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Database Technologies

by: Alayna Veum

Database Technologies CS 4440

Alayna Veum

GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alayna Veum on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 4440 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/234133/cs-4440-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in ComputerScienence at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Em Y u 39 W W means of spa 39 quot data types all quot validating the d quot il iltSE 311 XML whamml 1 1111 XML schemas b 200 Wimmms N39 ueem ooda Grouping D XML Name D XML Tools htrzoo Wigwam m t u A i 939 quot5 Q h H U m q quot quotgt4 PREFIX ltxsdelement name comment typequotxsdstring gt 4 GLOBAL DECL lt ement name FLIGHT type FlightType gt ltxsdcomplexType name FlightTypequotgt ltxsdsequencegt ltxsdelement ref comment minOccurs 0 gt lt REFERENCE ltxsdelementname DEPART E 39 ypequotFlighLInfoquot gt ltxsd element name DESTINATION typequotFlighLInfoquotgt ltxsdsequencegt ltxsdattribute name PRICEquot typequotxsddecimal use required gt ltxsdcomplexTypegt 1 Ii nquu COMPLEX TYPE ltxsdsequencegt ltxsdelement name CITY type xsdstring gt ltxsdelement name STATE type USSiate gt ltxsdelement name DT type xsd me gt ltxsdsequencegt ltxsd complexTyp egt uSomte SIMPLE TYPE ltxsdrestric1jonbasequotxsdstringquotgt ltxsdenumera on valuequotAKquotgt quotALquotgt ltxsdenumera on valuequotARquotgt lt17 and so on 7gt ltxsdrestric ongt ltxsdsimpleTyp egt ltxsdschemagt The Flight example portrays one f ight from departure to destination D The Uperepresel which can either tribu 4qu it D Attributes are declared using element 0 Attributes can quot Note that the concep 391 WES 117 51 Sign fgm i mm ma mu m y exclusive and so 39 is n mardtam default attributes If the attribute does attribute does not a be 0 Default allows the val the instance locument gmmmmw proc r 39r quot mammeqmwmwwa attribute Default attribute valu element values appl D Declared with the attribute is Required Optional y Sing as mfaumtmre D Cannot contain a type attribth D Cannot contain 0 Elements that contain number dates etc but 39 39 iaa n m digital 116a XML Schema tii mfg dammit SWINE builtin data zy m u g m t u D Uses the simple p el type I We restrict the range of the integer has type by employing called minlnclusive and maxlnelusive f gt 7 Schema Syntax simpleType Cont d NEW Simple Types Cont d I XML Schema de nes fteen facets v A facet is a method for deriving simple types f1 0 restricting simple types xsd mpleTypenamequotUSStatequotgt ltxsdrestric1jon basequotxsdstringquotgt lt sdenumeratjon valuequotAKquotgt ltxsdenumeratjon valuequotALquotgt ltxsdenumeratjon valuequotARquotgt The enumeration facet ltxsdsimpleTypegt limits raisimple type to arset 39 of distinct valu es Schema Syntax 7 Simple Types Cont d List Types I L T pes are also simple types I Comp ed of equence of atomic types delimited by a space ltxsdsimpleType name listOfMyIntType gt ltxsd itemType myInteger gt lt xsd simpleTyp 9 15037quot 1 15047quot Schema Syntax Simple Types Con pes I SeVerill facets can be applied to list types length mmLength lizaxLengtL and enumeum39on ltxs d simpleTyp e name USStateList gt ltxsdlist itemType USState gt ltxsd simpleTyp egt ype name SixUSStatesquotgt tric on base USStateList gt F 6 gt gt BERTpr ltSixUSStaLesgtPA NY CA NY LA GAltSixUSStatesgt Schema Syntax Simple Types Con I Union types are also imple types I Instances of one type drawn from the union of multiple atoml and list types ltxsdsimpleType name zips gt d39lminn ltx dsimpleTypegt ltzipsgtCAltzipsgt ltzipsgt95630 95977 95945ltzipsgt Schema Syntax Complex Type I Elements that contain subeleinents or carr attributes are said to be complex types I New complex types are defined using the complexlype ele1nent I Complex types contain a set of element declarations ele1nent references and attribute declarations 1 by Leo Mark nd Hua Yang LOO coda 1 Schema Syntax Com Iex Type Cont d ltxsdcomplexType name Fligthypequotgt ltxsdsequen gt ltxsdelemem re commem minoccurs 0 gt ltxsdelemem name DEPA UREquot typequotFlig1lInfoquotgt lt elemenl name DESTINATION typequotFlighlInfoquotgt ltxsdsequencegt ltxsdaltribule name PRICEquot typequotxsddecimalquotgt ltxsdcomplexTypegt ltxsd 391 namequotFlighlInfoquotgt ltxsdsequencegt ltxsdelement name CITY e xsdstrin gt the sequence typ g 39 ltxsdelemem name STATEquot type USSlale gt comman forces ltxsdelemenl name DT type xsdlime gt ltxsdsequencegt Ilcomp1cXTypegt order n which iey are y de hi E u ltxsdelement name comment typ equotxsdstring gt lt ltxsdelement name FLIGHT type FlightType gt ltxsdcomplexType name FlightTypequotgt xsdsequencegt ltxsdelement reI39Z Tomment minOccurF 0 gt REFERENCE ltxsdelement name DEPARTUREquot y equotFli hLInl oquotgt ltxsd element name DESTINATION typequotFlighLInfoquotgt ltxsdsequencegt ltxsdattribute name PRICEquot typequotxsddecimal use required gt ltxsdcomplexTypegt 1 IE nuluu COMPLEX TYPE ltxsdsequencegt ltxsde1emem name CITY type xsdstring gt ltxsdelement name STATE typeZ USSt te gt ltxsdelement name DT type xsd me gt ltxsdsequencegt ltxsd complexTyp egt ltxsd impleType namequotUSStatequotgt 4 SIMPLE TYPE ltxsdrestric1jon basequotxsdstrin quotgt ltxsd39enum 39 ltxsdenumera on valuequotARquotgt lt17 and so on 7gt ltxsdrestric ongt ltxsdsimpleTypegt ltxsdschemagt The Flight example portrays one ight from departure to destination quotSchema Syntax Anonymous Types I Saves overhead of having to name anelement I Used when type not referenced more than bnce I Identi ed by the lack of a ape in an element or attr declaraion Element does quotm have a W2 7ent name Fligntgt ltxs d complexTyp egt sd sequencegt ltxsdelement i vl comment minOccurs 0 gt ltxsdelement namF DEPARTURE tprquotFligth1foquotgt ltxsdelement name DESTINATION typequotFlighLInfoquotgt ltXsdsequencegt ltxsdattribute name PRICEquot typequotxsddecimal use r equired gt xs mplngyp e 39 1st 1 merit Bad idea to use Copyn39ght r2001 by Leo Mark Naureen Hooda and Him Yang Content Type siinpleContent s a compleXTvpe to behave like a siinpleType with attributes quot Aquot quotym s H an extension pe xsdelement namequotinternamionalPrice39L of dec39ma ltxsdcomplexTypegt ltxsdsimpleContentgt ltxsdextension base sddecindlquotgt simpleContent either ltxsdamtribute namequotcurrencyquot typequotxsdstring I restricts or extends ltxsdextensiongt ltIxsdsimpeContentgt ltx39sdiumplexTypegt zxsme39eme39 Allows an attribute rot quot 39 the type of cunen the base of simpleType Copyn39ght r2001 by Leo Mark Naureen Hooda and Him Yang Schema Syntax Element Content Content T 39pe co1nplexContent I Restricts or extend the content model of a complex the With coin lexContent Without coin lexContent ltxsdcompleXContentgt ltxsdsequencegt iguana ltxsdsequencegt ltxsdeement ref comment gt ltxsdsequencegt ltxsdextensiongt ltxsdcomplexContentgt ltXsdsequencegt ltxsdcompleTypegt y Derived a new complexType through extension of Fli tlnfo pITY type xsdstring gt ltxsdelement nameZ STATE typeZ USStatequot gt ltxsdelement name DT typ e xsd dateTime gt ltxsdelement ref comment gt We have to rep eat every element Sch ma Syntax Element thtent Cont d Mixed Content I A110 con ned to the deepe enables data to appear e een the child ltxsdeement name tterBodyquotgt elements ofle emody ltxsdcompexType mlxedquottrue r ltxsdse uence ltlxs seciuencegt ltxsdcomp exTypegt ltlxsdelementgt pus velnte erquotgt e 39xs strlng39 gt Copyright r2001 y Leo Mark Naureen Hooda and Him Yang data to appear alongside subelenients data i not ubelenients using the mixed attr ltetterBodygt ltsalutationgtD MrltnamegtRobe Smlthltlnamegtltlsalutamo ngt Yuur or er a ltquantt gt1ltlquanttygt rqduc ame y onltorltlproductNamegt ship ed from our wag h ltshIpDategt1999D5 21ltlshIpDategt ltll tterBodygt e 39 I 139 ML Schema provides three 6161116ka gt annotatinb commenting schemas Documentation iu ed fo39 has cop 391 1ght mformatlp Use xmllang amibute with any documentation elements to indicate the language ofthe information groups i group I D XlVlL Schema enables group defined and nain eglquot 39 choice sequence all Choice Groups 0 Allows only o1 instance 0 Correspondsto39 Choose between a roundtrip ticket or one w I Referencing m e RoundTrip mu 7 Schema Syntax Grouping Cont d quence Groups I Fore the elements to appear in the s ne sequence order in which they are declared ltxs d complexTyp 9 name FlightType gt ltxsd p gt ltxs 1 element name DEPARTURE typ 8quotF1ightlnfoquotgt ltxs 1 element name DESTINATION typ 8quotF1ightlnfoquotgt ltxsd s equencegt ltxsd attribute name PRICE quot typ e quotxsd decimal quotgt ltxsdcomplexTyp egt Copyright r2001 by Leo Mark Naureen Hooda and Him Yang Schema Syntax G ou pi ng Cont d All Groups I All the elements in the group may appear once or not at all and they may appear in any order minOccur maXOcct I None of the children may be ally type of element group only 1ndiyidual elements ltxsdcomplexType namequotFlightInfoquotgt limited Q s 39gt to o39uly ltxsdelement name CITY typ e xsdstring gt 11161109 ltxsdelement name STATE quot typ e USState gt eye 0 an ltxsdelement name DT typ e xsddateTime gt content ltxsdalgt mod lt1Xsd complexTyp egt n r200 Wimmmg coda Target Nameipaceg a 1 1 quot W a am mmh fm Schema Vocabulary Chemistry Vocabulary 39 ltelementgt ltelementgt Each vocabulary would have a dAfferent namespace m order to dnsungmsh the two elements mam in The 4mm She b1 3 db hm ma mm bre witmm g targemamespa www2xamulemmP l 7 httnIlwwwwlnrnZDUDIl XMLSLhma gt me nmme was xsd my LIGHT type Fligmyp Fllghl rvne mnmenr mmoccurs n gt u n ltgtlts want u ltxsd l2ment name DEPARTURE t x me ram 1 ullf H gt QhullfnH r m Kmiw renuired gt spa t1 lw llWWwexamnlecnmP l lwwww3nm2 ll X nmmen tvue gt r ltsch2ma tar etName ww2xamnlecnmP l arget Namespace xm ns p n h 2 r 1 amen n l E mam me camp exTvpe namer uenc decimar us whim milk mmmmv quotI my via GENES i311 363 L rm LIE1G1 lta r u 2 na ltcummemuegt r ltcummempe nam2 Fliuhunfn gt schemagt 39 Wmlmmk am 511m mag Schema N Target Nameg M All local 616111311 1 quali ed Z unqmli ed 39 1g eleIneanQ 1butes on t1 7 Wmmg Ewen Requires prefix m 2 LIGHT Wu 7 nam2 Fliuthyne ltSTATEgtARltSTATEgt ltfdat2gt2 l 29ltfdat2gt m2gt132uuuuuultmmegt lt5 ltfdat2gt2 l 29ltfdat2gt ltmmegt152uuuuuultmmegt ltDESTINATIONgt ltapu mch RICE typ2 decimal use rEuuired ltcDmD2xTVDEgt r ltcumD 2xTvDE nam2 Fliuhllnfn gt r lt2 2m2nt nam2 ClTY tvue string gt ATE 12 lt2num2ratmn v ltrestntmngt ltsmD2TvDEgt seh2magt Instance Document 3371131me 3 V 439 N amen mmfm 3mg m D To speci attributes a q to quali ed 0 Quali ed 100 11L 100 mme enHooda ma W exempts camPm WWW exampie camFEW m p p MW p WWW W3 angDDDtEIXMLSchemarinstance camP nun EIXMLSchema ltapa CWVgtA amaltlapa am 2 u PR CE tvpea demma use vequwed gt Pteprename Manama ltsequencegt ltapa vamegt2um 7D5729ltlapa tdategt ltapa mmegt15 2n nu DECKspa mmegt ltapa DESHNAHONgt pa menu we ltlsimpte ypegt ch gt ltls ems axm vevsmn u mm ltFUGHT mm mm WWW example mm name c mammem ms s a thm Exampleltlcammemgt lament names amplexWPE n3 ltsequencegt 39 g Since all the elements belong to the same namespace the namespace acts as a default namespace for all the elements so no prefixes are needed dmo Instance Document Mg 0 By amass 7 lNaux Check out XMLApg site for itmlls L g WNW c 39 Nam 37m my


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