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Construction Engr & Mgt

by: Coty Von

Construction Engr & Mgt CEE 4100

Coty Von

GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Coty Von on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEE 4100 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/234183/cee-4100-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Construction Administration from a Structural Engineer s Perspective CHRIS REUTLINGER PE WALTER P MooRE 013106 Overview 39 INTRODUCTION C COMMUNICATION TRAC CON T TS PREINSTALLATION CONFERENCES 39 SUEMI39I39I39ALS REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION RFI39S 39 MODIFICATIONS AND CHANGE ORDERS FIELD OBSERVATIONS 39 INSPECTIONS AND MATERIAL TESTING Introduction 1997 ESCE LEHIGH UNIVERSITY 1999 MscE GEORGIA TECH 4 YEARS WITH WALTER P MOORE PRIMARILY STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING WITH CIVIL TRANSPORTA oN PARKING DIAGNOS11KZS ETC PROJECT TYPES STAHUMSIARENAS CONVENTION CENTERS OEEIcE EUILDNGS Introduction WPM around Atlanta amp GT Contracts DesignBidBuild Contracts DesignBuild Communication CRITICAL T0 SUCCESS39UL PROJECTS CONSI39RUCI39ION PROBLEMS RESJLT FROM POOR COIMUNICATION 39 DOCUMENTATION IS CRUCIAL 39 wRI39I39I39EN 39 NONWRITTEN LETTERS NEE Neg 39 M05 PHoNE REPORTS CONVERSATIONS NEETING MINUTES 39 DRAWINGS F SltETCHES EMAIL PHoTos Communication Communication Protocol INDIREcr DIREcr TEAM CONCEPT Contract Documents 39 DRAWINGS 39 PLANS DETAILS SCHEDULES DRAWINGS ARE DIAGRAMS FOR WHAT TO EUILD NOT NECESSARILV AN ExAcT REPLICA OF THE EUILD NG 39 SPECIFICATIO S VERNS CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS REQUIRED SUEMITI39ALS ACCEPTAELE MATERIALSMETHODS TES11NG REQUIREMENTS Contract Documents Drawings mm mm nunxi WP BARS kaan mP wm EA EDD I I quotIz iz39l39iquIZ m M maximlvl L 25 I spam I aim Ipl Contract Documents Specifications I m IL 5 I c m mums wv m J 71 an mam MICVH3 gamma aw re mum rd aquot New I 11 m 4 4151 q mum mm Sumen Ie compllance mm reqmremems pravIde one a me iDHoerIg pmdm e J esscwrznm butquot quotPozzuhm 322w m Puivheed 997 Master Emidevs mhmww 2 u quotPiasmcreie 15139 SIka Chemicai 00m quotEucon was or wnm The Euchd Mammal Company Inc WRDA wIIh choi W FI Grace amp Cu Bola NWquot or Burs Lwquot Eurai MaIeIIaITecnneIemes Inc Preinstallation Conference PRIOR TO START OF CONSTHJCTION COORDINATED BY GENERAL CONTRACTOR ATI39ENDEES GENERAL CONTRACTOR RELEVANT SUBCONTRACTORS ARCHITECT STRUCTURAL ENGINEER TESTING AGENCY 39U l E U SPECIFICATIONS COMPLICATED AREAS 39 SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Preinstallation Conference Klaus CONCRETE 40 FLYASH REPLACEMENT REQUIRED SEVERAL TRIAL MIXES FOR EVALUATING STRENGTH PLACING FINISHING ETC DELAYED F T STRESSING 7D v 13D INCREASED FORMWORK COSTS ADDITIONAL CYLINDERS REQUIRED 39 PERMANENT SHORING WALL 30 OF UNBALANCED SOIL CRITICAL PATH CONTRACT DOCUMENTS SHOWED MSE WALL 39 CONTRACTOR PREFERRED PERMANENT SHORING WALL mzoitjzuiu 2032on IIIZEZI ilaunl gtl OIBISII gtJi220u MAS Lila 502 3535on 12 z whammy quot215612 gtmF uni gt13 gnugEnsm gnugEnsm ms v quotwucwgwmcou oummumwn Submittals Review Process PT BEAM RF T14 V ON CONTRACT DOCUMENTS m sw w mm L am 7n um WHH um mm 05H 5 m Ran m Wm Submittals DrawingReality PT BEAM RPT14 0N SHOP DRAWINGS Submittals DrawingReality PT Em IN FIELD PIsz DETAIL 9N CeN39rlun Dome39rs Submittals DrawingReality Pun IN snap DRAWINGS 1 w w 1 PIsz IN HELD Requests for Information 39 WHAT ARE THEY 39 COMMUNKZATION TOOL 39 MEANS FOR CONTRACI39OR TO ASK QUESTIONS AND GET CLARIFICATIONS FROM DESKSN TEAM 39 TYPKZALLY FROM CONTRACTOR OR SUB CONT R TO DESIGN TEAM TYPKZALLY ROUTED THROUGH PRIME CONSULTANT PART OF OUR CONTRACT WITH THE CLIENT TYPKZAL REVIEW TIME IS 37 DAYS Requests for Information WHY ARE THEY NEEDED DOCUMENT CHANGES CLARIFICATIONs ETC CHANGES To THE CONTRACT DOC SHOULD BE FOLLOWED LP BY 5 REouEsr REPAIR INFORMA HON ENT LM 5 KETCHES ETC 39 BECOME LEGAL PART OF CONTRACT DOCUMENTS 39 ARE INCORPORATED INTO FINAL ASBUILT DRAWINGS GIVEN TO WNER AFI39ER CONSI39RUCI39ION IS COMPLETE Requests for Information Examples WG quot 39 zssmnmm l39lTL rnomcmm rm Klaus ompumu w No 00164 mm m m m I snswx I mudomv Dem um am 2004 03 mm m A4 wm I3X2P1dmm ireei s mme some munmm I hanc 4nm 3 mo m 404739275323 u KLQLIIUM o m 70 niN39L a lm 5 5D ngt nK mm a z EvleM A no39a Q s P was usltuu mm M mng sewn WV 3 a MM 7 mm 4 We um umbr Mun we M CLAHFICATION Requests for Information Examples CONFIRMING RFI Subject ent Slab an Grade Reinfomng Drawing No SI Code Detail Na concrete Reinfmtement Other Red No WPM EmaII 4505 annmiauun Requested Dan This RF IE to mn nn that MBCI has m u A e m Ileu nf WWR sxaew4xwa wne mesh m t e 5e h ha merit siab on grade pe WM and of John Tschudm Requests for Information Examples REQUEST conner along me EE 3 Lme w A I vim M m Me an also disturb the design ofrhe same length cfrhe 6378 Please renew the n ached sketch and pmude an acceptable solutch FIELD CONDITIONS Requests for Information Examples Modifications and Change Orders 39 HOW AE MODIFICATION ISSUED 39 85x SKETCHES 39 FULLSIZE DRAWINGS 39 ARCHITECTURAL SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTIONS ASI39S WHY ARE THEY NEEDED 39 OWNER REVISIONS 39 VERY FEW CONTRACT DOCUMENTS ARE PERFECT 39 UNKNOWN FIELD CONDITIONS 39 ERRORS IN FABRICATION 39 ERRORS ON SITE CHANGE ORDERs 39 INCREASE IN COST DUE TO MODIFCATIONS FROM THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT DOCUMENTS BID 39 USUALLY REVIEWED BY STRUCTURAL ENGINEER FOR QUANTITIES TO PROTECT OWNER Modifications and Change Orders Modifications and Change Orders I szz MEN rm 5mm SEE Vim cw Nssmy SECOND FLOOR PART AL PLAN C iIY n39 Ema Ovmmqltmzosm mnemm 01 TIan gum 2202 0 ma 415 0 Umm z m muzm m4 z mmzmxk nozmoxzgtznm 41 41m oozwqxcnzoz 081m24m oma 1mxm1mndltm 02 15 2on gt20 15 comm 1x053 Emmi an 40 morltm lmru 1xomrmzm Umltmr01 xmrgtdozm1u 41 nozaxk dx Inu muo na 922 1x0 moon onxzgtzm1i Ema Ovmmqltmzosm Ema Ovmmqltmzosm nazgsr muncinznzqm owmmxltgtsoz zoa 2mumndoz 03me 45 soxx m z omzmxz nowaxEnm 34 92354 Uoncxmz unmocmzn un zum oz 923 Siam mlt ncmza mini Ewumnsoz may SQ n3 mruzo nounm mmugtzgt 32354 is in oszmx 30 Cu 55 umxwoxxm manna zm Field Observations EVOND cu scoFE Mam mo Msmons Duascma gamma on guncom SAFETY MEASLI Es smppma woax WHO s IouLD AccoMFANv cu VISITS Commune supsmmsnnsm Esnsncm IF CLIENT cm ACCOMPANV Field Observations WHAT DO WE OEERVE Field Observations Field Observations Reports manna Inspections and Material Testing INDEPENDENT LABORATORY PROVIDE TECHNICIANS AND ENGINEERS TO FERF OESTE NSECTIONS AND MATERIAL TEerNG TYPICALLY CONTRACrED BY THE OWNER DESCRIEES THEIR SCOPE OF WORK FOR A RO ECT MEET ASTM E329 quotSrANDARD OF RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FOR NSFECTION AND TEerNG AGENCIES FOR CONCRETE AND STEEL As UED IN CONsrRUCrIONquot Inspections and Material Testing 39 TYPBAL SERVK BATCH FLANT NSECTION CONCRETE CYLINDERS SLUMF TEsrs AND AIR ENTRAINMENT TEer REEAR F39T LAYOUT AND srREssNG SFRAYED ON FIREPROOFING NONDEsrRUCTIVE TEerNG OF WELDS TEerNG OF NS GROUT CALIBRATION OF IMPACT WRENCHES VERIFYING WELDING CERTIFICATES OF WELDERS


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