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Constructing Proofs

by: Alayna Veum

Constructing Proofs CS 1050

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 1050 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/234144/cs-1050-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
4 7 Hmu r H 47L m A 3 M zw4mA mmh A x 11 wt 4 L A m gtKVI1IE4 ll LL a L an uznmnsn 4 Wyntux L a uraugrwm 5W a In 2y lvgyLL x a mud PJmRAW J H ti u H Afll ru39dnn Elm ALL l m g mn x z m 139 L n sMsf 77m A VJ 2 3 a 1 L but Km 1 444 J l m 2 s 1 Ma 1 rum 6 x v 14 NK J L a 54 LLL 1 Le 1 lw 5L 439 MUM s u munmg qu Mv w l o LnlvunIBk quot 7M1 h A 5 WI 7771 at 11447 7 A1 my u J A v SM M1 L1 A z Artsyma 41k a J 44 Mr VMLKLS 4 UVIAIEL A V 519 Lht A Anna 39 u rs W w z mama r 024 r Va mugMara J hm VIxmuu Fm u L wJ AUL1H 5 any 57L M mam rrrs z m Akin L Hmulm yr 4 4 K 39 Ilam V AimMVUSM uz a L 439 flagpuaunwnx M 1115 Jun 3 475quot pg Amid L 1 JJWM 4 ML 7 47 i i 7 Aquot a quotrquotquot V 77 nwsw7 4f 1m w W 7 39 r r Q wygu uibvlixy 397f y u w 3 MIL r 39W I39WfIv n quot rquot E1 7 u7 a irt 7 u 79 ranlt5 gtu1 7 W 39 aa39 7 P17 s3qu39 way1y fquot W l V quotp 11 7 7 7 EVW39QI39 lthIv 5 r 7 V 47 139 13 7 Hf MS quot3 w mm quotI39 TV ZJ f 1 7 T f ii7 dyl7ITi1w 7 fh39 V Wquot L1 J n w m I Lm L Mum Ax S m e nu1mm 7 tJJwm J r ed Uyu A a L m m L V f7 u X6 u L J JJMJZ 4 3rJIV0WLLH 1 13 J lt V 14 4 mug g gmllLLLJz km4 and 9 39 thru quotJ A u A e AMEIL w 1 ng s AunZJ s 2 5 Lu U 141 Je mm d RM 2 vas Artyu Ayn Au 4 Trina 47 a 5 LA Jn1 JMAJ A Lam39m cm nunn MAM 4M w 2 KL M 4 Emmi M1 Im r39E M a W in ML x Amw 1147 L quota 4ij L21 AM A armruul44 AA E Wk 1 VI 4JVu m uInyzna3mum n ML ll IA4Mch1 AA5yymu a 17 7 mysm UMLn f nk s4I31 l 41L MLL Lml it 11 a 1 1 75quot AAA L L7 9419 1 knuvm H llur r1 J me 11 J LLy 5 7 J hu nMram and quot4 1Ak395 m lt L a 7 H 7 Iquot 3p gt s v s gt tl 61 apply rule 10a to l we get p v s v s v t 2 13 appying rule 3a to 2 we get p v s v s v t3 0 applying rule 5a to 3 we get p v s v s v s v t 4 d applying 3a to 3 pvsvsvt applying 5a to 4 p v s v t 5 6 appying 10a to 6 we get p gt s v t 5 See the back of the book 15 see back ofthe book 16 p 9 q is true when either p is true and q is false or when q is true and p is false pA qX pAq 19 a p q pAq pvpAq 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 thef1rstandforthcolumns arethesamesopvpqltgtp b p q pAq pApvq 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 Again the first and forth clolumns are the same so the result Section 26 1 This argument is not valid The aw is in the statemen quot if A were false than C would be false tooquot This statement does not follow logically from statement quot A implies Cquot symbolically A gt C does not follow from A gt C 3 a counterexample when A is false A gtC is true but C is false Therefore there is no proof that C is always true b counterexample when both A and B are false A gtC and B gtC are true but C is false 0 similar to a and b except that we assume Al A2 A3 A100000 are all false 6 assume take bus E b take subway E s late for appt El be broke E r hypotheses l bvs gt1 2 c gt lr 3 l a C does not follow from hypotheses There are other ways to be on time aside from taking a cab For example a friend could39Ve come and picked them up and drove them to the appt on time b We can only infer this if they took a cab But from a we know that they may not have taken the cab Fi their friend picked them up they would be on time and not be broke c Using contrapositive on 1 using DeMorgan s law Il gt Ib IS rule 17 applied to 5 Il gt IS rule 19 applied to 6 and 3 IS d does not follow There are many other ways of spending all your money besides taking a cab e Does not follow One can take a bus spend all their money on chocolate and still be broke 9 a look in the back of the book b Dry weather E d Hike E h Swim E s Warm weather E w Hypotheses d gthvs l us 2 applying contrapositive to l applying DeMorgan s law applied to 3 Ih IS gt Id applying rule 13 to 2 w gtssaw 5 applying rule 16 to 5 w gts 6 applying contrapositive to 6 IS gt IW applying rule 19 to 6 and 4 we get applying 10a to 7 applying deMorgan s law to 8 hvwv d 9 appling associative law to 9 hvwv d 10 apply 10a to 10 h gtwv d 11 commutative law applied to l l Ih gt IdW c look in the back ofthe book d Study law E 1 Make lots money E In Study archeology E a Travel a lot E t Be disappointed E d Hypotheses lam l aat 2 mvt gt d 3 contrapositive to 3 d gt mvt 4 demorgan s to 4 d gt Im It contrapositive to l contrapositive to 2 ut gt ua rule 12b and simpli cation to 5 d gt m 8 rule 24 to 8 and 6 da d 9 rule 12b and simplication to 5 da a 10 rule 24 to 10 and 7 d gt ua l2b applied to 9 and l l d gt ul ua 12 a counterexample p q rpAr qAr gtp r qa ur 0 0 0 l l 1 all hypotheses are true yet p is false


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