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Introduction to Psychology - Modules 1,2,3

by: Jason Tan

Introduction to Psychology - Modules 1,2,3 Psych 100-01 - Introduction to Psychology

Jason Tan
GPA 3.57
Introduction to Psychology
Tamara Rahhal

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About this Document

These are the notes taken on the second day of classes. Notes introduce what psychology is, big issues in psychology and perspectives on psychology. The notes also provide answers at the end on the...
Introduction to Psychology
Tamara Rahhal
One Day of Notes
Introduction to Psychology, psychology 100, tamara rahhal, tammy rahhal, UMass, amherst, Umass Amherst
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This 8 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Jason Tan on Friday January 23, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to Psych 100-01 - Introduction to Psychology at University of Massachusetts taught by Tamara Rahhal in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 102 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 01/23/15
OUTLINE Modules 1 2 3 Introduction 1 What is Psychology anyway 0 Scope 0 Population 0 Method of Inquiry 2 Some BIG Issues in Psychology 3 Subfields and Perspectives in Psychology WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY Q What do M think psychology is A SCOPE what kinds of things to psychologists study what questions do they ask Example Are we more affected by our genes or our environment How does stress affect sleep patterns How does color of room affect our mood POPULATION what organisms do we study Humans Animals METHOD OF INQUIRY How do we study it By Experiments Text definition Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes with behavior being any observable things we do and mental processes being our internal subjective experiences thoughts etc SCOPE Ex Color Vision are we seeing the same red 0 States of Consciousness people unaware of when they actually go to sleep 0 Motivation what drives people to do something Helping Behavior Factors that cause people to help others age hotness are you in a rush 0 Phobias Fears that affect your life failure snakes spiders 0 Child Development parents telling children they have imaginary friends 3 yr old with imaginary friend is okay and cute 20 yr old with imaginary friend is not okay and people think they crazy 0 Personality 0 Memory POPULATION what organisms do we study 1 Humans 2 Animals ethics simpler systems METHOD OF INQUIRY how do we study it 1 Case StudiesObservationsSurveys 2 Correlation 3 Experimentation BIG ISSUES IN PSYCHOLOGY 1 Conscious vs Unconscious How much of who we are and what we do is driven by our full awareness and how much of it is driven by things we are unaware of Ex a person means to say Gosh you look great but accidentally say Gosh you look fat 2 Free will vs Determinism How in control are we in our behavior thoughts choices How much are they out of our personal control Ex Can a person choose to get themselves out of a depressive sate 3 Individual Differences vs Universals How much are all of us humans alike and how different are we from each other What makes us similar and different from one another EX Why do men prefer younger women and women prefer older men when selecting a spouse 4 Nature vs Nurture How much of who we are and how we behave are due to genetics nature and how much are due to our life experiences nurture Ex Does heredity play a major role in determining 10 Are we smart or not smart because of our genetic code Or is it because of the schooling PERSPECTIVES IN PSYCHOLOGY Why is a person physicallysexually attracted to another person my own answer This is due to similar interests and a great personality Other answers how someone tastes symmetry Causes of physicalsexual attraction Neuroscience How does the brainbiology effect behavior Do specific neurons begin to fire when we see someone attractive Relationship between brain and hormones and behavior Evolutionary How does behavior mental processes promote survival Are we attracted to body types that are fertile make lots of babies What we see as attractive is also very fertile Behavior Genetics Nature vs nurture debate How much do genes vs environment affect who we are Are we heterohomosexual because of our parents or biology Psychodynamic How do unconscious con ictsdrives determine behavior Are we attracted to someone cuz they are like our motherfather Behavioral How do our experiences and environment affect behavior How do our past experiences shape our behavior Are we attracted to certain body features cuz they remind us of past ex dating the same type of person cuz they remind us of the last person you dated Cognitive Information processing How does information processing affect thoughtsbehavior Are we attracted to someone because we think they are irting with us ex at bar see someone smiling at me you think she cute girl walks past you and talks to guy past you then you end up thinking she s not so cute Sociocultural How do behaviorthinking vary across situationscultures ex guy can gets lots of girls easily in NA also smart ends up going to a program in Africa women think he s ugly over there and could never get a mate and laugh at him Why do Masai tribes find Americans unattractive Questionaire Write how many you think you got right Write how many you actually got right 2 and 3 are true rest are false Problems with common sense


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