on an ETherneT is 100 microseconds and ThaT an unloaded neTwork can TransmiT aT 90 of The peak 1000 M biTsec raTing For purposes of This assume The size of The ETherneT header and Trailer is 56 byTes Assume a conTinuous sTream of packeTs of The same size WriTe a formula for effecTive bandwidTh WhaT if The payload daTa size is 32 byTes WhaT if iT is 1500 byTes You mighT wanT To ploT These values assuming 32 byTe incremenTsjusT To see whaT happens Answer PackeT size 8 overhead ETherneT Trailerheader size PackeT size8091000 Mbs PackeT size 8 100 as 56 PackeT size8 900 Mbs PackeT size 8 100 as 0008956 PackeT size For 32 bzfe gacef 32 8 100 56 3200089 256 100 0782 25 Mbs For 1500 bzfe gacef 1500 8 100 56 150000089 12000 100 138 105 Mbs ETherneT EarT 2 The previous suggesTs ThaT The delivered bandwidTh To a single user may be disappoinTing Making The same assumpTions as in above by how much would The maximum payload size have To be increased To deliver half of The peak bandwidTh Answer In This example The packeT size is represenTed by x 500 8x 100 56x00089 500 100 56 x00089 8x 50000 44556 x 8x 355x 50249 2 x 502492355 X 141547 byTes Page 2 0f4 Long DisTance Communication Is elecTronic communicaTion always fasTesT for very long disTances CalculaTe The Time To send 1000 GB using 25 8mm Tapes and an overnighT delivery service versus sending 1000 GB by FTP over The InTerneT Make The following assumpTions I The Tapes are picked up aT 4 PM Pacific Time and delivered 4200 km away aT 10 AM EasTern Time 7 AM Pacific Time I On one rouTe The slowesT link is a T3 line which Transfers 45M biTssec I On anoTher rouTe The slowesT link is a 100M biTsec ETherneT I You can use 50 of The slowesT link beTween The Two siTes Will all The byTes senT by eiTher InTerneT rouTe arrive before The overnighT delivery person arrives Answers For The airplane The T 39 39 Time is T39 quot 39 39 r 39 T of The amounT of informaTion ThaT is Transferred I NoTe ThaT Transmission Time AmounT of daTa raTe of Transfer I ie effecTive BW Remember for T3 ETherneT all informaTion is Transferred aT The speed of The lowesT link 7393 Transmission Time 1000 109 8biTs 05 45 106 bs 355 105 s 98 hours thernef Transmission Time 1000 1o9 8biTs 05 100 1o6 bs 16 105 s 44 hours 771e Plane Transmission Time 15 hours Therefore The delivery service is besT Sub guesTion For The same assumpTions as above whaT is The bandwidTh of overnighT delivery for a 1000 GB package I BW of overnighT service limiTed To The number of Tapes ThaT are physically moveable I The Time is always 15 hours and depends on The capaciTy of The Trucks planes eTc ThaT are parT of The delivery service I BW is greaT if your moving loTs of informaTion buT is bad oTherwise I Never underesTimaTe The power of 2 747s Calcua an EffecTive BW 1000 109 106 8 biTs 15 hours 60 minhr 60 smin Page 3 of4


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