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Construction Engr & Mgt

by: Coty Von

Construction Engr & Mgt CEE 4100

Coty Von

GPA 3.94

Jochen Teizer

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About this Document

Jochen Teizer
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Coty Von on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEE 4100 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Jochen Teizer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/234178/cee-4100-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Geo i Teach in 7 Nr CEE 4100 Introduction to Construction ngineering and Management First Lecture Dr Jochen Teizer 0 Professional Affiliations 7 Ame an SucietyufCiviiEngmeevsASCE 7 Cunstiuciiun industvyinstitute on 7 Cunstvumiuninstitute Ci Safety first I Nearest exits are Partia List of Skills Acquired During a Typical Georgia Tech Graduate Education 7 Tianspunatiun Reseavch Euavd TRE 7 intematiunaiAssuciatiun un Autumatiun and Rubuiics m Cunstiudiun iAARC 7 at mm mm 0 Motivation quot7 ma needster hands 7 Educatiun ism biggest gmm deveiup uuipiufessiunai hie huge 35th Ms all n 1 you are 530 and control ati I mam i i 33953 WEN Construction Research I PURA Presidential Undergraduate Research Ward 7 1 SEIEI information Sessions offered nttg VWW underuradresearcn gatecn redofunding gng Scholarship I Undergraduate Construction Scholarships N 1 EIEIEI 7 Contact Dr Teizer Research for Credit I Small research projects for credit hours 7 am E huurs pervveek 7 Examples Learn thenretical and prameai data cullectiun and preeessrng methudsfur eenstrmren si e penerrnanee analysis Laburatury Wurk Literature review 7 Cuntact Dr Terzer Class material 0 Bunk e Halpm e mtg Wwwcecmuedugmbnuk o Classvvebsite o Humevvurk e hugsArsguave gatech edu e Humewuvkl DueDate FndayEpm 0 Student uNey e mtg WWW vagids gatech eduCEEAlDUindex him 7 Print in win us Be an new 2nns Lecture Topics and Syllabus m Eanstmdmn rmsw Business Dwnersmv wea Eamtvudmnlnsuvance rr r Wm eMLAdmmstvmmn mm mm 7mm satay one in mnre POPVQuIzzEs Let s get Started I Histo e Prufessiun began in lain century in France 7 First Civil Engineer was an Englishman Mlnhn Smlnnln 1151 Cmslructinn imluslly ElTrEng ee Tr a PE 7 Prniessmnai Englneer a urrm ormgrnsasvmhaveadvmwussonthegaymdv aemtmpmhc n mi germane Civil Engineering Specialties Environm entaIIWater Quality Geotechnical Construction 1 Integrates design knowledge into an cution plan 2 Management of construction resources abor materials equipment money and time u Economic Impact I Every 1 spent on new construction generates 360 in economic activity in other industries I Every 1 Billion of new construction creates 50000 newjobs a lS EIEIEIlubs in tne cunstructicin industry a SA DDDlubs in supplies is seryices The Construction Project IA De nition Temporary Endeavor to create a Unique Evolving Project or Servicequot 7 Tempurary means eacn pruiect has a definite beginning and a definite end 7 Pruiects inyulye duing surnetning Wnicn has nut been dune befcire and Wnicn lS therefure unique cir onerofrarklnd I Contractor Sets up a Facton on the Site and Custombuilds Each Job Construction Industry Statistics Annual Volume russ Dcirnestic Pruduct U ntil la75 cunstructicin represented 942 cist GDP 7 Has drcippedtci Meana due tci tne public cunstructicin and tne snift cif manufacturing uverseas I Construction Project Financing 7 EM cif cunstructicin is prlvately financed 7 2D is paid by yaricius public agencies I 950 billion Total 7 ann cift e US 3 we Construction Industry Employment I Cunstructicin cuntracturs ernplciy 5 rnillicin Wurkers during a typical year I Cunstructicin industry ernplciyrnent represents rnent cansidering rnaterial suppliers lnsuvance design etc the curlstvuctlurl industry makes up 947 utthe alltutal gainful ernplayrnent I lncludes l ZEIEI EIEIEI firms scirne are blg but must are small 24 I Abuut 75ELDEIEI firrns du rlut Even have a payrcill 63 I Average nurnbercifernplciyees per firm a 5 Ma Characteristics of Construction ects e ine pressure 7 psi and cast pressure luwplutn e umplexlty e ncenalntyR lsk ulnuvel e tbnfliclLitigatibn clairns are 1 bfcbst I Laburarld Material intensive Direct Cust I mplex and Timercunsumln I Multiple DisciplinesTrades inyulyed I Hignly variable and Unpredictable Facturs i Emu haw What is Construction Engineer39 9 and Management CEM quotmay cation of uvviedge Skiiis Tuuis andTechmquestu Frauen Activities m urdertu MeeturExceed Stakehuider Needs and Expematmnsfmm a F39rtuect I Stakeholders with differing Needs Identi ed and Expectations Unidenti ed Appli r Kn Construction Management as a Iterative Process of Balancing Demands Scnpe anx Scheduie as NatuEiPnhticaiSnmai Enwnnmem mm Risk v mmti Human Resnuvces AcmuntmgPmmvem e Satelv m enemas cnal mlne Narrhachquot near Cnlnuneln Gummy Construction Methods Imnscnnllnmlalllallrnad mm Nnnvernam t I Main Performance Metrics in Construction 7 Cust Schedule 39 7 Quality 7 Safety Content of the Lecture In Brie Lifecycle of a PrOJect I Technical Approach meet PmledExemtmn ml Clnsennpmlecl rilliun I Rehabilitate the US Infrastructure 7st m3 uvernext in years s Equipment e e I Business Planning 7 me it make sense m build I Scoring Graph 7 What are the prublerns I Scope De nition 7 Answer all impunant uues tluns befure building 3 Planning Estimating quotmemequenmteslabemea Bidding Emma Wee tamm mm DelailerleleclPlanmng Ehaosecanstmdmnmetnads resumes etc materials we supplies we 5 ubcamvactms lmvedmnmqual vwam mimewm anhudvetwam9 eceweVa men Project Execution Endalz month Stanal zem 1 month 5 Construct I Procurement I Project start Machines Transportation S afety I Comes rst Productivity 0 Ram uf uperatmn xcavatuv 7 Reduce cust schedu a Top 5 lnDemand Majors Sm ux mm x uv aQ mam 3 mm W gggwmgwm mm m WmmwmmmwWm mm WWW a mm WWW Km nghe3grammwsagzsmwgmsE a smmW wummmmwn 2 nam m 1 x ahmmuxivnnmiuum Rum Scheduling I Critical Path m m x mm mun


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