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Classroom Management

by: Karlie Aschenbrenner

Classroom Management EDPSY014

Marketplace > Penn State Behrend > Psychlogy > EDPSY014 > Classroom Management
Karlie Aschenbrenner
Penn State Behrend
GPA 3.5
Educational Psychology
Dr. Carson

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About this Document

In these notes will be the following: - Classroom management - Developing learner self-regulation - Time for teaching and learning - Rules, procedures and characteristics in Elementary and Seco...
Educational Psychology
Dr. Carson
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karlie Aschenbrenner on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDPSY014 at Penn State Behrend taught by Dr. Carson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Educational Psychology in Psychlogy at Penn State Behrend.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
CLASS ROOM MANAG E M E NT Maior goals of classroom management 1 You need to develop learner selfregulation you need to teach your students that they need to want to learn own their own 2 Create a community of caring and trust Your students need to trust you in order to want to learn 3 Maximize time for teaching and learning This means although there are not enough hours in the day make sure you have enough time to teach what you need to SelfRegulation we have all of these Impulse Control SelfMotivation SelfRegulation SelfRegulated Learning SelfSocialization Delayed Grati cation Emotional Regulation QTHCDQGO39QJ Maximizing time for teaching and learning a Allocated time this is the amount of time you have for everything b Instructional Time c Engaged time hopefully you are able to keep your students like this at all times d Academic learning time during this time plan for activities Teachers Be clear about what you want your students to learn Have materials ready if you look scattered your children will be able to tell Make sure you start all of your intended activities and class on time if you don t your students will not stay structured Create routines if you do not do this your class will seem unstructured ELEMENTARY LEVEL Students b c d Are concrete thinkers they really do not have the brain capacity to thin outside of the box They always want to please their teachers They take criticism and harsh treatment to heart make sure you think before you speak They feel the most comfortable when they have a routine in their classroom Rules and Procedures b C d You need to have rules in your classrooms that are easily understood by your students Make sure you have a small amount of rules so you do not overwhelm them Make sure you as a teacher follow the rules that you give to your students Remember sometimes it does take time for your students to automatically do every day routines Physical Environment A Make sure the way you set up your classroom isn39t distracting for students B Make sure that all of your students can see the board C D Have all materials in a certain spot so when they need Make sure YOU can see all of your students said materials it will not distract their peers SECONDARY LEVEL Characteristics a These students think more outside of the box b Their peers have more of an in uence on them c The students during this age level feel the need to t in more d They are looking for themselves Rules and Procedures a There needs to be more detailed rules in this classroom b c setting Only have a small set of rules Make sure you are following the rules you are given Classroom setup pogom Have your classroom set up for the way you wish to teach Keep areas clear in the classroom to walk Make sure that you can see all of your students Make your classroom look like your personality Make sure your rules are posted in the classroom for all of your students to see Your rst day of class Make sure you have planned what you are going to do on your rst day of class DO NOT SIT AT YOUR DESK greet your students when they walk in Communicate with the parents and that will let them know what they can do at home Teach the rules and procedures on the rst day Make sure you have expectations in your mind In order to prevent miss happenings make sure you thoroughly explain the rules Maintain quoteyes in the back of your headquot


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