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by: Coty Von

Paul Mayne

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About this Document

Paul Mayne
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Coty Von on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEE 6423 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Paul Mayne in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/234175/cee-6423-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Enhanced InSitu Testing for Geotechnical Site Characterization PT VST DMT PMT CHT DHT CPT Graduate Course CEE 6423 Paul W Mayne PhD PE Professor Geosystems Program Civil amp Environmental Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta GA 303320355 USA Email paulmayneceqatechedu Ph 4048946226 and fax2281 httpwwwceqatecheduqeosys Fall Semester 2005 Enhanced InSitu Testing for Geotechnical Site Characterization Table of Contents Course Notes SECTION 01 Outline and Table of Contents 02 Units Conversion Table 03 Importance of Units NASA case history 04 Geologic Formations 0 Geology of Georgia 05 Drilling amp Sampling of Soil amp Rock 0 Rotary drilling and augering 0 Soil sampling methods disturbed Si undisturbed 0 Rock coring bits core barrels RQD 06 Rock Mass Properties 0 Intact rock classification 0 Rock mass ratings RMR o QRating NGI 0 Geologic Strength Index GSI 0 Rock mass strength 0 Rock mass modulus O7 InSitu Testing Introduction 0 Geostratigraphy 0 Overview of common insitu tests including 0 Standard Penetration Testing SPT Vane Shear Test VST Flat Plate Dilatometer Test DMT Pressuremeter Test PMT Cone Penetration CPT Piezocone CPTu 00000 41 42 43 46 51 53 55 57 08 Geophysical Methods 0 Mechanical waves compression P shear S Rayleigh Rwaves o Refraction RF 0 Crosshole CHT Downhole DHT Surface Waves SASW Sources and wave signal postprocessing Electromagnetic Waves GPR SR EM 09 Initial State 0 Indices of sand particles 0 Calibration chamber testing 0 Relative density of clean quartz sands 10 Effective Friction Angle from InSitu Tests 0 Drained Penetration clean quartz sands 0 Case Study west campus Georgia Tech Test Site 0 Soil Behavioral Classification by CPT o Undrained Effective Penetration Method NTH Method 11 Profiling Overconsolidation Ratio in Clays by CPTU and DMT 0 Critical State Soil Mechanics CSSM 0 Formulation for Type 1 and 2 piezocones o Calibrations with laboratory chamber tests 0 Applications to field case studies 0 CSSMCE approach for flat plate dilatometer 12 FirstOrder Preconsolidation Evaluation from InSitu Tests 0 Approximate methods for evaluating Pc39 from insitu tests Cone Piezocone Dilatometer Vane Pressuremeter and VS 0 Case studies Port of Anchorage Alaska 13 Undrained Shear Strength 0 Characteristic Mode 0 Strength Anisotropy 0 Case Study Troll Offshore Site North Sea 0 Case Study Bootlegger Cove Formation Anchorage 62 62 64 65 65 66 67 69 72 73 75 76 81 82 83 85 87 91 92 94 95 97 99 100 103 106 106 107 108 110 14 Cooper Marl Piezocone Case Study from Charleston SC 15 Evaluation of K0 in Soils 0 General KoOCR relationships in clay silt sand 11 gravel soils 0 CPT Calibration Chamber database method for quartzitic sands 0 Case study applications to field sites 0 Shearwave based methods 16 Porewater Pressure Dissipation Tests 0 Permeability and Coefficient of Consolidation from Dissipation Results 0 Monotonic Porewater Pressure Decays Strain Path Method Rigidity Index evaluations 0 Case study Bothkennar National Test Site UK c MonotonicDilatory Response CECSSM Approach 0 Calibrations with field data 0 Direct k estimation from t50 dissipation value 17 Piedmont Residual Soils o Nontextbook Geomaterials o Opelika National Geotechnical Experimentation Site NGES 18 Equivalent Stiffness amp Elastic Soil Modulus 0 Types of Soil Stiffness 0 Chamber test data for CPT 0 Reference smallstrain stiffness Gmax and nonlinearity 0 Nonlinear stressstrainstrength of soils 19 Seismic Geotechnical Site Characterization amp Liquefaction Evaluation 0 Seismic ground hazards 0 Ground motions during earthquakes o Liquefaction evaluation from insitu tests 0 Applications to New Madrid Seismic Zone NMSZ 15 Future Developments amp Concepts 112 117 118 122 126 137 138 144 144 145 147 148 154 155 157 159 179 190


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